Best Electric Tiller On A Budget (2018) #5 is Absolutely Stunning

To hoe easily, cheap and without the noise!  The choice to use an best electric tiller must be motivated by certain criteria, among which: a limited cultivable surface, the absence or almost no noise, the maneuverability and of course the ergonomics. Back on the assets of this kind of gear!


Generally recommended for users with an immediate vicinity or, who benefit from a plot of land of only a few square meters, the electric cultivator does not emit strong sound effects, it is lighter and less cumbersome than the thermal tiller. It can easily be stored in a garage or in small spaces.

electric cultivator
Electric Cultivator

Its portability allows to use it in the nooks and crannies of a kitchen garden, through a garden, provided you keep the power connected. This lack of autonomy may have disadvantages in the case where the user has a larger space for example, the power cables of the electric cultivators do not pass a length of 100 m. 
Designed for domestic use, the features they have available are still not the same as those of the so-called thermal tillers or electric tiller. However, they have several technical advantages, especially if they are used domestically.

The engine power of the electric tiller supports the standard power of 220 V. Generally, the motors implemented in electric cultivators are classic models and very energy-hungry.


Engine & power

With 2 to 6 rotary cutters , the electric tiller hoes up to 16 cm deep.

best electric tiller
Electric Tiller

To ensure perfect fluidity, the machine has a solid wheel, a directional handlebar and, on some models, a rear-wheel system, offering the possibility to circulate more easily through the flatbed.

The electric model is not designed for large areas, a 2CV engine is usually implemented.

A quick start

electric tiller
Electric Tiller

The best electric tiller have some advantages when one has especially a piece of ground of less than 200 m ² for example.

To maintain your garden, to create a green space and gardening at home, it is very advantageous to have this tool for your garden or vegetable garden.

Indeed, it can be handled with ease. You do not need to have a Herculean strength to dig your land. Dedicated to DIYers, just read the manual to master the use. Appealing to a gardening expert is no longer a necessity.

A simple connection to the sector, then the activation of the engine using the ON button, and voila. 
The speed of the rotary burs is controlled by means of the lever located near the handlebars. Thus, according to the needs, it is adjustable from its console.

Perfect for small areas

The trick is quickly played when one is on a small surface. In minutes, thanks to the lightness and maneuverability, helped by an all terrain wheel, the user can travel even in the most rugged platforms to scrape and dig the ground.

The size of electric tillers is an undeniable asset for narrow strips of land and other hard-to-reach places. Its limited width allows it to go everywhere!

A silent device

Neighborhood complaints against nuisance are common. Also, some prefer to grow by hand when they have an immediate neighborhood. Very painful, they give up the work of the land very quickly or resort to a professional thus being obliged to pay a bill sometimes salty … All because the machines that simplify life are also those who make (a lot) noise!

However, with the best electric tiller, engine noise is greatly reduced and even dammed. No worries to be made: your neighbors are not likely to blame you!

Economic and ecological

If for economic reasons, it is impossible for you to offer a tiller, offer yourself an electric tiller: the latter are indeed much less expensive. On the market, there are electric cultivators from 50 USD.

electric tiller reviews
Electric Tiller

However, it is better to mount the bet to be sure to buy a stronger best electric tiller, so more reliable in time.

In addition to the economic side, this kind of gear with electric energy is 100% ecological because it emits very little CO2.

Easy to store and maintain

Best Electric tillers are easy to store thanks to their small size. Indeed, their light motorization distinguishes them from thermal tillers. In a garage, in a kitchen corner or even in a closet of your apartment … electric quality/price are not greedy space!

For maintenance, the best electric tiller is particularly easy to clean. The most important part to maintain is the strawberry: with a small screwdriver, a knife or a sharp object, you can easily get rid of clods of earth stuck. Bring a pair of gloves to protect you!

Some instructions to prolong the life of your best electric tiller:

  • Always remove the power cable from the outlet after weeding.
  • Use a knife or scissors, and a good pair of gloves, to access the housing and clean it.
  • For the inner casing, wooden or plastic tools and a little water are enough to maintain it quickly.
  • Avoid rusting problems by using water repellent. In the form of a lubricating spray, this product protects your best electric tiller after washing with water.

A flyweight!

