CBD Oil Vs. Hemp Treats for Pets – Top Picks for Your Dog & Cats

With the existence of a variety of CBD products in the pets’ healthcare sector, many pet owners are definitely bound to be entrapped in the confusion of what product is good for their pet. The guiding or determinant factor in such cases of confusion is usually dosage. As a pet owner, you would, therefore, want to consider going for the product with a proper amount of CBD dose or a controllable one.

The dosing of Simply Pets CBD is simple as most dogs are okay with the general dosages that are in a ballpark that is like the ones in treats or chews. However, caution has to be observed since any improper dosage of CBD is likely to affect enzymes responsible for the metabolization of other medication by slowing them down. CBD dosages should be given in small but adequate amounts to avoid any disruption in the metabolization other drugs especially anti-seizure medication. This can be done through any of the two methods discussed below:

Dosing with CBD oil

This is the most convenient method if your pet is on medication whose metabolization takes place in the liver. The reason behind this is that CBD oil allows one to give small and precise dosages and, in the event, that any increments have to be made, then it can be done even by small amounts. This, therefore, clearly gives CBD oil a high advantage over CBD treats or chews whose dosages are usually generally predetermined by the manufacturer and may consequently not suite your pet’s current needs. When dosing with CBD oil, it is a strict rule that one begins with the smallest possible dose after which increments may be made accordingly if at all necessary.

Dosing with treats and chews

This method is best suited for pets under no medication since getting the dose right may be tricky in the case of those pets that are under medication. With this dosing method, it is important to determine which dosage range is reasonably suitable for your pet depending on whether the pet is small, medium or large. The main upside of dosing with treats and chews is that your pet gets to enjoy it and takes it as a reward and not the way it would take medicine. After all, no human being, let alone animal, would enjoy taking medication in its original form which is more often than not bitter and disgusting in taste.

Final reflections

It is clear enough from the above-discussed points that dosing with either CBD oil or treats has their own merits unique only to each method. In the case of CBD oil, we have seen that it is appropriate for the dosing of small, precise amounts and in cases of serious ailments. Treats, on the other hand, are convenient for the not so serious medical issues. It is, therefore, the pet’s condition that will direct on the method of dosing that should be applied under the prevailing circumstances.


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