How to care for your body after cancer treatment

Taking care of your body is always important and worth to attention which in its turn will prevent from a series of illnesses and diseases. But err is human and body care is not important until there is a health issue. So after cancer treatment it becomes even more important to improve long-term health condition as body becomes more sensitive and needs special care. The aim of integrative cancer treatment is not only to care the cancer with traditional and standard methods and medicine, but to combine it with social, psychological and spiritual aspects. So, it’s a complementary caring and there is still a lot to do after treatment. And here comes to help health caring.

What actions need to be taken to ensure stronger health and get rid of side effects that body faces after cancer treatment?

Exercising comes first

There is no need to start with a strong program of exercising; even small steps can be added to everyday routine in order not to feel pressure. Such example is taking stairs instead of elevator. Before starting any exercising program it’s better to consult with curing doctor. Even if sometimes you are not in the mood of exercising it’s still ok. Taking a walk around the park will be combination of exercising and leisure. While taking physical activities, you shouldn’t forget about rest which is an integral part of health recovery. Sound sleep will lower blood pressure, help your body function better. Some habits should be reconsidered such as not using caffeine 8 hours before sleeping, go to bed at the same hour every day, don’t use screen 2 hours before sleeping, and make the bedroom quiet and dim.

After integrative cancer treatment it’s possible to lose or gain weight so returning to the healthy weight should be considered as well. For that it’s important to consult with the doctor and choose the most optimal way for your body. For gaining weight you should get nutrition your organism needs. If something disturbs, it should be discussed with the doctor to understand the reason and overcome it. If there is need to lose weight, it should be balanced, no more than 1 kilogram should be lost during a week.

Controling calories that you eat

You should control the calories you eat and combine it with exercising. Even if calories are controlled, your meals still should contain a lot of vegetables and fruits, should use food that contains healthy fat and low saturated fat proteins in. Among them are nuts, fish, eggs, legumes, vegetables and fruits. Though human body needs complex of vitamins to function normal, but should remember that here also balance is significant as excess of vitamins can also harm the body.

Moderate drinking and smoking

While talking about healthy way of living, it impossible not to touch the topic of smoking and drinking. There are some studies that suggest but do not prove that exercising or including any special food in your diet will prevent from cancer recurrence, but drinking and smoking can increase the risk of second primary cancer. Moderate drinking (one or 2 shot daily) is still tolerable but smoking should be excluded once and forever.

Reduce stress

And the last thing that is advised to do is to reduce stress. After going through all that treatments and survival, you may feel depression. To relieve it and improve your quality of life, you need to deal with stress. Meditation, family and friend gatherings may be the best solution for it. Negative emotions should be replaced with positive. Mind and body health should be combined.

All cancer survivors concern is to do everything possible to avoid the recurrence of this disease. And the actions and hint described above will help to reduce the risk, improve your body condition, and insure strong health. After integrative cancer treatment instructions may seem a lot but there is no need to worry. Start doing everything little by little, and when you will see even a slight change, motivation will come itself. One day you will understand that all instructions given after treatment are essential part of your daily routine and you do it even without thinking of it. Though these actions do not guarantee the recurrence of the cancer, but they improve your health condition. So it’s better to follow the best practice. Health is wealth, isn’t it?


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