Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills (#3 is Absolutely Stunning)

Our selection of the Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills in 2019

Would you like to inquire before buying your Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills?

The riding mower is a must for any gardening enthusiast to quickly mow large areas of lawn. Only today there are a large number of models and finding the right machine is not always easy.

Best-Score offers some tips and tricks to help you choose your Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills.

troy bilt riding mower reviews

Best Riding Lawn Mower for Hills
troy bilt riding mower

Main advantage

If there is a major advantage in this riding lawn mower, it is the comfort level of its seat. It has a height adjustable backrest and therefore ergonomic. Which is quite rare in this kind of device

Main drawback

What we like the least about this efficient mower is the fact that it can not reach the corners of the garden because of its design. But, it is rare to find a garden whose corners are limited by walls and without bushes.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

Those who are looking for the best riding lawn mower for hills should consider this since it is an excellent device that is both effective and ergonomic.


A nice design

We recognize a troy bilt riding mower to his design. This mower is pretty visually speaking. It is black with some keys in yellow. It remains elegant despite its function that is less. Sober and modern, children will argue to mow the grass. However, what interests serious people is what this design really brings.

First of all, it’s the compact side that attracts buyers. We do not have a big machine and we can count on it so as not to clutter up the storage space. And then, it’s light enough to wear it if you need to move it or put it in height. It is well designed to facilitate the use of which we will speak just below. But, you are absolutely right to rely on its design to judge its professionalism.

troy bilt riding mower

Easy use and ergonomic seating

For use, it’s not at all wizarding. Just mount it and turn it on after setting the cut type. For the seat, we have a chair that can be described as ergonomic. It is designed to be able to spend long hours without suffering back pain. The backrest is adjustable in height and this is the main advantage of this device.

To drive this mower, we have a manual gearbox and an electric start. We certainly do not have a power steering, but the steering wheel is quite fluid. The only pedal on it is used to turn it on. Once your foot is up, the mower stops immediately. Control of the type of cut is done with the control just below the seat. Given this ease of use, we can let a teenager drive alone.

Several cutting systems

We have three cutting systems. First, there is what is called Mulching or series. The cut is very thin and we do not pick up the debris. We no longer have to empty the grass catcher and the fine grass is not really visible. However, this is not practical for a turf in the wild.

Second, we have the side ejection. It is also a non-harvesting and standard cut that produces finely cut grass. This system is mainly used to cut grass from a higher height and to eject it on the sides so as not to disturb the work of the mower.

And, thirdly, we have the collection system with collector. The latter is made for very bad ground. It uses the tray that you should mount to store the grass. If you want to switch to another mode, it is not necessary to remove it and you can simply keep it unusable.

poulan pro riding mower reviews

poulan pro riding mower reviews
poulan pro riding mower

The poulan pro riding mower lawn mower model with an ejection system at the rear. It provides excellent mowing quality and greater maneuverability when cornering with this system.

To avoid the constraints of mowing waste collection related to this ejection system, it has been equipped with a self-supporting tank with a capacity of 200 liters. A large capacity that can collect about the waste of a surface of more than 2000m². The cutting width of this Poulan is 53cm and will easily fit a 3000m² garden area.

If you have a very large garden or a large lawn, this machine will do the trick. Its starting system is electric but its transmission box is mechanical. Overall, the machine is easy to maneuver.

Which lawn mower to choose? This model differs from other riding lawn mowers by the presence of an ejection system at the rear. This seems more practical than the classic versions, because it gives you the opportunity to see excellent mowing quality. It has great maneuverability when cornering thanks to this feature. Thus, it avoids fatigue and ensures comfort of use.

For the 

Practical and reliable:

You will love mowing your lawn with this device as it incorporates an ejection system at the back. He is qualified to be one of the cheapest and most functional models in this category.

Capacity of the tray:

In addition to its efficient ejection system, this model also includes a self-supporting capacity of 200 liters capacity. This is enough to collect waste and weeds on a 2000 m² plot.

Ideal for mowing a large lawn:

This material will help you improve your lawn. It remains the best to take care of a vast ground of a surface of 3000 m ². This is undoubtedly the result of its cutting length of 53 cm.



