Wikigains Explains 5 Things About Coupon Fine Prints

When you are looking for a discount to make your order weigh less on your pocket, chances are you will skip reading the coupon fine prints. After all, who wants to waste time reading the small phrases written at the bottom. Are they of any use anyway? Alex Papaconstantinou , the founder of UK coupon site Wikigains tells us why it is important to read those phrases, sometimes marked with an asterisk at the bottom.

Let’s take a look at some of the common coupon fine prints that can be a game changer in the world of coupons and discounts:

1. Limit To One Coupon Per Purchase

You may often find this phrase mentioned along side or below a voucher code. It means what it says, i.e. one type of coupon is valid for only one purchase order. You cannot club two similar coupons and get a hefty discount on the purchase of one product, or use just one coupon for an order of 10 products. So, if you are buying 15 items, you will need 15 different coupons to get discount on each product. This is done to limit the use of coupons per item.

2. Limit One Coupon Per Transaction

Well, that means you can use just one coupon for each transaction even if you have multiple coupons with you. It is not allowed to club two or three coupons together to get a huge discount.  So, if you have two coupons and you wish to use them both, you will need to make separate transactions for them to avail the coupons.

3. BOGO Coupon – Not To Exceed Value X, says Wikigains

When you have a BOGO coupon, it means you can buy one product and get the other one free of cost. However, if there’s a restriction or fine print under the coupon that says ‘not to exceed value X’, you need to be careful. So, this tells you that you can avail this offer to get one product for free only if your actual order value is below a certain amount. If your purchase amount exceeds that value, the coupon will not apply to your order.

4. Limit One Coupon Per Person

You may sometimes get a special coupon in your email that says ‘limit 1 coupon per person’. So, that means that only one person can use one such coupon. For example, if you have four similar type of coupons, you will be able to use only one of them. You may however request someone else in the family to use the other coupon for you and see if it works. It usually does!

5. Coupons Cannot Be Combined With Other Offers

This is a common phrase we usually see in a lot of coupon sites and it helps the merchants keep a check on the way coupons are used. For example, there could be two coupons or offers applicable to a single product. If a customer is allowed to use both, the price of the product may be reduced to a zero. As a result, the coupon comes with a fine print that says customers cannot combine coupons with other deals. This protects the profit margin earned by merchants.

Wikigains says coupons are a great way to save money and get rewards when used correctly. The coupon fine prints are essential to ensure that the coupons are used as expected. So, the next time you get a coupon, don’t forget to read what is written below it.


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