Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower – Guide (Reviews)

I studied the most popular models, in the USA as elsewhere. This time, I selected two: Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower with wire is the Sun Joe MJ401E, while the  Greenworks 40v mower is also the best cordless electric lawn mower.

Take a look at the buying guide to make sure it’s the right type of lawn mower that fits your needs, and to find out more about my selection criteria.

Wired Wireless
Sun Joe MJ401EGreenworks 40v mower

Why Trust Our Selection?

The editors of EXCEL SHOPPING spend hundreds of hours researching, analyzing and comparing products to recommend the best value for money. 
Our choices are unbiased, and we never accept to put one brand over another.

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower: Wired

It may be a surprise to you that there are only two models in this category. In truth, past the bar of $200-250, it is better to move towards a cordless clipper. I tell you more about it in the next part.

Especially since at these prices, there are often only frustrations, accessories that break after a few weeks, what am I saying, engines that give up because they were led to end. It was necessary to eliminate all those who would not keep the distance. We are on the electric motor and therefore, we need what it takes. Of all the models that I reviewed, I only selected two that should not disappoint you over time.

Sun joe electric lawn mower reviews

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower
Sun joe
 electric lawn mower

What We Like:

  • Ease of use, very manageable
  • Robustness
  • Very efficient pickup box
  • Borders and walls feature

What We Don’t Like:

  • No top on wet lawn
  • Not the quietest either

Professional Recommendation:

The one of Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower is Sun Joe MJ401E is rather reserved for small grounds. I chose it as a safe bet at a low price. No lizard here, we ensure maximum quality and a good price/quality ratio.

Technical profile:

  • type:  with wire
  • start with launcher: no
  • power:  1300 Watts
  • cutting width:  34 cm
  • cutting height:  5 positions,  2 0-70 mm
  • Cutting height lever: centralized
  • Collection box: 40 l
  • Size:  60 x 40 x 35 cm
  • weight: 11 kg

The 34 cm cut is fast and clean. Light, handy and robust, Bosh forces, it will allow you to reach the corners sometimes difficult to mow with a larger machine especially as it is equipped with a special device walls and curbs.

Very compact, it also has a nice design.

Its ergonomic handles and partially adjustable Ergoflex handlebar adapt to all sizes and make the gesture pleasant. Frankly, especially if you are not a colossus, you will enjoy mowing your lawn. With the brand, no surprise, even at this level of budget.

Well, the Sun Joe MJ401E is the Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower in wire section and this one, you will cross it often. He will even pass under your feet incognito. As long as it does not go under the mower, do we ever know I do not wish it …

It’s a well-designed mower, with a nice cutting area. The cutting system gets up and gets up easily with a lever at the front, it’s better like that finally when you think that some mowers, oh capricious here, must be set wheel by wheel, pfff … Small more well Nice, the handle on the top of the mower is still good to move or store in the garage.

A small point unpleasant anyway, depending on the size and strength of the hand, the operating system of the mower is not a bar but buttons under the handlebars. If you let go, the machine stops. Some weaker hands get tired and sometimes get cramps, it’s a shame because mowing his lawn must above all be a pleasure.

Finally, when you finish, what comfort to bring the mower who is entitled to rest too, in his very small housing garage or shed thanks to its handlebar that folds completely.

Black and decker mm2000 review

best zero turn mower for hills
black and decker mm2000

What We Like:

  • Small size very practical
  • Electric start
  • Effective on wet or high grass
  • E-Drive system

What We Don’t Like:

  • Adjusting the cut not very convenient
  • A little too much noise, no more …

Professional Recommendation:

For a small price, this mower will be suitable for a small hills but beware, it also has great qualities. Discover them with me. I had to eliminate a lot of models so I’m happy to be able to present one that holds up.

Technical profile:

  • type:  with wire
  • start with launcher: no (and that’s good)
  • power:  1200 Watts
  • cutting width:  32 cm
  • cutting height: 23 -43 – 63 mm
  • Cutting height lever: 3 levels, lever  this trimmed
  • Collection box: 35 l
  • Size: 43.5 x 41 x 77 cm
  • weight:  7.20 kg

The MM2000 is one of the Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower. This entry-level model is ideal for people who are alone or who do not have much strength. It takes up very little space once stored. It is a very mobile Black & Decker machine in operation. Mowing your lawn that could be tedious becomes a breeze (well almost) with this machine. A real treat.

