Best Dart Board – Dart Board Review (#3 is Absolutely Stunning)

Are You Looking for Best Dart Board? The dart game is a simple hobby for some and a real passion and a sport in itself for others. Like other board games, the dart brings together friends, family or colleagues and allows you to spend a good time during breaks, aperitifs, outings, and various events.

It is all the more appreciated that it is accessible to all, from children to adults, teenagers, and young people. To be able to play there, you need to have a suitable and best dart board. Yes, choosing one this type of game is not by chance as one might think. All models available on the market have different characteristics. 

It is, therefore, necessary to know which one will be able to adapt to your budget, but also to your level or the frequency of use. All this seems difficult. This comparative dartboard guide prepared by our team will help you better choose the dartboard with which you can train and have fun with your friends.

Best Dart Board

Top 6 of the Best Dart Board

We would like to introduce you to the best dart board on the market. That’s why our team did some prospecting to find the best models. This top 6 contains the 6 darts that got the best ratings and positive reviews from our testers.

1. Viper Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

Viper Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard
Viper Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard


Negative Point

For some who have already used the Viper Dart Board, some critics have come out. Indeed, far from being a dartboard as elaborate as the Viper Dart Board, the Viper Dartboard is rated at the average product level. Moreover, the target as for it, it remains correct although it is not the top of the tops either.

Good Points

Most of those buyers who have purchased the Viper Dartboard find the price of this game corrects especially for its quality. The fact that it is double-sided is very playful. A face for less sharpened darts and to train. And another face for the most experienced. The sturdy target material is also a very good point, as it’s a pretty sporty game.

In a few words

Viper’s double-sided dartboard is perfect for beginners. With its classic face, it allows you to strengthen your achievements with this game. If you want to challenge yourself with your friends or to play with the family, you just turn the table in the other direction, and here you are gone for a thrilling competition. Made of aluminum, the target viper dart board is quite sturdy and durable. Excellent indoor game, you will spend great time in good company with this game of darts.

Viper Dart Board Test: A Sturdy and Well-Designed Dartboard

The aluminum frame, the ultra-compact panel and the high-strength steel wiring give this dartboard exceptional efficiency and durability. It is designed with a flocking surface and extra thin spider wires are made of steel. This significantly reduces ricochets during the game as well as dart tracks.

Viper Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard


2 Levels of Games on Each Facet

The unilateral side of the target Viper dartboard comes with a tournament board. Also it is a ” classic  ” record. This allows you to choose according to the level of the players present. Or if you just want to exercise, you can use the classic side. When you want to start a competition, you can play with the tournament side. Separations lines help you count your points and show you how much you win. I also count six darts of good quality.


The Viper DartBoard is an excellent dartboard for indoor sportsmen. It is easy to transport, easy to assemble and you can install it anywhere: at home, at the office or even in clubs and bars. This dart board is a real fun for fans of this kind of game. We also have a comparative list of the best dart board on the market for more choices.

2. Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

viper 777 electronic soft tip dartboard
viper 777 electronic soft tip dartboard


The Viper Dartboard occupies a very good place in our ranking. This model, very complete, will respond very well to the expectations and requirements of experienced players. The target offers up to 43 different games.

This is an interactive electronic dart board. It, therefore, has an LCD display screen on which each point is counted. It also emits several sound effects corresponding to each shoot. We regret that the sounds are only in English although they do not interfere with concentration.

By buying this model, you will have a pack of 4 x 3 darts. 8 players can therefore simultaneously on the same game We found that the darts were quite light. We can still play comfortably. Beginners will also adopt more easily thanks to this lightness.

The briefcase, very easy to store, also contains 100 plastic replacement heads to allow you to play for several years. The dartboard and accessories are contained in a box that opens very easily.

Negative Point

Although very practical and with a fairly easy grip, the Viper Dartboard has a small flaw. Indeed, the darts are damaged too fast and are not durable. For seasoned players, this can be a problem over time. Nevertheless, Ultrasport still offers a good hundred replacement heads in the pack of the article.

