HOW TO DRAW A FOX – Step by Step for Beginners

In this article, we will see how to draw a fox.

The fox is a well-known animal, considered cute in pop culture and adulated or feared in certain beliefs according to the country.

In Europe, the fox is associated with lies, cunning and malice. It is an animal that will not hesitate to trick to get what he wants. It is besides the animal totem of Loki, the god of the discord and the mischief.

In Asia, depending on the country, the fox can be good or bad, but it keeps its malicious character.

In Japanese folklore, the fox (kitsune) is the messenger of the god of agriculture, Inari.

Enough about legends, let’s go to drawing! We will draw a fox seen from the side, with the head in 3/4 face.

As with all drawings, a good foundation will guarantee you a good finishing touch. So take your time!

Let’s go !


For this step, do not press on your pencil, make light and light strokes.

How to Draw a Fox

You will start by drawing a circle to the right of your sheet. Do it the average size, it’s the base of the head.

At 1/2 head to the left, draw another circle, but bigger, it is the posterior of the fox.

Connect the two circles together with a slightly curved line, this is the spine.

How to Draw a Fox

Make an identical line at the bottom of the circles to make the belly of the animal.

Next to the head, make an oval that begins near the line of the spine and slightly protrudes from the belly. It’s the fox’s shoulder.

How to Draw a Fox

Starting from the shoulder, you will make a shape of “U” stretched down to do the leg.

Do the same thing to the left but from the belly, to make the paw in the background.

We will do the hind leg in two steps.

Make an oval from the bottom of the posterior and go diagonally to the left. Then another oval that goes diagonally to the right.

Then we will start laying the groundwork on the head.

Draw an oval at the bottom of the head to make the muzzle.

How to Draw a Fox

Make two triangles with rounded corners above the head to make ears.

For the tail, make an oval very stretched diagonally, the upper part of the posterior and the bottom part to the left, which goes down to the hind legs.


How to Draw a Fox

Once you have finished laying the foundation, and you are sure of yourself, you can move on to the clean stage.

So you will iron your basic features, but refining the details.

We start with the head. Make the ears more square than on your base. The angles are more marked.

To the right of the head, you will mark a slight angle to make the brow bone.

For the muzzle, iron over the base, marking a slight angle to make the “nose”.

How to Draw a Fox

We will go to the neck. To do this, continue the muzzle by making a curve that goes down slightly. Stop when it arrives at the paw mark.

Then redraw the curve of the spine and tail.

How to Draw a Fox

Draw the legs starting at the oval markers to make the shoulder and thigh, then go down following your marker lines while marking the angles well.

Finish by drawing the lower belly.

How to Draw a Fox

Now that you have done the silhouette to clean, we will make a sketch of the decor.

Two branches of rather fine trees pass between the fox’s legs, the rest will be covered with snow.

The legs are buried in small piles of snow.

How to Draw a Fox

To completely finish this step, we will make the face of the fox.

Start by making eyes. They are almond.

Then make the muzzle in the shape of a triangle with rounded angles.


You have finished drawing your fox.

You have the choice :

– Either leave it as it is and add just a few shadows

– Or you add color, which will give more realism …

How to Draw a Fox

To do the color ‘, you will need 7 colors:

Light gray, light hazelnut brown, medium hazelnut brown, neutral brown, light orange-brown, dark-brown, reddish-brown and almost black-brown.

It is you who decide the colors you will put. For my part, I chose to make a fox with neutral hues, but you can make a fox that goes more in the orange or a fox in shades gray/white.

The important thing is to take a wide range of colors to make gradients.

Once your colors are chosen, you will define the areas of each color.

You can modify them along the way, they are not final, but will give you a preview and a first reference.

How to Draw a Fox
How to Draw a Fox
How to Draw a Fox
How to Draw a Fox

I start by posing the lightest color and continue by posing darker hues.

I go more or less from the drawing, depending on the place, making points to draw the hair.

It is necessary to make tips of length and random thickness not to make hairs too identical.

How to Draw a Fox

Once the color is over, I draw hairs on top with a medium color (for me, it is the brown that pulls red.). The hairs must follow the curve of the fox’s body and be of random size.

How to Draw a Fox

Then, with the same principle, I colorize my decor.

Gray / white for snow and brown / brown for wood.

I add some shadows on the fox, on the belly, thigh, shoulder, tail and head.

Your fox is finished!

I repeat in each of my articles and I always say it again: A good base guarantees a good design. It has to become automatic.

It is better to spend hours and hours on a simple sketch, ask all his ideas, check the proportions as many times as necessary. Feel free to take reference pictures, make a good drawing base and the stage of the clean will be easier to do and less frustrating.


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