Tips to Clean Your Curtains

Curtains are used for covering the windows; the more likely the main usage of the curtain is to bring décor to the home. The decoration is the ultimate point that comes to mind when we choose curtains for our room. Decorating a room is more than fun and excitement, but choosing a curtain is a very nice activity that ladies love to do at home. Above choosing a door curtain for your room, how do you rate cleaning a curtain? Do you love cleaning your curtains at own or call an expert to get the job done? Why do we clean curtains? Is it necessary to clean curtains? Yes, one has to wash curtains to make them look new and awesome. In this article, we’ll discuss some good curtain cleaning tips!

Removing the dust on hanging curtains

The very first thing is to remove the dust of your curtain when they are in a hanging position. Don’t put down the curtains unless you remove all the dust from it. This is the basic step of cleaning the curtain that everyone should follow. We see dust particles gather around in the air and attack our accessories and fabrics that we can’t see from naked eyes. If we ignore dust particles and keep them gathering on the curtain, then we can see the dirtiness of our curtains that show up with time passing. To clean the curtains, it’s better to remove all frozen dust when curtains are in a hanging position.

Use Petroleum on Stains

If your curtains are new and haven’t washed at all, then you can use products like petroleum for removing stains. Don’t pour petrol on the curtain directly, rather take a cloth and pour some drops of petrol on the cloth and gradually rub on the curtain to remove the stains. It’s an alternative to the washing but it can be applied when curtains are new. As far as old curtains are concerned, it is better to put them in the washing machine

Determine the Fabric

Once you are done with the removal of dust, the very next thing is to determine the fabric of your curtains. You have to be sure about the nature of your curtain fabric either it is silk, cotton or any other fabric, make sure you know about it. Some fabrics don’t support cleaning, as their color fades when cleaned up with water and dried up in the sunlight. This is why a cleaner has to make sure about the fabric of the curtain before cleaning. If fabric supports cleaning just like cotton is friendly when it comes to cleaning. Unfortunately, silk doesn’t support cleaning and the silk fabric gets damaged whenever cleaning is applied.

Put Curtain in Washing Machine

This is the most important aspect of cleaning a curtain. Everyone puts a curtain in the washing machine just for its efficient cleaning. It is the first method that one should consider for cleaning the curtain. Make sure the machine doesn’t damage your fabric, as we mentioned above the sensitivity of silk that easily gets damaged. The discoloration factor must also be kept in mind while washing the curtain. Once your fabric changes, you won’t be able to use it anymore. Above all, the usage of water is very essential while curtain cleaning is considered. Make sure you set proper time when insert curtains in the washing machine. Keep washing until the smell and stains go away. This is one of the easiest and best methods for cleaning the curtains!

Dry under Sunlight

Once you are done cleaning the curtains in the washing machine, the next thing is to dry curtains under the sunlight. Make sure you don’t keep silk fabric under the sunlight, as it will fade the color. But you can keep cotton and other fabric under the sunlight for proper drying.

Iron your Curtains

Once you have dried all the curtains, you are left with one pending task and that is to iron the curtains. Don’t hang your curtains unless you iron them to keep them straight. You can’t compromise on the look and overall beauty of your home, so better keep your curtains straight. This is a simple tip for cleaning curtains at home. Would you like to clean your curtains like this?

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