Comparing Two Fitness Center Giants: LA Fitness VS Golds Gym

Are you looking to get in shape, but find selecting the correct gym for you to be an overwhelming experience? You are not alone. LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym are two of the leading fitness centers in the country. Both companies have over 700 locations and offer unique perspectives on what it takes to be fit.  These gyms and fitness centers have been around for decades and helped define what being a gym means for hundreds of thousands of those looking to shed their excess pounds and become the best versions of themselves. Below, we will discuss the differences in their products to give you the best idea of what gym will best suit you in your journey to physical fitness.

Group Activities

LA Fitness Membership offers a wide variety of group activities that have been well established for years. They offer more than twenty group classes, but where they really excel in comparison to other fitness centers like Gold’s Gym are the group amenities.

LA Fitness often have basketball courts which is an excellent cardiovascular workout whether it is played alone or with several of your friends. It also makes establishing more personal relationships with those who frequent your gym easier. LA Fitness also have racquetball courts for those more interested in participating in racquet sports.  They have heated pools for those looking for the intense full body workout that swimming brings.

LA Fitness also offers a place to keep the kids occupied while you are at the gym called Kids Klub so that even on days when you cannot find a babysitter, the fitness club is still available to you. What is even more amazing is that the Cost of LA Fitness Membership is quiet reasonable in comparison with amenities they offer.

Gold’s Gym was one of the pioneers of large scale fitness and exercise centers. For years their name was synonymous with fitness and a commitment to healthy living.  The lead that had in the early days of the game has been squandered from years of complacency and Gold’s Gym is in the middle of a huge rebranding effort to keep up with the new competitors.  Also, if you factor in the fact that Gold’s gym membership fee is not all that much lower than LA Fitness, It has already taken steps in adding new dimensions to its fitness centers.

They have recently expanded into group classes as an effort to correct the image issues they have been having. Gold’s Gym offers unique classes in mixed martial arts, boxing and then moves to other classes like yoga and zumba. Gold’s Gym is working to mix their traditional branding with new age classes that can attract a younger audience and persuade that audience to stay with them for life. Gold’s Gym does not offer a children’s location like LA Fitness does.

Personal Training

Both LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym offer personal training services, yet they offer unique spins on just how to personalize your journey to physical fitness. With LA Fitness you get access to a special version of their mobile app called the Studio Zone with allows for you to go through your workouts at any time. It also allows for the user to log their gains to see actual progress in real time.

Their Pro Results trainers will offer you a physical fitness test to get an idea of where you are starting from in an effort to completely customizing and designing your unique workout regimen.  LA Fitness ensures that their Pro Results fitness training is ideal for any and everyone regardless of fitness level or background. So if you are a beginnger or looking to increase your fitness in time for beach season and the summer or looking to get to the next level LA Fitness can get you where you need to be.

Gold Gym has really pushed the limits of personal training with a great technological investment. You get a 3D scan, personal fitness profile, the option to have a traditional fitness trainer or go the full digital route. If you do not like the idea of a trainer lying to you about one more rep, you do not have to experience it. If you just want to pop in your headphones and keep to yourself, you have the option to at Gold’s Gym. You also have the option participate in their immersive gym classes. 

Gold’s has a great focus on new member’s first thirty days in the gym. Relying on the belief that if you develop good habits those habits will stay with you indefinitely.  Gold’s has put a lot of focus on this part of their rebranding and it shows as they have trained staff and feature it prominently in their redone website.

Conclusion of LA Fitness vs. Gold’s Gym

LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym are two of the largest exercise and fitness centers in America. LA Fitness offers a myriad of activities beyond the usual gym amenities. Be it on the hardwood of the basketball court, in an Olympic sized pool, or on the racquetball court. They have physical trainers ready to take clients on their first day in any gym or have a lifetime of healthy living behind them to the next level. They have expanded into so many different fields, including childcare while you are working out, because Gold’s Gym paved the way in a niche market.

Gold’s Gym had such a lead on everyone else for so long that they got complacent. Now, the former leader in fitness is doubling down in expanding what their gym is capable of doing for their users. Gold’s provides a much more traditional gym membership in terms of equipment.

They have new classes like boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts to go along with Zumba and yoga classes that will keep you or get you in excellent cardiovascular health. Their personal trainers will be by your side each and every step of the way in your physical journey to fitness.

If you are a more private person you can do the whole thing digitally, and they really make an investment with the first month you are a member as it is the best time for you to begin healthy habits. The biggest thing you need to know when you are choosing what fitness center to join is what interests you and I hope this article helps.


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