How to download video from Facebook in (2019)

You want to record or download a Facebook video, but you do not know how! Here is the simplest and fastest method in 2019:

How to download a Facebook video and save it on your PC with a simple and free online tool?

The method that works in 2019 to download your Facebook videos and save them in MP4 format on your PC or Mac. You can download multiple videos as you see fit and then use a video converter if needed, to view them in another format. Many video converter type software are free on the net.

How to download a Facebook video for free?

A question that arises a lot of surfers who navigate on Facebook. How can I download a Facebook video on my computer?

Like downloading a video on YouTube or other social networks, it’s a very simple manipulation that will be done on the internet via a dedicated website. Indeed Facebook does not allow to download directly videos broadcast on its social network. With a simple online tool and a Chrome or Mozilla plugin, no need for additional software for your video recordings.

The free download of your Facebook video files will only require the recovery of links and copy / paste them into the free online software, that’s all.

Just follow the guide below.

A  community manager or a simple user, may need to download a Facebook video for different reasons. For example, keep track of an interesting or fun Facebook video and have it on hand when you know it can get lost in a news feed.

Facebook is today the number one video platform in front of YouTube. The scope of videos on Facebook is also better than sharing links from a website. This is why many influencers have also opted for video via YouTube channels and some directly via Facebook.

To know before downloading a Facebook video!

Before downloading a video on Facebook , know that there are certainly copyright and you will not be able to share it on your social networks and even less since your blog. If you’re interested in a video on Facebook, you can also share it from the social network to one of your accounts.

Also, be aware that you can record a Twitter video in the same way and record a YouTube video with easy-to-use online tools. You will only have to put in favorites these different sites dedicated to the recording of videos diffused on the social networks.

To download a Facebook video for free, you must use a tool. Indeed, the social network does not allow the direct download of a Facebook video without leaving the social network. To do this you only need two things:

  • The address (URL) of the Facebook video to download
  • An online tool to download a Facebook video

To get the URL of the Facebook video you want to recover, just right click on the video, then “Show video URL”. On mobile, you have to press the little arrow at the top right of the post, then “Copy link”.

3 tools to download a Facebook video

Once the URL of the video is retrieved, you must go to a site to download the Facebook video for free. We tested three.

Facebook Downloader: the best site to retrieve a Facebook video?

First site: Facebook Video Downloader It allows to download public Facebook videos by copying / pasting their URL. You can also download a private Facebook video by copying and pasting the source code you find on the video page (Ctrl + U). You can download Facebook videos in high definition (HD) format MP4. You do not need to register to retrieve a Facebook video.

Downvids: download Facebook, YouTube videos …

First alternative you can test: Downvids . The main strength of this tool is that it is compatible with many platforms. You can copy / paste the URL of a Facebook video, but also YouTube, Instagram or Vimeo. You can also download an entire YouTube playlist and even a channel! Another highlight of Downvids: the ability to choose between a normal definition (480p), HD (720p) or FullHD (1080p). You can also recover only the sound by converting a Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Vimeo video to MP3. Only downside: you can not recover a Facebook video shared in private.

Download Videos From: a tool to download videos

If none of these two tools suits you, you can use the online service Downolad Videos From . It seems less complete than the first two. Only advantage: the download of a Facebook video in MP4 in one click. Just copy / paste the media URL, then click: Download MP3, Download MP4 or Download MP4 HD. The file will be automatically transferred to your PC.


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