Good Points

Otherwise, the Viper Dartboard is very interesting because it offers a lot of games (over a hundred game options), what varied games for the greatest sports. In addition, you can play several on it. Indeed, a dart tournament can easily support 8 players. In addition, the darts are quite soft and easy to handle, ideal for beginners.

In a few words

The Dartboard Viper combines 43 different games with an incredible variety of options (up to 320). Among them you will find some of the most popular games around the world. For example, with this device, you and your family can have fun, playing 301 single out, 501 master out, or cricket. 

It should be noted that this LED dart board can also be used for very large companies because it allows 8 players to play simultaneously. So you can invite all your friends to a darts party. By the way, the sound volume is adjustable. And with dart lighting and volume controls, you can spend the night playing darts without disturbing your neighbors.

Viper Dartboard Test: A Wide Variety of Games

With a wide variety of games to try out and the convenience of use, you can confidently choose this electric dart board no matter if you are a pro or just a beginner. Children and adults can easily play.

A computer built on the dartboard provides 43 different games with a total of 320 game modes as well as different levels of difficulty provide the most fun for everyone, young and old. It will make your life a lot more fun. 

You can organize competitions with your friends, family or work colleagues for a moment of conviviality and frantic games. The Ultrasport Target Darts, very popular in pubs, is made for 8 players.


An LED display for playing in the night

The LED display on this classic dartboard features an adjustable sound level, so you can play darts in any setting no matter what volume of sound. The Target Darts Ultrasport also includes 12 soft darts and 100 soft tips for replacement, this way you can play leisurely at home with darts. The article comes with an AC adapter and a launcher strip.


Whether you’re a beginner or already a dart pro, the Dartboard Ultrasport is for you. Playful and easy to handle, you will quickly master this high-level game.

3. Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard Review

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard
Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard


The Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is a professional dartboard. Developed by the famous brand Winmau, it is composed of a sisal surface much denser than nylon.

This natural material has the advantage of being flexible while remaining perfectly reliable. Thanks to its flexibility, the target keeps very little traces of the darts and remains difficult to explode even if it is used intensively.

Of course, the dimensions of this dartboard, but also its configuration follow the standards of international competitions. This model will therefore fully satisfy the competitors who wish to train and evolve more quickly in the discipline. Of course, fans can also use it.

On the other hand, they will have to spend more since the Viper. However, we must predict the price of darts that are not delivered with the target. The expenses will be quite high but will be up to the quality of the accessory.

Negative Point

It is not contradicted, the Winmau brand is one of the best brands in terms of darts. And yet, the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard presents a small flaw. Indeed, the separators of the target are too far and too thick

By dint of play, this aspect of the dartboard can be very disturbing. It must be said that darts, once launched often touches the separators. As a result, they fall to the ground and can break.

Good Points

One of the first things that surprise a lot with the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is its weight. About 4 kilos and a half, the heaviness of the dart board already reassures on its quality

Its appearance directly gives a good impression once installed. In addition, this dartboard is suitable for both children and adults, amateurs or professionals of the game. It gives you the impression of being in an English pub. Add to that the fact that once in play, the darts are easily planted. The Harrows Official Competition is also good value for money.

In a few words

The Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is packaged in an official Harrows cardboard box. The box includes rules, traditional games to play and how to score points. The basic rules are to stand behind the throwing line, hold the dart gun between the thumb and the first two fingers. 

You should stay relaxed and balanced to use the regular, gentle action that is needed. Finally, the goal is to throw three darts at the target. At the back of the box is also a diagram of the dart game that includes the names and numbers of each target as well as what they represent.

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard Test: for international gaming standards

The Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is designed for international gaming standards. The Harrows Sports Fitness Shop now has this dartboard for sale at a fantastic price. This is a real authentic product that is made for perfect quality! The bullseye is stable, which reduces the chances of rebounding because it is a very small target.

Natural fiber target

The target of the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is a panel made of natural fiber. This particular Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is made of high-quality sisal, and that’s 100%. The maximum fiber density will help your dart stay on board due to the denser surface.