Since it is a wired electric model, you need to find a garden extension if you want to use it comfortably. In any case, a large number of users are of the opinion that they are able to accomplish their task while guaranteeing an optimal result.

husqvarna riding mower reviews

husqvarna riding mower reviews
husqvarna riding mower

This model Husqvarna riding mower has a minimalist design that makes it perfect even for small areas of garden.

It will sneak easily on lawns of small surface. Its handling is very simple, thanks to its changeable gear box on the foot movement on pedals, mowing grass becomes an easy task and fast.

Riding lawn mowers are usually equipped with a mini 5-liter grass catcher that suits small mowing areas. It should be understood that this machine is the mini version of the riding cars, it can be used for a mowing area below 1500m².

The Husqvarna is equipped with a casing with a width of 66 cm which is adjustable in height on 6 points. You will have a wide choice as to the desired height for your mowing.

By consulting a comparison to know where to buy the best riding lawn mower for hills, you can fall on this machine mark Husqvarna. Also, it ranks among the most successful in this category due to its small size and compactness. It is advisable to use it to mow lawns of smaller surfaces. The engine start is powered by Briggs Stratton and an electric cylinder that rotates at a power of 223 cc. It’s true that gardening has never been everyone’s favorite pastime, but if you opt for it, you may change your mind.

For the


This material has been specially designed so that you can mow your lawn easily. It will save you from tiring quickly when you take care of the task. You can change gears by simply moving your feet on the pedals.

Capacity of the tray:

The use of this equipment would be ideal for gardeners as well as for individuals wanting to keep a green lawn. To collect waste, this equipment has a collector with a capacity of 5 L, sufficient to handle a surface measuring 1500 m².

Cut length:

After performing a field test, we can say that this device is able to effectively perform its task. This is undoubtedly the result of the presence of the casing with a width of 66 cm. You can adapt it in height on 6 points according to your needs.


Small size :

This material was not designed to mow the lawn of a garden whose surface exceeds the 2000 m² as it is a mini version of the freestanding. But it remains effective on a plot of 1500 m².

swisher mower reviews

swisher mower reviews
swisher mower

Swisher mower is a lawn mower ideal for surfaces between 1500 and 2000m². Thanks to the combination of its 2800 revolutions per minute engine and its 2 in 1 crankcase, this machine is able to offer an excellent mowing quality to all lawns. Its cutting width is 77cm and therefore suitable for surface already mentioned above. Its operation is simple.

The starting is done electrically and the manual gearbox is composed of 3 forward speeds and 1 reverse gear. Stopping is not mandatory when you want to change gears. Its ejection system is lateral and the visibility of the mowing surface is very large to allow the user to locate the surfaces to be mowed.

Its recovery tank has a capacity of 150l. This model has a mulching system with 4 adjustable cutting heights ideal for cutting to the desired height and deposit waste simultaneously. On the comfort side, the user will be entitled to a comfortable adjustable seat for a sitting position of a few hours.

It is not because of chance that this model is among the best brands of lawn mowers. It is in first position largely thanks to its incomparable efficiency. This equipment is also equipped with a powerful engine with a power of 5800 W. It comes with a 2 in 1 housing to obtain an optimal result.

For the

Effective and fast:

Its engine can run at 2800 rpm and has a cutting deck of 77 cm 2 in 1. These specific characteristics prove that it has the capacity required to fulfill its task. This material shows you that it deserves to be included in this ranking.


No need to stop to change gears when on the wheel of this machine. The electric start of its engine is ensured by the synchronized gearbox. This is an advantage that is not easily found on some brands.

High visibility:

It benefits from a side ejection system and gives you the opportunity to correctly locate the surfaces to be mowed. It is practical to work on a ground of 1500 to 2000 m ². You will testify to his performance over time.


Additional accessories:

Unfortunately, this material does not come with a collection box. It’s not functional compared to other models in this category. Despite this, it has great maneuverability and will allow you to save time during your gardening sessions.

ariens riding mower reviews

ariens riding mower reviews
ariens riding mower

Take care of your lawn with the Ariens lawn tractor. This unit with a Honda GCV620 OHV engine of 614 lawn mower and 2 cylinders of 15.5kW of power will maintain your lawnmower in no time.

