Choosing a good diet for my hens

You decided to set up a henhouse at home, but once you’ve done that, you do not really know what kind of food to offer to the hens, not to mention the daily feeding rations for each hen.

However, to hope to make the most of your poultry farming, it is necessary to feed the gallinaceans well, and this applies mainly to laying hens. Indeed, this category of hens has a particular mode of feeding to be able to lay eggs of quality, and this, as frequently as possible.

To do this, know that the feeding of an organic laying hen is different from that of GMO laying hens. The feeding of the laying hen will be the focal point of this article so that breeders and the simply curious can get a clear idea of ​​their food needs. And to go even further, the main focus will be on feeding organic hens.

The hens’ dietary needs


To begin with, hens are classified as omnivorous animals. As such, they eat insects, snails, meats and seeds alike. However, it is necessary here to differentiate between the feeding of domestic chickens and the feeding of laying hens.

The first typology of hens has no specific need and can feed on everything. On the other hand, laying hens have well-defined dietary needs, not to mention prohibitions such as onions and leek leaves.


The daily feeding of the laying hen must therefore be scrupulously respected so that it can be laid under the best conditions. In the opposite case, the hens in question will be reduced to provide eggs like their congeners, domestic chickens, some is the type of hen house .


The hen is a hot-blooded omnivore . His digestive system works with amazing speed. Feeding it at regular intervals is therefore essential. Be aware however that this frequency evolves according to the age of the gallinaceans. Thus, the feeding of chickens 4 weeks and more must be done twice a day. This rule is also valid for both laying hens and for domestic chickens.


In addition, this daily diet must be held at fixed times. The ideal would be to divide the meal time into two half-days: the first will be around 7 am while the second will be around 15 pm. Those in a hurry and overbooked will not be required to respect these schedules at the letter, which are provided as an indication, the main thing is that the hens are fed at fixed times.

Also remember that 30 g of food go down in a hen’s gum in the space of an hour. This food will be transformed in the following hours into an egg. Do not forget to give your casseroles their daily food rations on pain of having nothing to harvest the next morning.

The water


Water is an essential element in hen feeding. It is therefore necessary to provide during the installation of the henhouse the place to be attributed to the trough for hen house since it plays a very important role.

Indeed, this material is an essential factor for laying, which is why the trough must constantly contain clean water.

The food

Hens also eat grain, garbage and insects. And for the eggs to be of good quality, it is important to vary the complete feeding of the laying hens every season of the year. In other words, feeding chickens in winter is not the same as in summer. In fact, during the summer, the heat is at the rendezvous, and the climate conducive to egg laying. In addition, the daily diet of chickens must be based on vegetables: salads, spinach, sorrel or garden weeding. This is the organic diet for laying hens to provide fresh and natural eggs.


On the other hand, cold and lack of exposure to heat tend to limit the frequency of laying. The feeding of laying hens in the winter period must therefore contain fortifiers, in addition to the food they are given daily.

To do this, they bring oats or corn. And if the farmer wants to fatten his gallinaceous, it is possible to cook beets, potatoes or roots. This feeding ration for chickens does not accelerate spawning.

The three types of food

The types of food we are talking about concern the biological feeding of gallinaceous animals enclosed in hen pens . Indeed, feeding chickens outdoors is difficult to control and check since they tend to peck everything in their path.



The waste introduced into the diet of organic hens is among other things peelings of vegetables and some fruits. It can also be carrots, cabbage or potatoes.

It is also part of the waste to be added to the hens’ diet: leftover salads and cold meats, cheese crusts, leftover home-made dishes and even wet bread. It should be emphasized here that leek leaves, bananas, kiwis and citrus fruits are banned from the daily diet of an organic hen .

Bried black soldier fly larvae

Cereals, usually given with waste, are fortifying foods for casseroles. It is thus necessary to put in the feeding of breeding hens.

Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae are more costly than Dried Mealworms, yet clients who have attempted Tasty Grubs for a couple of months time have said that their fowl shed quicker on Tasty Grubs and they have encountered better-tasting eggs. What more might you be able to request? Delicious Grubs are useful for your chickens and ducks, and useful for your family also!

Food supplements

The addition of dietary supplement in chicken feed is only done in winter. Indeed, they are very sensitive to cold, and if their diet is not regulated, they may not reproduce. The goal is to give extras, but in sufficient quantities.

It is therefore possible to give them soups, bread dipped in water or crushed seeds.

The health and performance of your hens depends greatly on their diet. And choosing the best diet for your chickens is not an obvious thing. Start by giving them your rubbish and add a few grains regularly so that they have a rich and varied diet. Then, if you choose to raise organic hens, or laying hens, go for more specific food supplements.

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