Best Water-Based & Silicone Personal Lubricants for Sex – Lube 101

When buying lubricants, one should consider their reasoning for purchase. Is to ease dryness, for adult play, for adult play with adult toys, and if it is for use with a partner? After answering that you will need to know which kind may be best for your use. In this guide you will learn about the different types of lubes as well as the best ones for different uses.

There are many brands of personal lubricants on the market that are safe for external and internal use. Many people have resorted in times of needs to regular household items to help with lubrication. This is unsafe as well as unsanitary. Cooking oils are made for cooking not for going into spots we treasure quite a lot as adults. Things like cooking oils, body massage oils, and lotions can cause irritation, rashes, bleeding, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and bladder infections. Personal lubricants are specifically designed to be used for adult play.

Not all Lubricants are perfect for everyone, some people may need lubricants for sensitive skin, and some may need lubricants that are made for longer use or for back door play. Below we will talk about these lubes and you can decide which sounds best for your needs.

Water-Based Lubricants

Water based lubricants are one of the top purchased lubricants. A water-based lube is made of water-soluble ingredients and is often more natural as well as natural feeling to its users.  This lube is gentle on sensitive skin as well as can be used alongside protection such as condoms, diaphragms, and dental dam.  Water based lubricants are also not usually sticky feeling and clean up easier than most other lubricants.

Oil-Based Lubes

Oil based lubes are one of the longer lasting lube types on the market. They are a pretty thick consistency and work well for sensual massages also. Oil based lubricants are great for many plays and help with anal play more than most other brands as it is well maintained in the areas it is used. However; oil-based lubes are not great for using with protection as it can cause break down of chemicals that help condoms work properly.  Oil based lubes are also messier and take more effort to effectively clean off of the body as well as toys and fabrics.

Silicone Lubes

Silicone lubricants are similar to both water and oil lubricants which make for a good medium. They last a while making them ideal for lengthy play sessions. They are great for use in water as the molecules are larger and take more for them to break down. Silicone lubricants are soothing to the skin and sensitive enough for people prone to allergies. Many silicone lubricants are not safe for silicone or latex; make sure that the silicone lube you choose is safe with condoms as well as adult toys you may want to use.


When picking a lubricant always choose to purchase one that is meant for adult use. Ensure that the lubricant you want is safe for your skin type as well as for adult toy use and usage with condoms. Remember that some lubricants dry up faster than others as well as some involve longer clean up times.


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