Its weight allows it to be worn everywhere and to work easily. With less than 5 kilos, the best electric tiller is the lightest of the cultivators. It is made for domestic use and can be worn by the whole family or almost. Its lightness allows it to be taken in hand by most gardeners, from the youngest to the oldest!


Last important point with this asset flyweight: in case of clods glued to the rotary mill (after a shower, when the earth is particularly wet for example), your machine will not become as difficult to handle as a machine more bulky!


The price of the best electric tiller

Unlike their thermal cousins, electric tillers are relatively inexpensive. We find in fact at all prices, with some models below $50  … But let’s be honest: at this price, your best electric tiller will not last! It is better to invest a little more money in a machine that ratio. of course, over several seasons. Note also that it will be more comfortable to use an electric tiller medium or good range that bought a few tens of euros: gardening must remain a pleasure, so do not buy anything!

To give a fork, the best electric tiller usually sells between 80 and 200 USD. We have chosen, this article, to talk about tillers of good quality and value for money particularly interesting. One brand has captured our attention: Einhell, a German brand listed on the stock market, and market leader.


EINHELL Electric Tiller
EINHELL Electric Tiller

Einhell Tiller, we expected average or poor performance, and the tiller Einhell GC-RT 7530 is doing very well. Its , rotary cutters of 22 cm in diameter penetrate well the ground and allow to work small surfaces, say up to 80 m ² – which represents already a sacred garden. The handlebar is nice and we appreciate very much the new cable anti-tear system, which corrects a defect often present on electric tillers.

A word on the brand to finish:  Einhell , German brand created in 1964, well established throughout Europe. Their service has a good reputation and their products are quality (maintenance, cleaning, gardening, DIY …) and, icing on the cake, guaranteed 2 years.

The for :

  • A very competitive price/quality ratio
  • Light and robust, manageable, not very noisy.
  • Suitable for small to medium areas.

The cons  :

  • Not designed for prolonged use.
  • Not very suitable for heavy or very stony terrain.

Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Review

Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator
Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator

Range slightly higher with this best electric tiller Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller. The noticeable changes with the power tiller mentioned above? She does a little better, a little faster, and takes longer. Its operation is very similar to the GC-RT 7530, but it has two additional wheels (ie 6 rotary drills of 20 cm diameter each), a higher electric power (1400W, hence its name) and goes deeper than its cousin: 40 cm deep, against 30 cm for the GC-RT 7530.

With the Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller electric tiller, we have a good, comfortable and efficient tiller. We appreciate very much its ergonomic and foldable handlebar and its ability to penetrate more or less furniture grounds. She does not revolutionize performance compared to her younger sister, but she is stronger. It is, ultimately, an interesting investment for home gardeners.

This tiller will be suitable for medium areas, up to 150 m². Attention, do not intend to return your garden of 150 m² in one piece: on the one hand, the machine is not intended for prolonged use and secondly, it is quite exhausting!

If you want to work larger surfaces or faster, you will have to turn to thermal models.

The for :

  • 6 rotary cutters, it’s rare for this price
  • Do the job, and with an interesting solidity
  • Einhell and its guarantee, a plus not negligible!

The cons  :

  • Beware of overheating: it remains a machine for small to medium surfaces


What price, how solid and how effective?

The tillers, there are at all prices and for all gardeners! But between models at $50 and others at $400, difficult to navigate. This , price range is due to the type of motorization proposed (electric or thermal) but also to the overall quality of the device. So to find your cheap mower, do not just look at the price, otherwise, of course, you may have bad surprises these 6.8 kgs Come on, we explain everything!


Of cheap cultivators, it is not difficult to find on the net. Many manufacturers have also realized that there is a real demand for prime mowers, that is to say, less than $100. The amateur gardeners, who need this type of tool one, two or three times a year, do not want to spend a lot and we understand them. In fact, we now find tillers for sale at $50 or $60 on the net, of course, But what are these machines worth?

By taking a closer look at these low cost models, we are already realizing that solidity is not their first quality. Often equipped with many plastic parts (therefore more fragile), users have noted many defects and small breakdowns very unpleasant. Indeed, they are often complicated models to repair as well as quite expensive parts that break down. Paradoxical, therefore, to end up with a salty note at an authorized repairer, so we bought the model in question … for its small price. Note also that these low prices inevitably affect the performance of this type of power tools.


