The Different Types of Boat: Choosing Your Boat!

After our guide to choosing the right boat, here is a new guide to identify the different types of boats on the market and choose the right boat, according to your budget and especially your desires.

Buying a boat is an important investment and we know that the choice is sometimes difficult. The buying process can sometimes take a long time or be very short during a crush! There are many boats on the market and if the perfect boat probably does not exist, we must judge the advantages and disadvantages to make the best choice and invest on the boat of your dreams!

Let us already identify the different types of boats, so you can focus your research on a specific category. 

Summary: different types of boats

  • Open boat
  • Cabin boat
  • Semi-rigid boat
  • Race boat
  • Boat water sports
  • Jet ski
  • Sailing ship
  • Annex


Open deck boats are certainly the most popular boats on the market. Affordable financially and more manageable they seduce mainly the purchasers of a first boat.

Very versatile open-deck boats, also called open deck or bowrider, are among the most accessible boats on the market. The cost of buying but also of maintenance is relatively low, compared to other more luxurious and powerful boats.

Light and medium size, they are also more manageable and more easily towable ..

Designed to be practical, affordable and functional, they have everything you need for a very enjoyable recreational sailing.

Indeed the open hull boats often have a space in front to accommodate additional passengers. Although these boats are not bulky, they can easily accommodate a family for a trip at sea in the Gulf of Morbihan, to discover the islands of the region.

Their versatility allows you to fully enjoy a complete and varied sailing: Ride at sea, fishing with friends, water sports with the family. The possible activities are numerous with this type of boat.

We have pointed out that these boats are often smaller, it is sometimes an advantage, but it can also become a disadvantage on larger water bodies or on a rough sea. Because with a smaller boat navigation in rough sea can be less pleasant, these boats do not appreciate the big waves, it will be necessary to be vigilant on the weather before taking the sea!

This type of boat is for you if:

  • You have a limited budget
  • You want to practice a leisure boating, to the day
  • You plan to sail on Lake, rivers, calm sea
  • You have little room


An improved and more comfortable version than the open boat , the cabin boat offers a cockpit, a shelter for passengers. Despite its reduced size and weight, the boat cabin offers all the necessary amenities and the possibility of going to bed.

reduced size makes it easily transportable, which for a boat of this type is very significant.

Cabin boat driving is also often more powerful and sportier, you can with this kind of boat enjoy water activities by the sea, lake or rivers.

Although it has a cabin and a bed, the amenities are still limited. Most models can not accommodate more than two beds and you will rarely spend more than one night aboard a cabin boat.

That said, the cabin boat models are very versatile and offer extra comfort to open hull boats.

This type of boat is for you if:

  • You have a rather limited budget
  • You want to practice a leisure boating, to the day
  • You want a boat for water sports
  • You would like to spend one or two nights at sea
  • You have little room and want to carry your boat easily


The semi-rigid boats often called Zodiacs, experiencing significant success in the market. This explains the very important offer and the many models available.

So difficult to navigate among all these choices!

Practical, powerful, small and handy the RIBs have many advantages and can be used in many cases. It still depends on your desires and what you want to do with this boat.

> For fishing:

If there is not really a version dedicated to the practice of sea fishing, semi-rigid boats can be used for this. There are also some pre-equipped models, but most of the time it will be necessary to add accessories for fishing. Like rod holders, fish trays and fish ponds for example.

> For the Diving:

The zodiacs are very practical for diving, they allow a quick and easy launch. However, it will be necessary to opt for a semi-rigid with a clear non-skid deck and space to store equipment and get into the water without worries.

> Family walk

Like the open hull, the RIBs are easy to transport and launch. They take up little space and are therefore often prized for a first boat purchase for sea trips and families.

More comfortable models exist with a sun bath, dining area and sometimes even an outdoor kitchen.

If you want to sail with your family in the Gulf of Morbihan, Brittany, opt for a comfortable and safe zodiac. Leave to put a bigger budget.

> Water sports

Water skiing, wakeboarding, towed buoy, so many nautical recreations that are all the rage Morbihan coasts in summer.

If you too are thrill seekers, opt for a powerful zodiac with a smaller propeller and focus on torque at speed.

> Cruise and cabin

Today there are models of RIBs of more than 9 meters with cabin offering the possibility of making longer trips, in cruise mode!

Notably thanks to Italian models that offer semi-rigid boats with sleeping space, toilets and even a kitchen area.

> Versatility

It is rare that you want to focus on a single activity, which is why most models of zodiacs are versatile.

If you hesitate between walks, water sports, diving and fishing, choose a versatile model, semi-fitted. With sunbathing, chests, a removable table and a minimum size of 6 meters.

> to learn more about RIBs, discover our guide to choosing a RIB


Like a sports car, racing boats give unique speed sensations and incredible sporty driving.

If you like thrills and if you are not afraid to get noticed on the Morbihan coast, ecs sports boat models are made for you!

Power, sporty design, bright colors, these boats are not made to go unnoticed.

Designed for speed, these boats offer unmatched performance, you can reach amazing speeds and reach your favorite destination in no time.

This type of boat is for you if:

  • Do you like intense sensations
  • You like speed
  • You master the boat driving at high speed (pilot experience)
  • You have a big budget


Dedicated to nautical activities these boats often offer many accessories and options for the practice of water sports. Ballasts, speed regulators, rope hangers, skis and wakeboards.

The engines are often propulsion and have a lot of punch. Often an internal engine and propulsion system.

The disadvantage if you choose this type of boat is that they are not very versatile and suitable for simple family outing for example. They are also unwieldy, especially in the waves and are more suited to calm sea, lake or river.

Fuel consumption is also very important.

For occasional use, perhaps prefer a boat rental or buying a more versatile boat.

This type of boat is for you if:

  • You like thrills and water sports
  • You drive on calm sea, lake or river
  • You do not just book
  • You have a big budget


Always for thrill and water sports enthusiasts, jet skis or jet skis are a good way to have fun at sea for a reasonable price.

Very handy and powerful, jet skis make the sea your playground very easily. They are easily transportable and very fast thanks to their propulsion system, their turbine.

Thanks to the jet skis you can also reach inaccessible places in classic boat, because the level of water required is less important.

If the price remains correct with the purchase, we must not neglect the operating costs that can be significant, including fuel which represents a significant part of the costs.

Some models, more expensive, can be used for hiking and accommodate 2 to 3 people in comfort.

This type of boat is for you if:

  • You like thrills and water sports
  • You are a biker in the soul
  • You have a reasonable budget
  • You are not afraid of the gas bill


Any other type of boat, more traditional, one finds here the values โ€‹โ€‹of the sailboats and the taste for the pure navigation!

Sail with the wind, sail to the islands, the world belongs to you and only holds a little wind in your sail.

Book insiders, sailing requires solid knowledge in navigation, maneuvering and good physical condition. Although no boat license is required, sailing is certainly the nautical activity that requires the most navigation experience.

You can also call on a skipper who can transport your boat from one place to another and just enjoy the joys of sailing.

No fuel consumption, no limit in your travels, unequaled comfort on sail, these are the advantages of sailing.

For the disadvantages, sailing is for navigation experts, the purchase of a sailboat is more important and requires a ‘maintenance longer and more complex. For SAILBOATS Boats we Recommended Invincible Open Fisherman Boats

This type of boat is for you if:

  • You master sailing
  • You soul of a sailor
  • You have a big budget
  • You are in good physical condition
  • A wind of freedom animates you


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