Best Refrigerator on a Budget (2 is Absolutely Stunning)

After several hours of research and the in-depth examination of about fifteen models, we have selected 3 Best Refrigerator on a Budget among which the Euhomy Refrigerator represents for us the best investment of the moment.

Thanks to low energy consumption and an unconventional look, it combines all the qualities expected of a refrigerator, essential in our kitchens, and simplifies your life.

Best cheap Best mid-range Best upscale
best refrigerator on a budgetbest refrigerator on a budgetbest refrigerator on a budget
hOmeLabs Refrigerator  Euhomy RefrigeratorDanby Refrigerator
This device satisfies small wallets thanks to basic but practical equipment. 
Its amazing volume coupled with its adaptability worthy of a chameleon makes it the most satisfying model of its range.
This refrigerator is unanimous among experts, including good value for money basic. 
Its interior is flexible and above all, its low energy consumption.
Under a sober but unexpected design, this model seduced us by combining effective storage and technology. 
It is energy efficient and has these little extras that make all the difference.
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None of our articles are sponsored. We sometimes receive a commission when you buy a product via our links, which allows us to finance our work while remaining completely impartial.

How did we choose?

Relatively unobtrusive, the refrigerator remains none the less one of the centerpieces of the kitchen. Its utility is no longer to demonstrate: just think of the number of products you could not consume if you did not have the ability to store them cool. It is not a purchase to underestimate. 

Above all, it is necessary to take stock of your needs to determine which device is best for you: 

  • The type of refrigerator: depending on your consumption, you will reserve a more or less important place in the freezing space. Buy fridge and freezer apart request a lot of room in your home. If this is not possible, you can buy a large refrigerator with a simple integrated freezer, or invest in a combination refrigerator. It’s up to you to determine the volume you need in each game. 
  • Storage volume: the recommended minimum for a person living alone is 150 L. For a typical family of two adults and two children, the need is estimated at 300 L. But this again depends on consumption habits.
  • Energy consumption: permanently connected, the refrigerator operates continuously to be able to offer its services at any time of day (and night). Its impact on your electricity consumption is significant. The best rating, A +++, is relatively rare among this kind of device. The vast majority display an A + or A ++ classification.
  • The cooling system: there is cold air brewed, which allows a homogeneous distribution of air, static cold which has the disadvantage of causing significant temperature differences between the top and bottom of the device. Ventilated cold displaces dry air, preventing frost formation. It is, therefore, all the more interesting for freezers.
  • Sound level: this is one of the criteria that comes up most often when reading user reviews. It may seem trivial but a few decibels too much, and you hear more than that. It is therefore essential to read the technical data sheet of the device in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, the acceptable average is 40 dB.
  • The equipment: shelves drawers, through door bins, many are possible arrangements. Here, no particular recommendation. This is a very personal criterion since it depends on the type of food you consume. The main thing is finally to be able to store the interior space optimally and that this organization best fits with your consumption habits.  

As we have said, the refrigerator is a must in any kitchen. It is therefore not surprising that the current market offers several hundred models, all different for one reason or another. We have chosen to direct our selection towards combined refrigerators, the use of which is for us the most universal.

Of the fifteen most popular models of expert testing, nine were particularly notable in user reviews. After analyzing the technical characteristics and comparing the advantages and disadvantages, here are the three models of refrigerators that we believe can satisfy the greatest number.  

The best refrigerator on a budget

In this price range, one should not usually be too demanding. The cooling system is basic and therefore requires a little more maintenance. 

We have, however, managed to isolate a particular model that we think is already quite satisfactory for smaller budgets.

hOmeLabs Refrigerator: the best cheap

best refrigerator on a budget
best refrigerator on a budget

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  • Large storage volume
  • Fits all kitchens
  • Water dispenser


  • cool design

With this refrigerator, hOmeLabs manages to stand out from the competition for one reason: the proposed useful volume. At this price, it is really amazing to have more than 3.3 cubic feet of total storage, enough for three to four people. 

The 3.3 cubic feet capacity fridge is spacious. Its layout is basic but the storage elements are sufficient for the volume. The little extra of this model is the removable drain tray. It is discreet, hidden under a door rack, but easy to fill and clean.

The freezer, positioned above the refrigerator, is easy to access. Equipped with one drawer, which deserves to be underlined for a model of this range.

Of course, as we said, in this price range, do not expect to be at the cutting edge of technology. This refrigerator is equipped with a static cold system, which requires more rigorous storage of food. Indeed, it is possible to notice a difference in temperature between the top and the bottom of the device. 

And if some users complain about the appearance of frost, remember that this is a normal phenomenon with this cooling system. This just requires a little more maintenance than on a model equipped with ventilated cold. 

Finally, beyond all that, what convinced us to offer you this combination refrigerator is its ability to integrate into any kitchen. 