The tillers at 50/60 $ correspond to electric motor hoes planned for a summary use. No need to hope to return more than 100 m² with this type of tool: you risk especially to push the machine to the breakdown or to have a lot of trouble for a mediocre result. Nevertheless, if you have a small area, for example, a small garden of 50 m² maximum, to work two to three times a year, these models may be suitable. It will, of course, be aware that the devices displayed at this price have a very average reliability.


In fact, it’s better to invest a few more USD and buy models at a lower price and better performance. Some electric tillers at a price of 70-90 USD are indeed much more robust and have more interesting performances than models at 60 USD! For example, two inexpensive electric models worthy of interest: the Mantis Tiller and the Einhell GC-RT 7530 tiller.

Sun Joe Electric Tiller Review

Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator
Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator

The Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator has a power of 750 watts. With these 6.8 kgs, it is a lightweight device that manages to return the soil, up to 18/20 cm deep. It works very simply and there is nothing to complain about its effectiveness. This type of tiller is suitable for domestic use for surfaces up to 70 m² – this total area can’t be returned at one time. Its grip does not require special knowledge and it can be said that this tiller is more suitable for so-called gardeners “beginners”.

A small problem, however: the instructions for installation, delivered with the device, is not explicit. Better to be a minimum tinkerer to set up the machine!


You will understand: it is especially electric tillers that this 6.8 kg at low prices. The thermal tillers, significantly more efficient, are rarely offered to less than 250 USD. This is mainly due to the absence of fragile material (there is much less plastic on the thermal models compared to electric tillers) but also by the power of their engine. Indeed, for all surfaces between 100 and 500 m², it is this type of device that will be necessary to acquire.

Earthquake Tiller Review

Earthquake Mini Cultivator Tiller
Earthquake Mini Cultivator Tiller

If we still had to keep a cheap tiller, it would probably be the Earthquake Mini Cultivator Tiller. Despite a difficult start in the tiller market, especially because of a breakdown in a whole series of tillers, this tool has gradually become a reliable and efficient thermal tiller. If it does not have the power and versatility of a McCulloch tiller or a Honda, its price much lower gives it an excellent quality/price ratio. Ideal for medium-sized areas and for gardeners who do not want or can not invest in a power tool.


Complete & detailed guide to choose it!

The power quality/price, unlike electric models, is autonomous: it works without any electrical wire, which is very practical for use on medium to large surfaces. Equipped with a four-stroke engine, the power tillers usually have a power between 4 and 6 HP. Most models have multiple speeds, the most advanced ones even having a reverse gear. In the vast majority of cases, this type of machine uses gasoline as fuel, but there are some diesel engines.

electric tiller

To choose your motor, know that 4 CVs are enough for gardens up to 500 m ² but that the recommended motorization is that of 5 CV, at the same time more robust and more polyvalent: you will be able, with these 5 hair, to work without problems of much larger areas, of the order of 1000 m². Finally, 6 CV is a high-end motor, more proposed on the tillers than on the tillers and rarely used by individuals.

Let’s go to practice, and in the first place start! To start the tiller, two possibilities: thanks to an electric starter powered on the battery of the machine, or more generally by pulling on the launcher handle , which drives the engine. Once the engine is started, rotating the center gear and rotating burrs will allow you to work the soil and turn it over.


Engine & engine

The power tillers are generally efficient and allow to weed, hoe and crumble the ground up to 30 cm deep. Their efficiency makes it possible to work with comfort and speed of surfaces up to 1000 m²: some models adapt perfectly to even larger grounds, for example 2000 m²! The engine has the merit of not overheating with use. We saw above that the choice of its cubic capacity (4/5/6 HP) corresponds in fact especially to the size of the surface to work.

electric tiller

Thermal tillers have a power much greater than the power tillers. These are actually used for small jobs and / or small areas. Due to its robustness, the tiller is closer to the tiller  : we could actually talk about “small” tiller or semi-professional hoe. It should also be noted that the power tillers and tillers use the same gasoline engine.

Working width and rotary cutters

The working width is also a number to be observed. This is the width of the belt that the tiller will return in a passage: the higher the width, the faster it will be to work large areas. The power tillers generally have a working width of between 25 and 50 cm.

electric tiller

Also check the number of cutters: a large working width and only two rotary cutters will not have a very interesting effect, the earth will not be sufficiently crumbled. Count two strawberries for a working width of about 20 cm, four for a width approaching 40 cm, etc. That way, you are not likely to go wrong. The speed of rotation of strawberries is also important: most models offer moreover 200 revolutions per minute, which is more than enough.