It is not equipped with a trimmer system, but its EdgeMax system allows you to mow all the outlines of your hills because there are no wheels on the sides. This allows the mower base to touch the curbs and gives you a clean cut for the entire hills. The shape of its housing was designed to cut the obstacles closer to their edge. It is so low in size that again, unlike many other machines, it can sneak under most shrubs in your hills, bringing a touch and an incomparable finish.

It has a relatively large bin compared to the size of the mower, which allows not to interrupt too often the pace of the mowing. At the same time, it is not huge and facilitates the comings and goings to empty it. A window of visualization crowns all and allows to see where we are. There is no more…

Thanks to the E-Drive cutting system and its 32cm cutting diameter it has a high efficiency. Very fast on grass of normal height, it stalls much less than other machines on tall grass, dense or wet. This is an appreciable virtue in this entry-level category.

Point to watch, in case of prolonged use or on sloping ground, it can warm up a little. The best thing to do is to stop, of course, and resume a little later. But on flat ground, small or medium, no appearance of this problem. You have to be honest, if you use it on a plot of more than 250 m2, sloping and stony, do not be surprised if you attend a premature funeral. In fact, most of the grievances come from there, some have underestimated the surface of their land or the specific difficulties existing. After, we fall into the arms of the SAV and it is the lottery.

The three cutting levels are very suitable for the types of lawns I have described, small or medium and flat terrain. Some users maintain a medium/low (30mm) cut level to further preserve the engine.

It’s nice that you do not have to buy fuel or store it. The energy is clean, the engine quieter but there is the wire (ahh! The wire …)

Also beware of misleading videos that sometimes present you with superior models. Consumers are right to report it but hey, there, no frustration in unpacking, it is small … but it is great! Despite its derisory price, this mower is sturdy and durable, although some plastic elements can sometimes fail. I chose it at the expense of other even more expensive because all in all, given its price, as its weight, ultra light, the risk is limited and it has proven itself.

Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Poor me, I wanted to introduce Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower with wire, I tried everything but lost effort, except for two entry-level mowers that have their place, it is the wireless electric lawn mowers that win high the hand. I have done the trick of what is cordless electric mowers.

The current trend is the purchase of a cordless mower, with battery. One thus frees oneself of the thread which is always put where it is not necessary. And prices are down, so this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Greenworks 40v mower review

Greenworks electric lawn mower
Greenworks electric lawn mower

What We Like:

  • Super finish
  • Up to 800m2 with two batteries
  • 60L tank

What We Don’t Like:

  • RAS

Professional Recommendation:

This mower is definitely the best value for money and the Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower of all! The Greenworks Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower gives more for less. And what line! She has a CX of sick, it looks like a Formula 1. And the prices keep decreasing, this model is now sold at Amazon with an additional battery, ie: the mower + 2 Lithium-ion batteries + a charger. I have rarely seen a satisfaction rate of French and American users as big, it is almost unanimous. Read my Buying Guide at the bottom of this comparison to properly analyze your need in terms of Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower because often, the frustrations just come from there.

A complete pack at a very competitive price. The Greenworks brand begins to fit between Bosh, Black & Decker, Wolf, etc. She enjoys an excellent reputation and comes from the United States. As I have constantly recalled, there is no longer any interest in buying a corded electric mower. The prices of “wireless” have fallen so much that the comparison is no longer possible. Definitely, the “wireless” far outweigh.

Technical profile:

  • type: wireless
  • start with launcher: no
  • power: Lithium-ion – 2 batteries included
  • cutting width: 49 cm
  • cutting height: 30 – 90 mm
  • Cutting height lever: 5 positions, 1 centralized lever
  • Collection bin:  60 l
  • Size: 147.2 x 52 x 101 cm
  • weight: 19.3 kg

When you take it out of the box, after taking out the drum kit and the bag, the editing is already well advanced. You take the mower very easily from the pack because of its weight, it folds up the handlebars and a small blocking stroke very simple, in a few seconds the mower is mounted. Just insert the battery in its slot, it slips easily and we fold on it a nice transparent green shutter, the trick is played, you are ready to work. She is ready to start right away, you do not have a tangled wire extension to unravel.