It is possible to reverse the direction of the opening of the door, for optimal use and adapted to the space reserved for it. The front feet are adjustable to adjust to any uneven ground. Finally, its silver color changes the classic white fridge while remaining sober and mat. 

For this price range, the hOmeLabs Refrigerator does the job and does it well. Simply read the installation instructions and maintain them regularly.

The best mid-range refrigerators

In a substantially higher price range, there are slightly better-equipped devices.

On the one hand, the interior arrangements are more specific and/or flexible. On the other hand, cooling technologies evolve to distinguish themselves from the simple static cold which, as we saw earlier, has its limits. 

Euhomy Refrigerator: the best midrange

best refrigerator on a budget


  • Effective interior design
  • Low energy consumption


  • No open door alarm

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This refrigerator is one of the best sellers of the moment. It is also the model that came back most often in the comparative of experts during our researches. So it seemed important to us to make our own opinion on it and we were not disappointed. 

With a total capacity of 2.24 cu. ft, this is clearly not the largest unit of our selection but it is not small so far. It seems to satisfy most users on this point, certainly thanks to the profitability made of the interior space. 

Indeed, the refrigerated bottle holder and the freezer drawer are unanimously appreciated. The shelves are adjustable and the vegetable drawer is equipped with a humidity variation which allows maintaining better conditions of conservation. 

The plus point of this device is its low annual energy consumption, of approximately 0.98 kW/day. It finally has an appreciable autonomy of 23 hours in case of power failure.

A small improvement over a basic model, it is equipped with a unique cold circuit brewed. If this system is sufficient refrigeration side, it does not completely prevent the formation of frost in the freezer since it conveys moist air. But for a model of this range, it’s already not bad. We regret the absence of an open door alarm or temperature disturbance. 

As you can see, the Euhomy has almost everything to please. Euhomy is a household appliance brand and does not have much to do to find its audience. Nevertheless, it produces a model of quality, low noise and efficient, whose full stainless steel color will fit seamlessly into any kitchen.

The best high-end refrigerators

In this price range, refrigerators meet in principle the essential criteria while accumulating interesting secondary characteristics. 

If we have still been confronted with quite dubious quality/price ratios, we can present you with a device that, according to us, is worth the investment.   

Danby Refrigerator: the best high end

best refrigerator on a budget

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  • Smooth back design
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Automatic defrost


  • Cool Design

This refrigerator combines efficiency with a singular design. Indeed, we were directly challenged by its intense black. One thing is sure, whether he likes it or not, he does not leave anyone indifferent.

At the top, the refrigerator has a capacity of 124 L. The space is flexible and can store food easily. Among the interior facilities, there is the presence of a zone Extra Fresh 0 °, intended for the conservation of very fragile foods, and a bottle holder. 

Below, in the 96 L of storage and cooling space, there is also an XL drawer always appreciated for the storage of large food. To adjust the temperature of both zones, the touch-sensitive LED display is easy to use. The cherry on the cake: the “holiday” function, which reduces the consumption of the device in case of prolonged absence. 

This device has an average power consumption of 268 kWh and is therefore in the energy class A ++. It is appreciated that it is equipped with a ventilated cold system which, even if it consumes a little more on paper, has the advantage of ensuring a uniform temperature without the appearance of frost. 

Unlike most models in the range that limit automatic defrosts in the refrigerator, the Danby Refrigerator extends the function in the freezer, a significant advantage if any. It is regrettable, however, that its autonomy in case of power failure is only 16 hours.

The last particularity to emphasize is the opening of the door limited to 90 °, appreciable configuration only if the refrigerator is positioned against a wall since it avoids shocks. In another arrangement, it has the disadvantage of restricting access to the interior space. That said, it is a choice that one makes the coup knowingly.

Finally, this refrigerator has all the necessary assets to become your best kitchen companion. For us, it undoubtedly represents the best investment in this selection.

Honorable Mentions

COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator: With this model A ++, COSTWAY offers a midrange refrigerator very interesting, more than adequate volume and especially flexible. It is a low-energy device, equipped with intelligent FreshSense sensors that intervene as soon as they detect a too large variation in temperature. We could not get enough user and expert opinions to confirm the good value for money that came out of the analysis of its technical characteristics, but it still seemed interesting to mention its potential.

In conclusion, which refrigerator to choose?

Without hesitation, it is towards the Euhomy Refrigerator that our final choice goes for the best refrigerator on a budget. Equipped with ventilated cold, it is a device of quality and energy-saving. Its interior design exceeds conventions to satisfy a greater number and make the investment made profitable. 

Much more affordable financially, the hOmeLabs Refrigerator is already a good value for those who do not want to sacrifice a big budget. Volume is its big strength for a model of this range.

Finally, the  Danby refrigerator is a more conventional device but that largely fulfills its role as the best refrigerator on a budget. Elegant and quiet, its level of performance is good enough for the volume concerned.


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