A reverse?

Last point to check to measure the efficiency of a model: the presence or absence of a reverse . In use, it is indeed very practical, especially to turn around! When blocking, a reverse can also help you unlock the gear of the strain/root or the hole in which the tiller can get entangled. The rear steps are proposed on relatively sophisticated models, posted at 350 € and more.


Plant protection discs

When you motorize near a flower bed, it is possible that a wrong maneuver damages the plants. Worse, you can even tear them off if you’re not careful. To protect these plants against this kind of pulling, some thermal tillers can be equipped with disks plant protectors.

electric tiller

This accessory, placed at each end of the strawberries, will limit the width of the area worked and effectively protect the plants nearby … Easy and practical for a meticulous job! 

Transport wheel

Even if it is not used during the work of the earth, the transport wheel is a particularly useful accessory. It is indeed this wheel that will allow you to easily move the engine off: for example to bring it to the garden or when storing the tiller. When the machine is running, the transport wheel is then raised and has no contact with the ground.

electric tiller

In fact, this wheel may seem little useful at first glance, but it is a real strong point to easily move heavy mowers. If you do not want to invest in a transport wheel, you can however choose a model of tiller compatible with a possible transport wheel: in the future, this is the kind of accessory you will really use!

Rear shutter

electric tiller

Last accessory that deserves to be reported: the rear door . Often used on hoes, it is actually a metal plate that, affixed to the back of your machine, meets two requirements:

– Coarsely smooth the freshly turned soil with rotating milling cutters

– protect you from any projections of stones; for example, a very interesting accessory in gardens infested with pebbles!

If your land has few pebbles, the rear pane has no real interest, unless you want a land somewhat “smoothed” after passage of the tiller. Note that this “smoothing” has no demonstrated effect for the good health of your plantations.


It is the thermal motorization that proves to be the most efficient, the most autonomous and the most resistant. This cycle-type combustion engine is reliable and strong: its service life is generally longer than 8 years, which is very good for a gardening tool. By comparison, electric tillers have a maximum lifespan of 5 years. Tip: for real strength, you have to rely on known and recognized manufacturers. In addition to their reliability, you also open the doors of easier maintenance and less expensive repairs: often, repairers have the parts for the “big” brands, but not for small or less well-known brands … We therefore plebiscite HyundaiBriggs & Stratton engines or Honda.

The brand logo Briggs & Stratton.

The power tillers benefit from increased durability thanks to parts made mainly of metal. Their engines are not afraid of the cold and they will have no problem to start. Of course, there are different ranges of thermal tillers and the price of these machines can vary a lot.


At what price ?

The price of thermal tillers is generally between  200 and 800 USD. This big fork is due to the marks of the machines, to the power of the engines but also according to the capacity of each machine to be equipped with more or fewer accessories.

In order to meet the needs of all lovers of the garden and gardening, we decided to highlight 3 models: an efficient and inexpensive tiller, another at the excellent quality / price ratio and finally a third, high range and yet at a very competitive price. Let’s go 

Earthquake Cultivator Review

Earthquake Tiller Cultivator
Earthquake Tiller Cultivator

We chose to put the Earthquake Cultivator forward because it is a machine perfectly suited to small budgets. This power tiller, supported by a 1-cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine, is both efficient and reliable.

Its four rotary cutters make it possible to work the soil up to 20 cm deep: as for the working width, one reaches the 35/36 cm, which is honorable.

The for:

  • Adapts very well to small / medium surfaces, of the order 100-250 m².
  • Light, maneuverable and powerful enough.
  • The price, really unbeatable for a tiller.

The cons:

  • Basic use: no accessories.
  • Fragile on large surfaces or on heavy grounds.
  • Handlebar not removable, damage for storage.

Southland Rear Tine Tiller Reviews

Southland Rear Tine Tiller
Southland Rear Tine Tiller

The Southland Rear Tine Tiller is a mid-range motorized vehicle, but its price is really attractive: it is quite rare in the market of thermal tillers. And yet, this tiller has serious arguments! With 163 cm 3 , or 5.5 hp, his engine advocates already for her. More robust than the Einhell tiller, it is also more efficient, and can adapt to larger areas: up to 1000 m², without any problem.