 It is also manufactured according to international standards Matchplay. The Harrows Official Competition dartboard also features high strength, free-bubble round wire separators, reducing any chance of twists. It is definitely a darts game appreciated by the most experienced players.


Still want to get the best dart board for your game room, or bar, or just to have fun with friends in your room? The Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard can then perfectly suit you.

4. Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard Review

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard
Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard


For players, it is important to have a quality darts game that can offer good playability in the long run. This is the case of the Unicorn Eclipse Pro, a dartboard for everyone who wants to combine fun and ease of use. You will have available a practical target, pretty and very solid.

Already very popular, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro is a professional target very commonly used in major TV tournaments. It is therefore a high-quality target manufactured in compliance with standards.

This quality is approved by the Professional Dart Corporation. Professionals will be able to train without any problem on this target to improve themselves. Of course, it is still usable by amateurs who wish to play darts with professional equipment of high quality.

We really appreciated the very fine segmentation system of the Unicorn Eclipse Pro. Thanks to this system, the surface optimizes the sectors and improves the average of the scores by decreasing the refusals and the ECC. The design of this target also incorporates the least metal and possible staples.

This target is quite heavy. Its heavy weight makes it difficult to hang on a wall. It is also expensive because you have to pay more than a hundred dollar to buy it.

Negative points

The downside of the Unicorn Eclipse Pro is the weight. The target is heavier than average, and it would have been more satisfying to use a lighter tool. This may be why the wall mountings do not hold enough. But with a wooden stand, the problem should be solved easily.

Good points

The Unicorn Eclipse Pro comes in an unusual look. This is his main asset. You will notice it with the bristles that compose it and the design without staples. Similarly, especially for connoisseurs, the segmentation system is ultra-thin

It is, in fact, 30% narrower than on the usual targets. In addition, be aware that it is certified to the standards of the Professional Darts Corporation and the World Champions. Even better, the darts are easily planted there.

In a few words

The Unicorn brand continues to revolutionize its products. Indeed, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro is a target of good manufacturing. The outstanding design and hair brushes add to the allure. 

It is really designed for professional use but does not prevent, fans can still use it. In addition to the brand, you will have the opportunity to boast an Unicorn Eclipse Pro at home, which is the most used target for darts tournaments. 

That’s why he gets an official certification from Professional Darts Corporation and World Champions. It is also manufactured with special dividers “made in Unicorn » high technology, with an ultra thin segmentation system that increases the average shots.

Unicorn Eclipse Pro test: a high strength

Quality! This is what most expresses the Unicorn Eclipse Pro. In addition to being made with good material, it brings together ease of use and comfort.

The irons that subdivide the firing zones pose no problem. On the contrary, it improves the game and allows the darts to hold in the right place, without detaching or slipping. 

The material, the bristles, also brings more adhesion without sticking. Even children can have fun without having to use a lot of force.

Unicorn Eclipse Pro Bristle Dartboard



The Unicorn Eclipse Pro seems like the tool dreamed by the professionals of the trade. It is also great for training if you are still an amateur. When playing games at home or evenings with friends, it will satisfy young and old. 

For better support on the wall, prefer those made of wood. It will also add aesthetics. And just like the Inter Home dart game or the Unicorn Target Darts, it is sure that you will have fun playing with it.


The Unicorn Eclipse Pro dartboard has several advantages. In addition to the ease of use, it allows to have fun without limits and make darts shooting competitions freely. As the top is perfectly adherent, the darts will have no trouble getting hooked and detach too.

You will be equally amazed by the beautiful finishes and the different ultra-thin segmentations that are outlined above. Even if it is heavy, it does not detract from its quality and resistance.

5. Ylovetoys Dart Board

Ylovetoys Dart Board
Ylovetoys Dart Board


The Ylovetoys Dart Board caught our attention by its price. You will not spend more than $30 to buy this model. Of course, it is a toy intended for a purely playful and unprofessional use.

You could very well integrate it into the list of gifts to offer to your children. It was designed so that children can play it without the risk of injury. The 9 soft projectiles that make up the game are made of PVC and have no metal parts. Their tips are made of soft rubber. The target of this darts game is a large diameter of 40 cm.