Frankly, seeing it, you do not feel that this little bit of mower will mow your 800m2 of land … well it will do it and you will still even a little load.

Three options for mowing: traditional mowing with grass collection in a 60l bin, you see that. The second option, we eject grass in the field, again, and this is the third option, the Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Greenworks has the option “mulching” which consists of grinding the grass into fine particles. It is effective but requires mowing a little more often because it cuts about 6 cm and avoids doing it when the grass is too wet. A little parenthesis for purists who want an impeccable lawn without residues. You make a choice that requires more time and effort but you will be rewarded by the ergonomics of the tray that allows you to easily empty the heavy grass, especially if it is wet, by its wide opening which allows the fall of the grass cut very easily. This grass will be used for compost or will be evacuated, at the option of each. Personally, I prefer the options that leave the grass on the ground, but each one his choices.

Smaller nice, a small folding flap to control the filling rate of the bag, it vibrates very slightly as the air passes and when the tray is almost full, it does not move. It is then necessary to think to empty the tank.

For the mulching or grinding of the grass, it is sufficient to install at the rear of the housing a shutter provided for this purpose. In this option, the mower makes less effort and the battery extends even more but especially we do not have to go round and round to empty the grass.

Whichever mowing option you choose, double blade technology ensures precise and powerful mowing over a width of 49 cm. A clean and impeccable cut results if you respect a little bit the rules of the art to mow the lawns.

The strength of this mower is its very powerful battery and benefits from the latest technologies of artificial intelligence in the field. The model that I advise you is the one with two G-MAX lithium-ion batteries of 2 Ah each. SmartCut technology automatically adjusts the speed and power of the engines to the conditions encountered (grass length, moisture or grass density), making maximum use of the energy provided by G-MAX lithium-ion batteries.

This type of battery offers more power, longer life and excellent cutting power. More pollutant emissions, disappeared also this damn wire that seeks only to slip without your knowledge under the mower. The freedom to mow in the pure state!

Frankly, given the price, the question does not arise the Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower, I hope you will understand by browsing this comparison. The painful question is the budget.  I really recommend the Greenworks which gives you almost the same thing and for less. It’s a pearl!

Worx cordless lawn mower reviews

worx cordless lawn mower
worx cordless lawn mower

What We Like:

  • Ease of use, very manageable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very efficient pickup box

What We Don’t Like:

  • Average autonomy
  • Limited to small lots

Professional Recommendation:

Here again we are on quality Bosh and we are in “wireless”. Even if it does not have the performance of the following, one can see with the mower Worx cordless lawn mower the leaps forward of the technology lately. This machine has some excellent features that allowed me to select it.

Technical profile:

  • type: wireless
  • start with launcher: no
  • power:  (2 Ah lithium battery)
  • cutting width: 32 cm
  • cutting height: 30 – 45 – 60 mm
  • Cutting height lever: 3 cutting levels, centralized lever
  • Collection tank:  31 l
  • Size: 90 x 33 x 105 cm
  • weight: 10,2 kg

This is the Best Cordless Electric Lawn Mower that is powered by a 36v lithium-ion battery and works great. The battery capacity makes the Worx cordless lawn mower that is actually limited to small and medium terrain. Go, we will say up to 250 m2 without worry, after, you have to be careful and let it rest a little (and you also at the same time, take the time to recharge your batteries, and yes, it comes from there the expression.) By cons, the battery, since we talk, has this feature of being able to be recharged at any time, even if it is not flat.

Although it does not have the performance and the power of the mowers that follow in my comparison, this compact mower still aligns some great performances that will take their full value in the land found in cities (silent and not pollutant, storage). With a noise level of 74 dB (A), the mower is particularly quiet.