With its 3 blade deck, with a 115cm cutting width and extra turning radius, mow the taller grass easily. Mulching, rear ejection and a good working position with a raised driving position and hydrostatic feed make it easy.

Extremely versatile, this mower also has a stable construction that protects against any type of shock. It is also pleasant to use because, despite its power, it is very quiet.

This is the ideal mower if you need a powerful but quiet machine.

Good points

  • Power
  • versatility
  • Quiet

Negative points

  • A bit big

poulan pro 42 riding mower review

poulan pro 42 riding mower review
poulan pro 42 riding mower

Mow your lawn effortlessly with the Poulan Pro 42 ‘Super Duty Zero Turn Rider.

This mower equipped with an engine Kawasaki FR651V bi-cylinder OHV with a power of 726 cm3, equipped with an electric starter takes care of everything in a flash time.

The hydrostatic transmission provides durability and ease of maintenance. The fuel tank meanwhile, has a capacity of 11.3L. 
Thanks to its 2-blade cutting deck, 92 cm cutting width, mulching and side discharge, you can mow taller grass easily. On the robust side, this mower is equipped with a fully welded steel frame.

This is the ideal mower if you need a super powerful device.

Good points

  • Powerful
  • Easy to maintain
  • Robust

Negative points

  • A little heavy

husqvarna tractor mower reviews

husqvarna tractor mower reviews
husqvarna tractor mower

Get your lawn mowing done with the Husqvarna Lawn Tractor. At an attractive price, this mower has some interesting features. This large lawn tractor comes with a Briggs & Stratton 8.9kW, 500cc engine that will help you mow larger lawns without much effort.

Thanks to Power Drive technology, you can easily control your device. Equipped with a hydrostatic transmission and a pedal speed control, this mower is easy to handle and pleasant, despite a noise a little disturbing.

With a cutting width of 107cm, a fuel tank with a capacity of 5.7 liters, it is very practical.

This is the ideal mower for a perfect mowing of your lawn at the lowest price.

Good points

  • Convenient
  • Interesting price
  • Comfortable

Negative points

  • A bit noisy

husqvarna 46 inch riding mower reviews

husqvarna 46 inch riding mower reviews
husqvarna 46 inch riding mower

The Husqvarna mower combines efficiency and practicality. Thanks to a side discharge housing, a mulching system and a simple key start, practicality is also at the rendezvous, with as a final bouquet a cup holder to refresh you if necessary.

It offers unparalleled comfort with an ergonomic seat with adjustable backrest, an easy-to-reach cutting height adjustment from the driver’s seat.

Thanks to its wide tires, enjoy excellent grip and a reduced risk of damaging fragile soils. While the filling level of the fuel can be controlled via its transparent window.

This is the ideal mower if you are looking for a practical device.

Good points

  • Convenient
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Perfect adhesion

Negative points

  • Missing pickup

ariens ikon 52 kawasaki review

ariens ikon 52 kawasaki review
ariens ikon 52 kawasaki

To maintain your small or medium-sized turf at a lower price, opt for the Ariens ikon 52 kawasaki Lawn Mower. This mower with special drive-wheel features is so practical that you’ll feel like it’s doing everything for you.

Equipped with an Ariens Endurance engine that makes it easier to start without a starter, speed and direction control, as well as a hydrostatic transmission for better handling, it also comes with a BioClip gasket and a baffle.

Perfection is at the rendezvous with this mower with a net power of 2600 rev/min because an exceptional admission of cut grass and leaves allow a clean and impeccable mowing.

It’s the ideal mower if you want flawless results at the lowest price.

Good points

  • Convenient
  • Attractive price
  • Quality of impeccable mowing

Negative points

  • A bit noisy

husqvarna mz61 review

husqvarna mz61 review
husqvarna mz61

The Husqvarna mz61 is a condensed tractor and riding mower. This device really simplifies your life by combining these 2 devices in one, and this, to perfection. 

