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Best DJ Controllers for Scratching – No. 4 is (Absolutely Stunning)

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best DJ controllers for scratching among more than 21 controllers currently available. My favorite is the DDJ-SB2. Why? It offers features that are usually found only in higher-end products at a bargain price. You will also the at the end of this article a buying guide to guide you in your choice and find the DJ controller that will showcase your talents!

Best Cheap Best Mid-Range Best Upscale
Hercules DJControl Compact Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-RX

Why Trust Our Selection?

The editors of EXCEL SHOPPING spend hundreds of hours researching, analyzing and comparing products to recommend the best value for money. 
Our choices are unbiased, and we never accept to put one brand over another.

Best DJ Controllers for Scratching: Budget Friendly

It is certain, you will not have the best platinum of the world by not putting the price, but you can still find one for the few occasions where you intend to mix and at a more than reasonable price.

Hercules DJ Control Compact Review : The Best Cheap

Best DJ Controllers
Hercules DJ Control Compact

What We Like:

  • More than affordable price
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to carry

What We Don’t Like:

  • DJ controller for beginners and amateurs only

Professional Recommendation:

This DJ controller is perfect to be carried anywhere. Indeed, thanks to its format both compact and elongated, it is possible to slip easily into a bag or even in a laptop bag. In addition, it is very light because it weighs only 560 grams.

It is thus possible to train and prepare your mixes at any time of the day, whether waiting for a train, in transport or even on the terrace of a café or in a hotel room.

This DJ Hercules controller is perfect not only as a back up when the main DJ system is faulty, but also to make mixes and animate parties with friends.

This DJ controller connects easily to a Mac or PC with its USB cable that comes with the device.

It has all the necessary commands to make a mix worthy of the name. First of all, this one has 2 jog wheels that will scratch with ease. These are quite responsive and are able to change the playback speed.

Be careful however because they do not allow the pause of a piece!

This device is very efficient when it comes to creating loops and samples. We will appreciate its system backlit buttons at parties.

In terms of its technical characteristics, we are of course not in the field of professional DJ controller, but it will do its job perfectly for an evening with friends or even an associative event.

It includes of course 2 mixing boards, which is a must for any self-respecting DJ controller. As we said above, scratch lovers can have fun with the two jog wheels of 7.5 cm.

Not content to control the scratches, they also control the pitch or even the navigation between each track. Four modes are available per deck (Loop, Fx, Samples, Cue).

These two decks also have two pads each and two equalizer potentiom per platinum, which is more than enough for a basic mix. Each deck is accompanied by a 45mm Crossfader volume knob.

The pads offer a fairly user-friendly feeling, to create loops, add effects or launch samples with ease.

This DJ controller comes with the DJUCED 18 software. This is not the most efficient software on the market, but at this price it does its job perfectly.

In addition, it is compatible with any MIDI compatible software as well as with software like Traktor or Virtual DJ. No need to let go of your favorite software to use this Hercules controller!

Its user interface is still quite user-friendly and can mix in minutes. The controller is designed to perfectly complement the software.

It is possible to instantly display the pulsations, the duration of the tracks or even the songs that are adapted for the next track. 
Thanks to its pitch adjustment and automatic synchronization functions it is possible to ensure smooth transitions.

The sound is customizable with loops, effects or samples. Finally, it is possible to generate your own sounds thanks to the filters built into this software.

Best DJ Controllers for Scratching: Mid-Range

It goes directly in price, it’s true, but the performance is worth it, with controllers worthy of the pros.

Pioneer ddj sb2 review: The Best Mid-Range

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • Functions for beginners
  • Service title

What We Don’t Like:

  • None identified yet

Professional Recommendation:

The DDJ-SB2 is the little brother of the DDJ-SB who had a great success with budding DJs and thanks to its many assets. It now offers features usually reserved exclusively for high-end controllers.

This includes gain knobs, meter views that control the volume of each channel as well as four-track control and finally the Trans rhythm pad effect, which mutes the volume in sync with the BPM when the DJ is pressing down. his performance pads.

Powered by a USB system, this Pioneer controller is both more compact and more portable than many models of its competition, all while continuing to offer an intuitive presentation and a high quality structure with many advanced features.

It is important to note that the DDJ-SB2 comes with the Serato DJ Intro software (free version of Serato DJ).

This controller is designed to reflect the interface of Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ. This makes it easy to use the different buttons on this controller! 
In terms of touch controls, here’s what the DDJ-SB has in the stomach …

In terms of performance pads, this controller has four rubber pads that give the DJ the ability to launch Hot Cue points, an automatic loop in auto loop or even a manual loop and samples. In addition, four additional pads provide direct access to the Play, Cue, Sync and Shift functions.