Curiously at this price level, it allows to mow even on wet ground and tall grass. Mowing is fast and efficient, without this damn wire, nor this smell of unpleasant essence. It is designed to be used on all terrains, even on slopes and gradients (without exaggerating anyway if you do not want to smoke). It is so handy thanks to its featherweight that it would become almost a breeze but be careful not to confide it to anyone, because … it cuts! The supplied Lithium-Ion battery allows you to mow wirelessly, freely, with sufficient power to the last blade of grass. It is specially configured to cut cleanly to the edges and thus mow effortlessly along fences and walkways. Its lifetime extends to 600 or 700 refills, it’s not bad anyway!

It can be put away easily thanks to its folding handles but the ultimate of this machine is that thanks to a rear roller, it simulates striped strips (your lawn will take a little air of the Parc des Princes, good I force a little the line – you will certainly surprise a lot of your British friends).

The freedom of the “wireless” is still something! Combined with the new battery technologies that allow the calculation of the stress experienced by the machine, one can optimize its performance. In particular, this Syneon chip technology incorporates particularly intelligent electronics: the Syneon Bosch chip improves the energy efficiency of lithium-ion cordless tools. It modulates the energy according to the needs during all the work duration.

Another good point is that it has 3 cutting levels selected by a single lever. No more time we had to adjust each wheel. The recovery of the grass is done in a basket/bag of 31 liters.

This machine receives the support of a large public on the French and English sites.

That’s it, with a sum equivalent to corded clippers that are gradually becoming rarer at retailers (it’s a sign that does not deceive), the mower Bosh Rotak 32 is a good plan for a small garden or city campaign from 100 to 200 m2. And as I keep reminding you in this comparison, we are in wireless, wireless!

Black and decker cm2040 review

black and decker cm2040
black and decker cm2040

What We Like:

  • Cutting height up to 101 mm
  • Grind the grass to fertilize
  • Spare battery on board

What We Don’t Like:

  • A little heavy
  • Lower cutting levels quickly wear out the battery

Professional Recommendation:

Technical profile:

  • type: wireless
  • start with launcher: no
  • power:  (on lithium battery)
  • cutting width: 48 cm
  • cutting height: 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 88, 100  mm
  • Cutting height lever: 7 cutting levels, centralized lever
  • Collection box:  50 l
  • Size: 55 x 42 x 89 cm
  • weight: 20 kg

And again, a “wireless” plays the win on a Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower. The latter, I believe, will soon be placed in the museum, it only hangs by a thread if I can afford the pun … As I said for the previous article, wireless lawn mowers are gaining in popularity. reliability, in interest for an ever-increasing because prices decrease significantly from year to year. It’s time to change technology. The Black & Decker MA2040 the Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowerwill show you what it is capable of. We are talking about land up to 600m2 so we compete even with the thermal.

Some characteristics:

  •    Battery interchangeable with all other products 36V BLACK + DECKER.
  •    Autosense technology: automatically adjusts the speed for an optimized autonomy that can save up to 45 minutes
  •    36v lithium battery: comes with 2 batteries of 2ah
  •    Mulching function, grass grinding with side discharge or pickup
  •    Edgemax: specific design of the housing to be able to mow closer to the edges
  •    7 adjustable heights with centralized metal lever for ease of use

We are in the presence of a technological revolution. We can see that artificial intelligence has passed through there. The @Autosense system detects the resistance encountered during mowing and adjusts the speed for optimal autonomy. The mower box is easy to empty however, there is a concern to change the direction of ejection. It is necessary to hack down the housing to reverse the direction. It is a little painful in the fields where it is necessary to constantly change direction.

The cutting width of 48cm is well suited to spacious grounds. We can say that she debits. She leaves a clean cut. By cons to move to some places it is more difficult but you can not have everything at the same time.

A definite advantage over the thermals, the mower is much less noisy. Light and noisy therefore, and easy to implement, provided you have thought to charge the batteries the day before (yes, if!) The autonomy is sufficient with 2 batteries for a maximum surface of 500 / 600m ² of land ( count 300m² per battery if the grass is not too high). On the other hand, the height of cut will bring comfort to the indolent, over-occupied or simply lazy people who have an ugly tendency to let the grass grow a little too much. The mower will forgive them and still do the job, it’s not nice that?

Its lightness is paid a bit with a housing and plastic wheels that do not breathe strength as some users say but ultimately, there is not so much negative feedback or dissatisfaction of buyers.