It ensures both the slope stability of a tractor with all the maneuver ability and time savings of a zero turning radius mower. This riding mower is composed of a TORO engine with a displacement of 452 cm3and a 1-blade cutting system under a top ejection tray. 

The tray in question is 10.2 cm thick and is equipped with a handy washing nipple. It even has a built-in Smart Park braking system and a 3-year limited warranty. For such innovative gardening equipment you will not be able to ask for more. 

The only downside is its low price. It is very expensive, but its price is still justified by the cutting edge of its manufacturing technology.

Good points

  • 2 in 1
  • Zero turning radius
  • Smart Park Integrated Braking System
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Time saving

Negative points

  • Hyper expensive

yard machine riding mower reviews

yard machine riding mower reviews
yard machine riding mower

Comfortable and powerful, the Yard Riding Mower features a patented suspension platform, large tires and an ergonomic, adjustable seat. Its powerful engine runs at full speed at all times, for a cut and quality work permanently. 

It has an exact power of 18 HP Power could not be more satisfactory for home gardening maneuvers. The exclusive Infinity Yard cutting deck is a revolutionary cutting deck that allows you to take advantage of 3 different mowing modes without having to change the blades each time. 

All you have to do to achieve this is to slide the steel shutter located near the mower deck and thus close the ejection outlet. The transition from ejection mode to mulching mode with this mower is done in one hand. 

Ergonomics is also assured with this mower by the support board on which you put the foot before you settle on the seat. But this mower would have been perfect if only the manufacturer had associated ergonomics, comfort, power and affordable price. Alas, this is not the case.

Good points

  • Very powerful
  • 3 modes of mowing
  • Comfort and ergonomics guaranteed

Negative points

  • Hyper expensive

cub cadet xt1 46 review

cub cadet xt1 46 review
cub cadet xt1 46

It is not easy to take care of green spaces, especially when you do not have the right tools. Cub Cadet has found it useful to awaken the passion of gardening that lies within you by manufacturing this high quality riding mower. 

You’ll never be upset when you have to prune the lawn. First of all, this device offers you an easy grip. This means that it is not necessary to have special driving skills to steer this machine. 

However, it is not necessary to remind you that when dealing with advanced equipment, it should not be surprised that its price is high. You’ll have the opportunity to check it out with this Cub Cadet wonder. 

Its zinc-plated tray and its front and rear protections made of aluminum and polypropylene are very resistant to ensure a very long durability. Cub Cadet is aware that his customers are all different from each other, which is why he decided to integrate an adjustable seat so that each user can feel at ease according to its morphology.

Good points

  • Easy handling
  • Zinc plated tray
  • Maximum durability
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Adjustable seat

Negative points

  • Expensive

troy bilt 46 inch riding mower reviews

troy bilt 46 inch riding mower reviews
troy bilt 46 inch riding mower

The gardening professionals know that you do not react quickly to a riding mower that has not yet proven in the field. When it comes to this Troy Bilt riding mower, you do not have to worry.

Its performances have been tested and approved by professionals in the field. Its “plus” compared to other models is its automatic rear pickup system. Indeed, it ensures you perfect finishes after mowing. In addition, it has a collection box of 300 lites and a turning radius of 50 cm

But the fatal element that may make you change your mind is its extremely high cost. However, given its technical characteristics, it is safe to say that its purchase is a worthwhile sacrifice because its usefulness is very long.

Good points

  • Durable
  • Beautiful design
  • Automatic pickup system
  • Large capacity of the tank

Negative points

  • Extremely expensive cost

husqvarna lta18538 review

husqvarna lta18538 review
husqvarna lta18538

Husqvarna LTA18538 have revolutionized the standard model of a riding mower to ensure the greatest comfort when mowing. In this mower Ride A80B, the manufacturer has placed the engine Briggs 31 E 607Intek OHV at the back of the unit, to give you a clear view of the space to be mowed. 

In addition, the seat has been specially revamped to suit all body types. Thanks to its very short turning radius you will be able to access all the controls at your fingertips. The transmission of energy in the engine is hydrostatic thus allowing easy driving. 

However, its price make it work of oil among its many strengths. The manufacturer has set the bar really high, reserving the purchase of this device to a certain social class.