It is large enough to allow beginners to train in this discipline or simply to have fun with friends or family. However, we must know that this model is quite fragile. The darts are also very light. It will be very difficult to play with these darts on the outside. Nevertheless, this game is one of the beautiful original gifts that you could offer to your loved ones who can play the sniper.

Negative points

What disappoints in the Ylovetoys Dart Board is its fragility. Although the lightness is very suitable for children, the lack of resistance greatly reduces its score and does not offer complete satisfaction. Unfortunately, after only a few days, cracks appear on the top, which does not necessarily please.

Good points

The Ylovetoys Dart Board has more than one trick in its bag for you to enjoy a great shoot, at home or at parties. First, it is 40 cm in diameter, which provides a sufficiently large shooting area. Then, this area is filled with rubber tips so that the darts are easily lodged there. 

After, you will appreciate the two supports: the metal mini-tripod hanging on the back to put it on the table and the support on the top to hang it on the wall. Finally, there are 9 darts covered with plastic on the front part to ensure the safety of children.

In a few words

The Ylovetoys Dart Board is a unique model. You will probably notice the design and the pretty colors that blend very well. Added to this are the rounded shape (of course!) And the adhesive effect produced by the soft and beautiful rubber tips. Also note the designer’s effort to build a high quality target that can be used by both children and adults.

Ylovetoys Dart Board Test: An Unusual Darts Game

The Ylovetoys Dart Board, like the Unicorn Eclipse Pro or the ELEOPTION ele Eclipse, offers comfort and ease of use. This is the case of the models in our comparative guide. You can appreciate it for its shape and size of 40 cm, which allows you to have fun without getting bored. 

The metal tripod on the back also helps to put it on the table or other flat surface if another support reinforced on the top can hang on the wall. And thanks to its lightness, it can be placed where you want and be transported at any time, even during the holidays.

Ylovetoys Dart Board


Security requires!

In addition to the playability and fun you get from the Ylovetoys Dart Board, you’ll also have extra security by using it. The 9 darts delivered with the packaging are very strong and their tips are covered with rubber , which is very pretty and reassuring at the same time. Thus, children can play without the assistance of an adult and can learn from 6 years. What to animate the holidays with the family.


The Ylovetoys Dart Board has it all. The design, the choice of colors, the double support, the size and the small bits are just amazing. It must be said that few models are endowed with so much quality and so many characteristics. 

In addition, it is the only one of our selection that is manufactured with tips and not with a tissue adherent. And what seems like innocuous also passes in the case particularity with model, because the weight of only 1.3 kg allows to move it anytime and anywhere.

6. Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Dartboard Review

Unicorn Eclipse HD2
Unicorn Eclipse HD2


Made by the famous brand Unicorn, this model has a good quality. While the brand is known for its professional games used in high level competitions, it also offers children’s toys such as the Unicorn Target Darts.

The model has been designed to meet the safety requirements necessary to protect children from injury while playing. It comes with two packs consisting of 3 darts. We have unfortunately found that these darts are soft and very fragile . They break quickly enough. The target is usable on both sides. So you could return it once the first side is very marked. Indeed, this target is made of paper.

The darts therefore leave very easily a lot of marks on it. The target wears out pretty fast especially if you use it very regularly. His purchase is still very interesting because it allows children (boys and girls) to have fun with friends or family while spending little.

Negative points

Points less for the target Unicorn darts, his darts are of very poor quality and break quickly, too quickly. They are too fragile. But what is all the more fragile is the paper surface. In fact, the previous shots leave marks. Only the paper gives a glimpse of the holes. And once holes, darts no longer hold. Fortunately, you can change sides when the first is too pierced.

Good points

The Unicorn Target Darts stands out thanks to three essential points: it is double-sided, it is made with high quality paper and very resistant, it offers a wide playing surface.

The double face is practical and useful for a long-term use. The high-quality paper on the front adds grip and helps hold the darts in place

As for the firing zone, it is 43 cm in diameter and therefore is much wider than other dart board.