For the gain buttons and meter views, we can count on the TRIM buttons, that the DDJ-SB2 is the first midrange controller to offer! This allows the DJ to gain full control over the volume of each track.

In addition, controller offers high and low pass filter buttons. In addition, they are independent on each track!

The DDJ-SB2 also offers a lot of features specifically designed for beginners, such as the new trans-quantized rhythmic effect, which cuts the volume in sync with the BPM through the performance pads, or the Filter Fade, which makes it easier to play. transition creation by adding two high-pass filters to the crossfader.

It is thus possible to handle both the volume and the filter with one hand.

Finally the DDJ-SB2 is the first controller in this range that offers the DJ the opportunity to use the four tracks of Serato DJ Intro. In addition, tracks 3 and 4 have their own buttons to facilitate the transition from one track to another.

But that’s not all, this controller also has dedicated controls for all Serato DJ Intro features, including four Hot Cue points and four samples. Each channel has two effect units with a choice of six effects.

The DJ can manipulate the parameters of these by using the central button “Level / Depth”. It is possible to upgrade to Serato DJ (for a fee) for even more intuitive control and more cue points, samples and loops as well as advanced features like Slip mode, recording or even more. iZotope effects.

The controller comes with a USB cable, a MIC input, already contains a sound card and more is 100% MIDI compatible, which will allow it to be coupled with much more music software than Serato DJ Intro and Serato DJ.

In conclusion we are here in the presence of an excellent product that offers options usually available only on higher-end products. A very good choice for beginners and DJs on a moderate budget.

Numark NVII Review: For Pros with Limited Budget

Numark NVII
Numark NVII

What We Like:

  • Comes with Serato DJ pro
  • Two built-in screens
  • An intuitive touch system

What We Don’t Like:

  • None identified yet

Professional Recommendation:

This DJ Numark controller has a completely redesigned design and a visual feedback to stay focused on his mix.

Like many controllers in this comparison, it is optimized for use with Serato DJ (navigation buttons, effects, filter and EQ with touch mode). It is good to know that this is the paid version of Serato DJ, unlike the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 that comes only with Serato DJ Intro which is its free version.

This unit includes 2 metal 5 inch touch trays. Sixteen backlit pads give a free rein to creativity with samples, loops and point cue.

The Numark DJ controller includes a 24-bit professional audio interface, a USB 2.0 plug, which is not the most recent type of USB plug, but will be more than enough for this type of use, XLR / RCA master outputs, two types of jacks (6.35 mm and 3.5 mm) for the headset which is a great idea (how many times are we found with hardware that does not fit with this or that type of headset and bam, “oops, I forgot the jack adapter “?), a line between RCA and finally a microphone jack of 6.35 mm.

This DJ controller contains 4 sets of virtual cards, 5 ” double metal trays, 16 velocity sensitive pads with 10 different modes, built-in FX effects, BPM counter and more.

Its two color displays allow real-time viewing of Serato DJ while also integrating the new grid and sort options of column 5. 
This controller is complemented by zone outputs, XLR balanced outputs for use in club or DJ Serato software.

It is a perfect device for business users.

The Numark NV II contains 2 touch jog wheels exclusive to the Numark brand. They have an innovative touch system that will detect the “style” of DJ use and automatically adapt to it.

By memorizing the speed, the strength of the support, the way the trays are used etc, they are able to bring the exact amount of adjustments to offer an optimal result.

The Numark NV II has two built-in color screens that allow real-time viewing directly on the controller, which allows less time spent on the laptop and more time to refine the user’s performance capabilities. 
Another benefit of these two built-in displays is that it is possible to work without having the laptop in sight, which helps to keep more room on the desktop and keep the laptop connected in a safer place .

With the included Serato DJ professional software, it is also possible to use the II NV’s screens to navigate its music library while managing the four virtual card sets, creating new creative possibilities.

Best DJ Controllers for Scratching: High-End

Here we are talking about professional equipment. The hobbyists with a big budget will always benefit from a material of this quality but it is not at all a must.

Pioneer xdjrx review: Versatile and Pro

Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-RX DJ System
Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-RX DJ System

What We Like:

  • Pro software provided
  • DJ functions pro
  • Polyvalent

What We Don’t Like:

  • Very expensive

Professional Recommendation:

This controller is really a multitasking device. It contains both USB drives, a mixer, a controller by pad and finally a large screen with dual display.

This large 7-inch color LCD provides simultaneous access to information from both USB drives, including Waveforms, playback position, and BPM and rhythm grids. 
It also gives you the ability to quickly navigate between songs while providing easy access to hot cue dots and information for all songs.