It’s nice all these models that have only one lever to change the height of cut. It’s awesome. There are some who think of consumers. The mower is ingeniously foldable and optimized for storage.

The “mulching” quésaco? It is a technique that grinds the grass into thin films that are left behind to fertilize the lawn. Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Green all that.

The mower comes with 2 x 36V 2Ah batteries and a 1.35A charger. This is not too much. The revolution of the “wireless” is running. Imagine the happiness of advancing without looking where we put the thread. How many tragic catastrophes with this thread, sometimes crushed with the lawn. And I do not speak quarter of an hour to unwind the thread or 15 minutes to re-wind the thread. All this has gone by the wayside, it’s over and finally, from 200m2, as you need anyway a lawnmower who holds the road to resist the surface to mow, comparing what is comparable, we say that really, considering the price, move to a “wireless”, the game is well worth the candle. Do not ask the moon either, if you have 800 or 1000 m2 go to a small riding school but if your land does not exceed 600m2, do not hesitate!

Remington 21 push mower reviews

remington 21 push mower
remington 21 push mower

What We Like:

  • Ease of use, well done notice
  • Price and robustness
  • Fast charge

What We Don’t Like:

  • Less effective mowing on high, wet or wild lawns
  • Sound level a bit high

Professional Recommendation:

Technical profile:

  • type: wireless
  • start with launcher: no
  • power:  (very powerful battery)
  • cutting width: 41 cm
  • cutting height: 20 – 75 mm
  • Cutting height lever: 10 cutting levels, centralized lever
  • Collection box:  50 l
  • Size: 80 x 52 x 43 cm
  • weight: 21.8 kg

And to say that I left to put a lot more Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower with wire in my selection. Anything Theophilus! You have not seen that they are moving quietly towards their end these clippers? Yes, that’s my discovery of the day! Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower gain in reliability, interest for a growing audience and decrease in price significantly. An opportunity not to be missed. That’s what this great Remington mower offers you. A little gem.

It ensures on most points, is ideal for gardens of average size (450m2) but can go beyond, easily. It will be just the charge of the battery that will limit you. The engine is excellent and the battery powerful. We will talk about it again.

Let’s say it immediately, at this price, it is no longer worth considering a wire trimmer, unless your budget forces you to the entry level and that’s why I concocted something, see upper.

Let’s go back to our Remington 21 push mower which ensures a max. First, it’s not a lawn mower only, it’s a kit, do you see that! For the price, you have the mower, an extremely powerful battery and a battery charger. In 1h30 everything is played, the time of a meal (or a small nap) and you’re back to work. It’s good.

The delivery includes: Remington 21 push mower, BLi-40/160 battery, QC40 charger. I give you the references because sometimes, on the sites, to find them is a hassle … The clipper assembles in 10 minutes without difficulty.

Some general considerations: great traction power: powerful PowerPlus engine with an extra long battery life, it is ideal for medium and large gardens up to 450 m² of lawn (grass of normal height). 

The mower deck is sturdy: extremely durable steel deck. Intuitive control panel: on/off switch, charge status display and Eco mode operation (for maximum operating time). ErgoTec Plus ergonomic handles for easy pushing, with a natural hand position. Well, you should know that when suppliers say “shearer push” does not mean self-propelled, it means that you push it, do not misunderstand.

With its cutting width and specially hardened blade, optimal cutting results are achieved. 41 cm with a tray of 50 l. This mower is suitable for gardens of 450 m2 and smaller gardens.

With this mower, mowing the lawn has never been easier. First you have to repeat it, it’s wireless, do you hear me? A WIRELESS, it’s tiring to shout! No need to pull an annoying cable, you push the mower in a relaxed way on the surface of the grass, you go wherever you want without crossing this terrible wire. The mower is equipped with a large 50-liter collecting tank. As for the central adjustment of the cutting height, it allows you to choose between ten levels, in gradations of 25 to 75 mm. Awesome! You have to add a really adjustable handlebar for all sizes and folding for storage. That’s really all we ask.

Another word on the battery. Lithiumion technology is a very powerful, low maintenance technology. It is refillable in a flexible way and easy to change. An LED display indicates the current charge level of the battery.