In a few words

This Unicorn Target Darts gaming accessory is produced by the famous Unicorn brand, the only one that embeds a Professional Darts Corporation certification and by the World Champions and is always called upon to provide the material at international tournaments. 

This is especially the case with its most famous model, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro. It comes with two lots of three piece darts each. It also offers good grip thanks to the high quality paper shooting area.

Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Dartboard Test: a good price/quality ratio

The Target Darts Unicorn is priced for dart lovers. They can have fun with friends or solo, because this model is convenient and easy to use. Just hang it on the wall and throw the darts. 

Similarly, they will be free to use it for weeks, simply changing face if necessary and without having to buy another target. In terms of playability, the darts offered with the target will help them to train before entering a competition.

A target for the big

The Target Darts Unicorn has the same features as other models of the same brand, but is more suitable for home use and for intensive workouts. It is therefore perfect for dart lovers. You can still install it in the living room during evenings with friends or family. Be careful however, only large people, preferably, can use it because the darts are sharp and require good handling.


All in all, the Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Dartboard offers fun and time-consuming gaming sessions. Its double face can play with for a long time, because when the first side is too much hole, just put it upside down. This avoids the purchase of a second target of darts and allows to save some money.

It comes with two lots of darts. These darts are sharp enough to pierce the hard-wearing paper surface at once, and avoid cheating. Moreover, they will leave marks clearly visible each time.

What is a dartboard?

The game of darts is practiced, like many traditional games, for several centuries. Although its origins are quite difficult to define, it is assumed that it comes from shooting games like archery and javelin throwing

It is indeed a game of skill and skill to throw darts on a target. It can be classified among the many throwing games and target games such as petanque, French billiards, snooker, bowling, shuffleboard, pool or billiards pool. This is a multiplayer game that can also be practiced alone in training.

Each player must throw the darts by hand since opponents will not need a pistol or crossbow or rackets. The dart target, generally rounded, is divided into several sectors and has a center called Bullseye. The main goal will be to reach this target to score points. It is usually played indoors unlike outdoor games like javelin throwing, foosball …

The dart game is practiced by the big number as a simple hobby. The game also evokes this warm atmosphere between friends in a bar that exchange shots. There are models for children in addition to those designed for adults. As for billiards, the practice of the dart is not limited to this field of play. There are many official competitions for professionals in the Darts, then called Darts.

There are, of course, institutions governing these competitions. In addition to the national federations, there is a world federation called the World Darts Federation. A second dissident federation called Profesionnal Darts Corporation also organizes national and international championships.

The championship of USA or France, like all those who take place in the rest of the world, are governed by an official regulation. There are, as for card games, several different modes such as air hockey, pinball or scratch that can diversify the way to play the game Each game will then have its own rules and how to count the number points. These variants are however not played in official competitions. They serve only to vary the pleasures by playing this discipline.

Dart Board


A dart game is mainly composed of two piecesThe target and the complete pack of darts. The target is a circular surface on which the darts will come to crash. In the professional environment, it is made of dense sisal fiber

This type of material can be easily pierced by the darts to close once they are removed. There are also targets, for amateurs, made with other materials such as rubber or plastic.

The surface of the target is divided into 20 sectors numbered and formed by an angle of 18 degrees. Each sector will also be separated into several parts (single, double, triple, outer bubble, inner bubble). 

The sectors and their different parts are identified with colors such as black and white, red white, red green or green and black. In the middle of the target is bull’s eye.

The darts in a dart game do not have a fixed length. They should not be more than 20 cm long and 3.38 cm wide. The limit of their weight is fixed at 50 grams. They can be made with all types of materials

However, plastic, rubber and metal are the most common. The child models have plastic punch heads while the metal (steel, brass, …) will be preferred on professional models. 

There are also magnetic dart games with magnetic heads. Each dart logically has an empennage that must not have more than 4 fins is a grip placed before the head to ensure grip for better aim.

