The mealworm is the larva of the mealworm, a beetle. The breeding of mealworms is rather easy: we advise the breeding of mealworms for beginners.  

Where to find mealworms?

In most garden centers (or in a fishing tackle shop), you can buy mealworms. Their low cost allows everyone to buy. Choose healthy adults, carefully observing their movement and alertness. If you do this breeding for food: it is recommended not to consume those that you bought . Wait for the first births and eat only new larvae and those of future generations. 

What material to buy?

⁃ a main vivarium (with a perforated lid, with small openings, so that your mealworms do not escape), 
⁃ a secondary vivarium (or a large tank), also with aeration and which will be used to separate the nymphs worms, so that they are not devoured by worms, 
⁃ sawdust (or wood chips) natural, without chemicals or insecticides. Otherwise, your mealworms will be poisoned, 
⁃ for food: kibble for animals (if you do not intend your breeding for human consumption), rice, bits of bread and, once a week, a vegetable cut into pieces and previously wet under the water tap. 

How to install your vivarium?

Beforehand, choose a place that is neither too sunny nor too dark. Your mealworms must have some light, but they are afraid of strong sunshine. Regarding the temperature, use an average of 25 to 28 ° to obtain a fast cycle. Put the sawdust (or wood chips) in the bottom of your vivarium. Hand tamp the surface to avoid bumps and holes. Place your insects in the center and feed them. To acclimatize them at the beginning, give them only a small portion of food (for example: a few pieces of bread and a little rice). Little by little, you will give them their daily consumption. Do not forget the vegetable cut into pieces (which you can easily replace with a fruit). Moisten it before placing it in the vivarium and make sure it contains no insecticides, which your mealworms would not tolerate. Do not neglect this weekly operation, because this vegetable will be the only source of water for your mealworms. Otherwise, they will develop less quickly or die in the extreme case.

Tips and care for mealworms

⁃ Separate the worms from the nymphs, so that they are not devoured by the mealworms, 
⁃ Keep a constant temperature in the vivarium, in order to obtain a fast reproductive cycle of your insects, 
⁃ Consume the larvae at the same time. adulthood (about one month after birth) to enjoy their juicy and sweet flesh during your meal (or aperitif), 
⁃ Check that your vegetables (and fruits) have no trace of insecticide on the skin. Rinse with water for a long time and wipe with a clean cloth before cutting into pieces. It should be known that a little insecticide absorbed by a few worms of flour can sometimes cause the death of the whole farm.

If you have never tried it, start breeding mealworms. Interesting to study, you will find a thousand observation points during the reproduction and birth of your mealworms. Once the first larvae have reached adulthood, enjoy them and offer them to your friends. After the first apprehension, you will be amazed by their sweet and tasty taste.

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