Good points

  • Better visibility
  • Ergonomic and comfortable seat
  • Powerful engine

Negative points

  • Very expensive

troy bilt tb42 review

troy bilt tb42 review
troy bilt tb42

Which brand of gardening appliance is the most popular for you? If you are one of those who prefer Troy Bilt, then this riding lawn mower is for you. Featuring an ultra powerful 8600 watt motor, this mower is one of the most powerful of its generation. 

Thanks to its large drive wheels, it ensures a fast and surgical shaving of weeds up to a height of 97 cm. It is up to you to choose the use that you will make of it. In other words, it does not matter if you are a professional or amateur gardener, with this device you will mow the lawn like a real professional. 

With such capabilities, it’s no wonder that this quality mower is so expensive. Because of its strength and durability, it guarantees long-term use. In addition, its maneuverability is not very complex. It behaves exactly like a car, with acceleration and braking functions.

Good points

  • Easy maneuverability
  • High quality
  • Ultra powerful engine
  • Robust and solid

Negative points

  • Very expensive

What is a riding mower?

A lawn tractor or lawn tractor or rider is a machine designed to quickly mow large areas of 1,000 to 6,000 m². Unlike a walk-behind mower, the user sits and steers the machine with a steering wheel.

It is indeed a tractor consisting of a chassis resting on 4 wheels, a motor, a front or front cutting deck, a pickup and a seat. The power and the number of speeds vary depending on the model. Also, the drive system can be mechanical or hydraulic.

How to choose a riding mower?

Depending on its power

All lawn mowers have the same power. Indeed, it generally varies from 10 to 13 horses (CV) as well as the cubic capacity which is between 190 cc and 500 cc. Be aware that the more powerful the engine, the faster the mowing will be.

To find the gear that suits you, you must choose according to the surface to be mowed. For example, if you have a 2,000 m² plot, the best option would be to choose 10 or 11 horsepower. Beyond this area, you will have to turn to a model that is equipped with a more powerful engine.

According to its maneuverability

After the power of the engine, the handling is also a determining factor in the purchase decision. The most straightforward self-propelled lawn mowers to drive are those with a hydrostatic transmission.

With these types of gear, you will no longer have to shift your gears manually. The maneuvers will be simple and fast, since it is enough to press one pedal to move forward and another to move back.

Apart from the transmission, it is also essential to check the quality of the seat, the ergonomics of the steering wheel as well as the access on board the tractor. The best models have an adjustable seat with more comfort and an unobstructed platform for getting on and off the lawn tractor easily.

Depending on the cutting width

The main function of a riding mower is to cut and mow. It is therefore essential to also consider the cutting width. Corresponding to the working width of the mower, it must be adapted to the area of ​​your garden.

It can be divided into three categories. For a plot of 1500 m², the best would be to choose a mower with blades of 60 to 75 cm. For an area of ​​1,500 m² to 3,000 m², opt for a width of 75 to 100 cm. Finally, for an area of ​​more than 3,000 m², it is recommended to have a cutting width greater than 100 cm.

Depending on the type of mowing

The type of mowing can also be different depending on the model. On a front-mounted lawnmower, the grass is finely crushed under the closed casing before being thrown to the ground. This one is perfect for a meadow or a playground.

This system offers fast mowing and better waste management. Other machines proceed by ventral cutting and rear ejection. The cut grass is collected and stored in a tray hung on the back of the mower. The mowing is clean and precise for an impeccable result. Some models allow the bin to be emptied from the driver’s seat at the touch of a button.

Why buy an efficient riding mower?

Maintain your lawn with ease

By using a riding mower, you will not have to put in a lot of physical effort to mow your lawn. All you have to do is sit comfortably at the wheel of the machine and drive it through the mowing surface. Its ease of driving makes it practical and usable by the greatest number.

Mow large areas

Aside from its ease of use, the lawn tractor makes it easy to mow large and wide areas of lawn. The only requirement is that the slope must be less than 30%. This machine is suitable for a surface of more than 7000 m². And as mentioned above, the cutting width and engine power should be chosen according to the size of your garden.