Its 4 strawberries give it a working width of 52 cm, for a maximum depth of between 20 and 25 cm.

Note also that its 45 kilos give it a great power, and that this weight is not a fault thanks to its transport wheel, adjustable handlebars but also and especially its reverse.

A great deal, really, and a machine that is recommended to small and large supermarkets, because it is a versatile tiller and excellent value for money. Often proposed with the engine painted in blue, it is found at the best price on Amazon.

The for:

  • Robust, efficient, she does the job really well, up to 1000 m².
  • Excellent value for money for an ergonomic device and low fuel consumption.
  • The reverse: that’s really great!
  • The accessories delivered with the machine: discs plant cover + transport wheel.

The cons:

  • Medium finish on some parts (plastic).
  • The Power (ON / OFF) button is not very well placed.

Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller Review

Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller

With the following tiller, it’s simple: you take all the qualities of the previous tiller and you go even further! We arrive this time with a high-quality tiller  with a 196 cm 3 4-stroke engine, or 6.5 hp, that will allow you to hoe, weed and crush easily on almost any soil and on surfaces up to 2000   !

Here, there are 8 rotating milling cutters that will move to work the land, for an impressive working width: 83 cm. Easy to assemble, equipped with the same accessories, the Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller tiller is more robust, more durable and can tackle larger surfaces faster. Its motorization could make it look like a tiller: it actually has the power and size (65 kg), but its price is much more accessible: around € 560, and the best price on Amazon.

The for:

  • A tiller very powerful and very enduring.
  • Equipped with everything that makes a tiller easy to use: reverse, adjustable handlebars, transport wheel, various accessories like discs plant protector …
  • Its price is very competitive vis-à-vis its competitors.

The cons:

  • The tank cap may be fragile.
  • … nothing else to report!


All to know to choose it!


The tillers are motorized machines used for gardening. Their motor, electric or thermal, allows to put in action rotating milling cutters which have for mission to penetrate the ground and to break the upper layer, also called “crust”. These machines behave very simply, by a driver walking on foot.

The tiller is controlled using a handlebar and control handles. The powerful rotary cutter, which allows penetrating and lifting the earth, is located under the engine. Strawberries, they allow the machine to be “propelled” out of the ground. Finally, the transport wheel gives all mobility to the machine: it is this wheel that supports the weight of the tiller.

In general, the tillers offer several speeds of rotation of the cutters, speeds directly adjustable from the handlebar and the two sleeves. This upper handlebar and its advancing handle are also similar to those found on motorcycles, hence the name of “motorcycle” hoe.


The use of a tiller is intended to aerate the land for sowing plants of any type. This aeration of the soil also allows nutrients and water (from rainfall and watering) to penetrate the earth.

The action of the tiller is to return the land to prepare your soil before planting, whether in your plants or your garden. It works the soil up to 25 cm deep and can effectively improve your land without resorting to manual techniques that are both slow and difficult. In other words, the power tiller prepares your soil to receive your plantations and contributes to the good health of your seedlings.

electric tiller

Very useful for small and medium gardening work, for example for your vegetable garden, in your garden of plants or in your flower beds, the motor tiller is a motorized cultivator that allows you to improve your plantations, but also to bury your weeds and loosen your soil. In fact, in a single pass of tiller, you can weed (that is to say weeds), hoe (loosen the ground), plow and crumble your land. That’s enough to save time and avoid a lot of chores …! The tiller will make your gardening easier by turning your soil effortlessly. Bye-bye, a backache and long days of clearing!

Tip: Use your tiller in the spring, when your land is a little wet. Once the tiller has passed on your garden or vegetable garden, you just have to let the earth rest a few times (ideally two to four days) before carrying out your planting.


Efficiency and versatility

The “featherweight” of tillers does not go against their effectiveness  ! The operation of the tiller is relatively simple and can actually loosen the land. Count on an average depth between 15 cm and 35 cm (depending on the model), which is quite sufficient for gardens and vegetable gardens.

electric tiller

Their power, between 300 and 2000W, is also sufficient for domestic use, on small to medium surfaces. The size of the tillers also allows them to sneak around, resulting in increased versatility: you can use your tiller for many daily tasks, even in tight spaces, such as in a mini-vegetable garden or in a small mountain range. flower.