Quantize makes it possible to calibrate the markers and the loops on the rhythmic grid of rekordbox in order to always obtain reliable performances. 
In addition, it is possible to automatically synchronize the tempos of 2 tracks for songs that have already been analyzed in rekordbbox, which allows a greater latitude to the creativity of the user to add his personal touch to the mix.

The device also has a Slip mode that allows you to continue playing a song in silence during a loop, a scratch or a reverse. Just let go of the jog so that the sound comes back perfectly at the right time.

A license key for the rekordbox dj software is provided with the controller. Simply activate the key for the software and then connect the controller to start mixing.

The touch pads on the console let you instantly start Hot Cue points and auto beat loop loops. It is also possible to cut the songs live, thanks to the Loop Slice function. In addition, with the simple playback modes, you can achieve even greater control of the song by choosing a looping style for each style of music.

Just plug in your USB device rekordbox, iPhone or Android smartphone to directly load songs on the controller XDJ-RX. By using the rekordbox application, you can access a lot of advanced performance features when preparing songs.

It is possible to play and record songs simultaneously through the dual USB port which allows two DJs to play and record sets at the same time without the need to sacrifice an entry.

The XDJ can of course also be used as a controller with other DJ software using the MIDI connection.

Finally, this device has an application that allows you to learn the latest trend technique in DJs: the battery on Pad. It helps the user to learn Cue Point drum techniques and helps develop muscle memory so that they can perform well afterwards.

Denon dj mcx8000 review: No need for a computer!

Denon DJ MCX8000
Denon DJ MCX8000

What We Like:

  • Usable without a computer
  • Comes with pro software
  • Solid design

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some functions are unavailable in stand-alone mode

Professional Recommendation:

This stand alone DJ controller contains 2 high-definition control screens and is equipped with Standalone Engine 1.5 software and Serato DJ software. It contains a 4-channel digital mixer that comes with 3 built-in snapshots for the Engine software and input connections.

Its solid metal design features velocity-sensitive touch pads for cues, rolls, and other samples.

What will this Engine Engine say to me? Well, it’s a revolutionary DJ software that allows this Denon controller to be used without a laptop.

Among other benefits, this software can also be installed on a PC or Mac to create playlists and sets as well as analyze your library of files.

This MCX8000 is fully compatible with the latest version of Serato DJ and allows to use its 4 channels. There is also a DVS upgrade package that offers the MCX8000 unlimited possibilities.

It is also possible to transition between two DJs with ease. There is no interruption between sets because the Engine software allows the DJ to connect the MCX8000 via USB or Serato DJ while keeping the atmosphere of the previous set running. 
There are two USB ports for USB sticks and at the back of the MCX8000 there is an external USB hard drive port for use with Serato DJ.

Built with sound effects and a 24-bit sound system, the MCX8000 is a high quality controller with XLR outputs for both DJ and PA systems. In addition to this excellent sound quality, there are three built-in sound effects: delay, echo and noise.

Another advantage of this device is to be able to very easily switch from midi mode to usb mode in case of problems with one of the devices.

Some small flats are noteworthy however. For example, it is impossible to directly record a mix on USB when using the device in standalone mode, it is absolutely necessary to use a computer.

In the same way, certain functions of the pads are totally unavailable in standalone mode, like the samples for example which is all the same a pity.

The Products of My Selection on Offer at This Moment

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ ControllerNumark Mixtrack Pro 3
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

How to choose your Best DJ controllers for Scratching?

Here are some things to consider when going on a hunt for the Best DJ controllers for Scratching.

The software for Best DJ controllers for Scratching

Most DJ controllers are pretty well customizable because MIDI compatible. That said, in general, they are designed keeping in mind certain software in particular.

It will not be rare to find controllers whose interface reproduces this or that popular software for greater ergonomics. It’s up to you to see which interface you’re talking about the most and which software you like to work with.

The two programs that often come up in this comparison are Rekordbox and Serato DJ, which are industry standards.

The type of performance

One of the most important points when choosing the Best DJ controllers for Scratching is the kind of performance you will play.

For example, for those who have a traveling DJ business or are professionals playing in a club, the best idea is to invest in something that can be moved quickly but still pretty solid. For scratchers, a crossfader of good quality and good jog wheels should be the priority.  

Hobbyists and other chamber DJs, however, can choose what they want based on their budget.

Connectivity and ports

It is necessary to pay attention to the connectivity options to make sure that you can connect your machine to the corresponding sound output. Speakers and a Club PÄ system do not necessarily require the same type of connection so you will have to pay close attention to this!


It all depends on the use you intend to make of your turntable. For pro, a large controller is preferred, because more stable, while a compact and lightweight controller the for amateurs (and mobile DJs). Best DJ controllers for Scratching.

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