The center of the target must be placed at a height of 1.73 meters above the ground with a catch. It must be perfectly vertical. The shooting range is set at 2.37 meters from the vertical of the main face of the target

It will be delimited by a marker composed of a line drawn on the ground. This is the general rule applied in competition. This shot can change, however, depending on the game adopted in a field of play.

How to play darts?

The darts! This is one of the best ways to spend your time in a healthy way. Darts are a game of finesse and skill that can indulge young and old.

The dart game is the set formed by the disc and the darts themselves. The disc is divided into several circles and sections that are colored in different colors. The colors of the dart disc are yellow, green, red, black and white. Each color and each level of a circle makes sense in the game. So you have to master them to play darts.

The basic rules of the dart game

You can not play a game without knowing the rules. We call “target” each section of the dart disk that is the big target. There are twenty (20) targets numbered from 1 to 20 in a mixture. The points obtained when the dart reaches a target vary according to the color and position of the target.

  • 1st rule: each turn, the player has the right and the duty to throw three darts.
  • 2nd rule: the dart that falls from the target is not in the account
  • 3rd rule: the center of the bull’s eye target is subdivided into two parts: the small circle in red is worth 50 points and the largest in green is worth 25 points.
  • 4th rule: the inner section (red and green) follows the center of the target and yields three times its numerical value while the outer (green and red) section at the end of the target yields twice itsnumerical value.
  • 5th rule: no matter the section, when the dart falls in yellow and black color, it brings back the exact numerical value of the section.

Once you know the rules, he will adopt the favorable position to play well.

The different positions for playing darts

There are three positions for playing darts. These are: the front position, the lateral position and the three quarter position.

The front position

It is classic and implies that the player stands straight and motionless. His feet must be spread apart and separated by a reasonable distance that allows him to be balanced while throwing. 

Located at a distance of 237 cm and feet in a position perpendicular to the wall that carries the target, the player must not move his bust when he throws the dart. Only the arm moves during the launch. 

The position of face, very elegant requires some time of training to succeed. Another alternative is presented.

The lateral position

This position implies that the player must stand parallel to the wall that carries the dart and the line of fire. His feet are close together so that he remains in balance and the shoulder on the side of the line of fire is directed towards the target.

 He leans on the foot near the shooting arm to throw the dart. The lateral position admits the movements contrary to the position of face and is advised to the beginners. However, another possibility is offered to the player.

The position of three quarters

She advocates that the player has one foot forward and one foot back. The foot forward is placed at the lower limit of the firing point and forms with the back foot an angle of 45 ° the latter being parallel to the firing plane.

 During the throw, the back foot is off the ground and only the plant remains. The three-quarter position allows a dynamic and lively pitch, but it does not provide the stability needed for a precise throw.

Playing darts well requires mastering the basics and choosing the right game position for you. You can choose between front, side and three-quarter positions. Make your choice and do not forget to choose good darts!

Different types of Dart Boards (models)

It is possible to classify darts games available on the market according to their uses. Thus, professional models can be distinguished from amateur darts.

  • Professional darts: they are designed according to the rules imposed by the world federation. Darts and the target must, therefore, respect the dimensions, colors and weight limits imposed by this federation. They are also generally made from quality materials such as metal or plastic. The target, in turn, is usually composed of a sisal surface.
  • Amateur darts: these models do not necessarily comply with the requirements of the world darts federations. They are indeed intended for amateur use. Their quality may be less important than that of professional models.

It is also possible to differentiate darts games by their targets. There are indeed models with ordinary targets and those with electronic targets.

  • The darts with ordinary target: here, the traditional target is proposed with steel darts. Their advantage lies in the fact that the steel darts provide a more precise aim and their use does not require electricity. On the other hand, the target can not count the points nor provide information on the level of the shooter as is the case with an electronic dart.
  • Electronic Target Darts: This type of target has a system that acts as a counter for each player’s points. He can also evaluate the level of the player or emit sound signals for each aim. It, therefore, has a display screen, but also a sspeaker. They are used with less precise plastic darts, but more secure especially for children. It will also provide a plug or power adapter or batteries to power the target each time we play.