Finally, note that some accessories allow the tiller to plow the soil more lightly (with a light buteter, for example) or to protect the plantations near the machine, usually with a trainer-edging.

A light and handy tool

With a weight generally between 5 and 25 kg, the tiller is considered a tool rather light and easy to handle. Thanks to its rotating equipment, it is a motorized machine particularly easy to transport.

Compared to a tiller, the power tiller also has the merit of not posing a problem for storage. Note in passing that their folding handlebar makes it much less bulky, which is particularly useful for storing the machine in a narrow space as a shed.

Perfect for the garden, the garden …

In fact, the hoes are primarily for individuals. It’s safe to say that the tiller is actually a ”  mini-tiller  “, tillers being more expensive, more sophisticated tools, and more designed for professionals.

The tillers allow to work small or medium surfaces (from 100 m² to 1000 m²) when the tillers are mainly used for much larger surfaces, for example beyond 5000 m².

electric tiller

The maintenance of a tiller is very easy and well adapted to individuals: it is enough to keep clean the most important parts of the device, namely the housings, the motor, the wheels, the belt and the transmission. A washing with water and a quick drying with the cloth can largely be enough!

To conclude, tillers are more maneuverable than tillers, and no better suited to narrow spaces or difficult to access. If you do not have a huge garden, you do not need to invest hundreds of euros in a tiller  : all you need is a tiller! Your vegetable garden but also your wallet will say thank you!


In fact, the best electric tiller is not necessarily the most powerful or the most expensive: the best tiller is especially the one that fits your needs!

For small areas and small budgets

For surfaces ranging from 20 m² to 200 m², electric tillers can do the trick! Less powerful but also less expensive than the thermal tillers, this kind of device can largely help you to prepare the soil of your small garden or kitchen garden. Note that electric tillers can be of real interest when you are gardening in town: some models, especially those not exceeding 800W, are particularly quiet. Perfect for a beautiful garden without disturbing neighbors!

Small tip: Best Electric tiller must be used on slightly wet land, because their power deficiency does not allow them to penetrate soils too dry; use on wet soils will not be effective either, as the soil will stick to rotating milling cutters and your tiller will not have any real effects.

electric tiller

Beware, some models of the best electric tiller are offered at unbeatable prices: 40, 50, 60 and even 70 € for a tiller, it may look like a bargain! But these models are often disappointing, little pruned for the garden, with a motor that stalls and rotary cutters little sharpened. Prefer slightly more expensive models, from brands that have proven themselves: your tiller will have a much longer life and finally you have made a good investment!

For medium to large areas

For surfaces ranging from 20 m² to 1000 m², the power tillers are at once more reliable, more powerful and more robust than the electric tillers. These models actually meet the three main criteria to be met, namely: respectable power to penetrate the earth, real strength and ease of use.

Even for smaller surfaces (such as a 100 m² garden), the power tillers have assets that allows them to easily surpass the electric tillers. Combining mobility and comfort, a thermal tiller will require less effort and will return your land in depth. So, if your budget allows, do not hesitate to invest in a thermal model, which will have a life well beyond an electric model.

electric tiller

In fact, thermal tillers are an excellent compromise between electric tillers, especially used on small surfaces, and tillers, designed for professionals. Note also that some gardening enthusiasts who have invested in a tiller have been using it for more than 20 years! So privilege recognized brands, you will make, in the long run, real savings! It is always more interesting to invest a few tens euros more and avoid changing the device every 2 or 3 years …

When to go to the tiller?

You will often read that the tillers are used only by professionals and that the tillers can be enough for your garden. This is partially true, but we must still recognize the superiority of the tiller and the ability to use it for home use. In fact, the thermal tillers remain quite sufficient for surfaces of a few hundred square meters. However, even for these medium areas (eg a kitchen garden between 400 and 600 m²), tillers will prove more efficient and faster than a tiller, regardless of the model chosen.

electric tiller

To conclude, if your budget allows you and that the surface to be treated is greater than 500 m ², two choices are available to you : to invest in a best electric tiller, which will do the job well and which will last in the time, or prefer the purchase of a tiller, more expensive but with superior performance.

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