How to choose the best YouTube Video Material

… Expensive ? Complicated ? 
Many would like to get started, create their YouTube channel. 
Yes but … the technical side, the YouTube video material can be scary. And yet this Platform is extremely flexible for beginners.

No need for professional material for a YouTube video.On the contrary. To start (or not) you can make great videos even with your smartphone! 
And that’s the way to look at YouTube, for the sake of efficiency.

5 Points to choose your best video material

  • Smartphone
  • The Webcam
  •  The camera
  • The sound
  • Montage Software

The Smartphone


Of course if you want to push a little quality with your smartphone, some accessories can be useful. 
A telescopic arm, a tripod and a micro smartphone tie will do the trick. But again you do not have to, especially at the beginning. 
I have personally made some YouTube videos with just my iPhone 5 and I can assure you that the number of views has not changed.

If you are new to beginners, it is better not to clutter with all these accessories. The main thing will be for you to focus on what you are doing and it will seem already enough to you.

The smartphone without complex!

Look at our Great American Marketers, do not they make an increasing number of Videos recorded from their Smartphone driving their car ?! 
Watch their YouTube recordings, they do not necessarily display “the best YouTube video material”. They are even on a different dynamic than that of high-tech hardware or image quality. 
Their real job is to lose as much time as possible in producing videos to win on all other areas.

Finally for cameras, I would put them in the same category with a difference, a better picture quality for your YouTube channel. 
I slip you a word or two down a little …

Tip settings

Be aware that there is usually an internal image stabilizer that degrades very little quality and can avoid heartaches to your audience … It’s just a setting to find on your smartphone and after that there is no more to deal with it.

The Webcam


Another very economical formula, your webcam. 
There, the image is stable. Advantage, the video does not need to be “imported” after recording as with a Smartphone, it is already registered in your computer and ready to be mounted in your editing software.

At the recording the webcam also automatically adjusts a lot of problems at once. The sound, the light and of course the image. 
I told you about these great American marketers, note that they make their main tool: 
The Webcam of their laptop … and we record!

This tool is a lot of time to win. 
Always try to limit as much as possible the hours you spend importing, editing, titling and other infographics, exporting, compressing, putting online … 
Keep in mind that all this time spent is at the expense of the most important: 
Your Content!


Put your webcam at eye level, 2 meters from a wall. 
Direct a good desk lamp on the wall for “indirect” lighting (with the ceiling light turned on). 
Speak clearly and intelligibly. 
Register with software “screencast” and you have solved a simple technical problems!

The Camera


To begin I advise you. 
Cameras require more technicality, especially if you start wanting to make lighting and sound.

But if I started, I would be on webcam! For YouTube it’s more than enough. 
Being on this platform requires a certain reactivity. The best video camera for youtube needs to be convenient and fast to be productive. 
For all this, the webcam is much more suitable.

Cameras can be useful for shooting outdoors. Of course, if you are moving you will need assistants to film you. In this case, they will also do editing and so to do, uploading to YouTube. 
But this way of functioning is called Delegate. 
And to begin to get help in this way, you must have a budget and therefore already a certain success in your activity.

Camera or DSLR?

– For the price? … Camera! 
– For scenes in Movements? … Camera! 
– For Image Quality, the DSLR Camera 
– For the Future? … DSLR!

The Sound


The sound is Primordial on YouTube! 
If you have to choose between an average image with an excellent sound, you will choose this formula rather than the opposite!

Making sound is also extremely time consuming. 
Will the result be worth the candle? Be convinced that the time you spend working on your sound equipment may be better used elsewhere.

Small tip, if you speak well near your microphone you will have less external sounds that will disturb. But not too close anyway … at the risk of making “Pops” in your microphone or saturate it.

3 Pitfalls and 1 Council

  1. Avoid having a voice too “far”. But also the various resonances (again, approach the microphone to fix it)
  2. Avoid “poorly defined” bass. Better too much treble than too much bass, at least we understand you …
  3. Also avoid having a sound that is too weak (or too loud anyway!) Compare by listening to other YouTube videos.

Always favor the clarity of your voice. Do not “hide” it. 
Do not suffocate it above too intrusive music.

The Montage Software

Side video editing software, make it as simple as YouTube is 
Never have I used my super powers on After Effects and Final Cut Pro!


Camtesia software “Screencast” is largely enough. 
A software program is a software that allows you to film not only the image of the webcam but also your desktop at the same time. 
Even if “Screenflow” is much more adapted Mac and cheaper (it is however lacking the power of the titrations and infographics of Camtesia) our giant of screencast remains affordable. He has 30 days of testing and very good tutos (in English).

If you do not want to appear on the screen, which I do not recommend … (“People buy to People”) you can only show your desktop and what is there open at that time. 

It becomes a kind of “slide show” to make it simple. 
Also be aware that these software can make very useful incrustations and animations all easy … always good to be able to zoom in on what you speak or to put an arrow on your screen to illuminate your speech. But do not overdo it, remember that your time has to be bottom-up, not form.

For sound, you will find in these software a “compressor” effect. 
It will boost your voice a little and equalize its levels throughout the video.
In moderation of course.


  1. Create a Camtesia Type file with your little things in it (your logo, your titles, your arrowsExpensive?etc.) and go to each new video of this basic template.
  2. Start your editing with an “end-to-end”. Cut without scruples. Then read again and arrange / enrich only in a second time Complicated? or not (!)
  3. Export. Then compress to save time when uploading to YouTube. 

So what material for your YouTube videos?

First thing, the material used should not be a drag. 
YouTube is your friend too! 

Then, at the time of Live Google, Facebook and other Skype, we can see that the technical level takes second place! 
Even in television, you can see images of Smartphone … although these images are broadcast on gigantic TV screens and in HD!

So feel free to use your Webcam and Smartphone as main tools. Our original PC webcams and mobile phones are more than enough. No need for an additional purchase, you will have enough to spend if you start an internet business! 
Keep in mind that the sound should stay as optimized as possible and that your Content … 
will always be the best YouTube video material you can find!


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