How to choose?

To correctly choose your dart game, you must define the type of use, but also your goals. If you want to install a game at home for a purely playful use, it will not be useful to spend large sums for the purchase of a professional dart board

On the other hand, if you intend to participate in competitions as a professional or that you wish to train and play according to the official rules, it will be necessary to be equipped with a adapted game which will cost logically more expensive. 

It will then be necessary to choose the model according to this use, but also to prepare a proportional budget. Amateur models usually cost less. You could offer it from a twenty Dollar. The prices of professional darts games vary between $70 and $400 depending on the model.

What are the important criteria before buying?

When buying darts, it is also important to study several important criteria. Considering these criteria, you could evaluate whether the model is able to meet your needs and expectations. :

Materialssisal fiber targets are the best. This material reduces the refusal rate. At the dart level, one must check the quality and strength of the plastic, tungsten, rubber and metal that make up their bodies.

The weight of the darts: the weight of the darts can have an impact on each target. The lighter darts are ideal for getting started in the field. Those who are heavier will satisfy the experienced players.

Target: You can choose between traditional targets or those that engage an electronic system. Each type of target has its advantages and disadvantages as you would have seen previously.

Resistance: this criterion refers mainly to the life of the target. This must have few marks even after intensive use.

The number of darts: you should know that some games are not offered with darts. If this one is included in the panoplie, remember to count how much each pack contains. This number of darts defines the number of players who can participate simultaneously in a game.

Mounting: The installation of the darts game is not random, you must respect certain rules. The target must be placed 172.72 meters above the ground, measured from the axis of the target. 

The firing point is a demarcation that determines the distance to stay to throw, starting from the vertical line on which the front face of the target is located. 

It varies: 2.44 meters for an American and 2.37 for an Englishwoman. Finally, between the middle of the target and the firing point, there is an exact distance of 2.93 meters.

Which criteria of choice?

The selection criteria are intended to help you in the process. You might be tempted to take the first model that interests you, but you’ll find that it’s not the best thing to do.

The type

We talked about it above, you have the choice between a traditional target, electric or magnetic. The traditional targets are divided into three levels, depending on your frequency of play, casual, regular or intensive. You will decide the corresponding model in view of all these factors.


Regardless of the type of target, it has 20 sectors and a bubble that is the center of the target. These areas are divided into several parts that have values differentiated by colors. The dimensions that a target must meet are defined by the World Darts Federation.

The darts

They must have a length not exceeding 20 centimeters starting from one end to the other. The width must be 3.38 centimeters at the most, and the maximum number of wings is four. 

It must weigh in all and for all 50 grams. It is important that the tip is not broken or cut. A dart has four parts: the tip made of plastic or steel, the barrel for handling, the shaft that serves to balance everything and a feather whose role is to ensure stability. 

The weight of the barrel increases according to the level of the player, the beginner to the professional by passing the one who plays regularly to improve. The plastic and steel darts are respectively compatible with the electronic and traditional target. It is always better that the darts accompanying a target are numerous,

The accessories

Small extras are added by manufacturers when designing the target to differentiate themselves from the competition. Since there are several variations of the game, you can for example have the possibility to play several variants, so as not to get bored. 

Some models have a speaker that is used to inform the score or broadcast an animation, those who offer the volume control function are better. Another special feature is the LED display to better visualize information.

Little tips

To take advantage of your purchase, choose games with more variants. But the Cricket game is essential. If you find a tool that can determine a different level for each player, do not hesitate to get it. It will be useful to play adults and children while respecting the level of each. Another trick, the number of screens makes it easier to follow the statistics.

To make your moments of pleasure more enjoyable, the darts game is an excellent ally. Easy to move because it does not weigh heavy, you only have to install it in compliance with the standards. The criteria mentioned above will help you choose the game you need.

Final Verdict

Beginner, amateur or professional darts player, you can now choose much more easily find the best dart board model with which you will train with our dart board reviews and all the information you will find in this guide. Whether you’re having fun or training for competitions, you’ll find the board that will help you achieve your goals.


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