Quick and secure mowing

Compared to an electric mower or thermal mower, the freestanding mower saves you time. Mowing is done quickly and this, regardless of the type of terrain (steep or with obstacles). And that’s not all, picking cut grass is also easy. Some models are equipped with a tank that directly collects cut grass.

Safety is at the rendezvous since the engine and the blade stop instantly as soon as the driver gets up from the seat. However, it is always advisable to be vigilant.

Clean and clean

Virtually all existing models offer clean, clean mowing, especially those with a grass catcher. To prevent your lawn from suffering from drought, however, be sure to use a good cutting height, among others, about 8 cm. Do not forget fertilizers and daily watering.

What is the price of a quality riding mower?

Since this is a powerful, fast and comfortable tool, a riding mower costs more than any other lawn mower.

The price of this type of device generally varies from 1,600 USD to 7,000 USD depending on performance and power. You can probably find models a little cheaper, but you have to be very careful about their quality.

That’s why MN recommends leaning for Husqvarna, Cub Cadet, MTD, Honda, Kubota or Castelgarden riding mowers that guarantee robustness and performance.

How to use a riding lawn mower?

When it comes to maintaining the lawn of your large lawn, you need to acquire the necessary equipment to achieve satisfactory results. However, if you have recently purchased a lawnmower that you are new to the field of gardening we offer this article to inform you of the various points to consider for the use of your equipment is a game child.

riding lawn mower
riding lawn mower

Check the pickup

Before each use, make sure that the grass catcher is always available. So you can use your machine for as long as it fills up. As a result, you will not have to stop during your activity to empty it. Some models are equipped with a light to signal you that the collection container is full.

Check engine oil and fuel

Like the grass catcher, it’s best to check both of them before you start your machine. Make sure the turbine has the necessary oil for fully operational. Similarly for the fuel.

In both cases, it is always advisable to have the engine turned off and your equipment not moving to perform the inspection and filling of these substances. For 4-stroke models, the oil and fuel tank is separate so you do not have to mix yourself as for 2-stroke categories.

Inspect the condition of the tires

These components of your mower must be lawn mower. Make sure the wheels are almost all terrain so that your equipment is able to cope with all types of terrain that may arise. It would be unpleasant to suffer a puncture in full use.

Consider the seat

Unlike traditional mowers with handlebars, the freestyle models are equipped with seats so that the user can sit and handle the device easily.

Check the convenience of this item. The most requested are the padded types to provide the user with optimal comfort. But also, make sure its height is adjustable so that it can fit properly to your height.

Evaluate the capacity of the blades

Check that the mower blades meet your expectations for cut height and width. These criteria will give your data an unparalleled visual and satisfying results to your lawn.

Snap on and off the speed

When you move between two areas to be mowed, it is best that you cut the rotation of the blades. On tall, dense grass surfaces, slow down, and vice versa on shaved and sparse ground.

How to take care of your riding mower?

The purchase of a riding mower is a significant financial investment. Its maintenance is therefore essential to keep it in excellent condition for years to come. Here are some tips for taking good care of your lawnmower.


The lawn mower is a tool that requires regular cleaning. In fact, grasses, twigs, leaves and other dirt can get stuck inside and reduce the performance of the machine. To remove them, you just need to lift the hood and brush clean any debris that has been taken inside. It is also recommended to clear all grass clippings stuck to the cutting deck by rinsing with a garden hose. For cleaning the outside of your mower, you can wash with a sponge and soaped water before rinsing with the garden hose.

The interview

In addition to cleaning, it is also important to check some essential parts of the machine. First, lubricate moving parts under the hood, preferably with a grease gun. Remember to remove and replace the air filter and spark plugs at least every year to make the engine easy to start and use less fuel.

It is also recommended to change the engine oil regularly. To do this, you must unscrew the plug from the funnel and allow the oil to drain into a container. When the used oil stops flowing, all you have to do is replace the cap and fill the engine. Use the service manual to find out the right amount of oil. Apart from the filter, spark plugs and engine oil, be sure to check the straps on your lawn mower. Make sure their voltage is correct and they are not worn or damaged. Otherwise, you can also replace them.

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