The negative points? The mower is quite heavy, a little over 20kg but with the power of the battery, it is not really noticeable. Her grassbox does not fill completely. Finally, the noise generated by the mower is quite moderate.

So? Yes, it is a little more expensive than a mower with wire, barely, but what extra comfort! Wanna try. ? I will do it … but I have a car.

Honda self propelled lawn mower reviews

honda self propelled lawn mower
honda self propelled lawn mower

What We Like:

  • Up to 800m2
  • Price and robustness
  • Large engine power and battery

What We Don’t Like:

  • Less effective mowing on high, wet or wild lawns
  • Sound level a bit high

Professional Recommendation:

If I had thought that studying Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower with wire would lead to almost eliminate them! Apart from two entry-level products that hold up (see above), no wired compares with Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower. The Honda self-propelled lawn mower is once again testing this inescapable market rule. She has under the pedal!

A very good machine. In 45 minutes, you can with a single battery mow a flat ground of 800m2. It is almost unanimous French or American buyers (even more enthusiastic because they know it for longer). The gag! I even found one whose villa is located in the middle of bars. Imagine that he mows his lawn at 6am on Sunday (you have to be a little crazy) without any complaints from the neighbors. It is given for land up to 800m2 and I believe it entirely.

Some technical characteristics:

Technical profile:

  • type: wireless
  • start with launcher: no
  • power:  Lithium-ion battery 5 Ah
  • cutting width: 46 cm
  • cutting height: 20 – 70 mm
  • Cutting height lever: 5 positions, 1 centralized lever
  • Collection box:  55 l
  • Size: 84 x 52 x 49 cm
  • weight: 18,4 kg

We see the seriousness of the brand because the opening of the package, we realize that the mower is almost already mounted, it is only necessary to fix the handlebars to the appropriate height. Assembly without any tools, and in just minutes. Allow 3 hours of battery charge before starting.

The power of the engine torque is very large and almost equal to the thermal mowers and yet it is very quiet. Nice performance of HONDA. It has large rear wheels mounted on ball bearings that make it much easier to push, especially on slopes (I remind my readers that when you see “push mower”, it does not mean self-propelled as some believe but that it you are the one pushing it, the nuance is important enough to be mentioned).

With its 46 cm cutting width, it delivers. The cut is clean and regular.

The battery is just amazing for longevity. A 5 Ah Lithium-ion. All users are amazed, without exception. She is unanimous. In addition, there is a Led indicator on the handlebar that allows easy and effortless control of the battery charge level. Many say that after shearing, the battery still has reserve, and these are not small grounds. Owl!

Like many newer lawn mowers, it features Vertebrae ™ dual-control, adjustable ergonomic handles that fit all sizes. They are adjustable in height and micro-cells for a firm grip and comfortable. An additional advantage is its well-studied and balanced carrying handle that lets a user say to carry the Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower with 3 fingers (she exaggerates a little I guess, otherwise I would not shake her hand ). We always appreciate the unique centralized control lever for cutting heights (5 positions from 20 to 70 mm)

A 55 liter tank reduces the comings and goings to unload the grass. Better yet, it has the option “Mulching” which means “spraying grass to fertilize the soil. Overall stability and robustness of the housing, well thought out. It’s time to talk about “mulching”. In the case of the Honda self-propelled lawn mower, simply insert a piece of plastic into the grass ejection hole. The mulching consists, instead of filling the basket, to let the finely pulverized grass settle on the ground, where it will decompose gradually and enrich the soil. The advantage is, therefore, to avoid the ceaseless comings and goings sometimes, following the clippers and at the same time to maintain and enrich your lawn. Of course, those who recover the grass for composting have plenty of time to do it.

Some negatives, it takes, some small hands have trouble keeping the operating contacts under the handlebars, it’s a shame. Sometimes also, in front of stones, the engine stops by a system of protection a little too sensitive.

On the other hand, HONDA’s after-sales service would almost push me to reconcile with the after-sales service. It is super well noted.

In conclusion, I will say that of course, it is a little more expensive than the others but here, no lizard, you have an excellent product that will give you the . And by the way, it’s wireless, remember that before you buy. We forget this thread that was always under the feet of all users, completely tired of having to unroll, then re-roll the thread, which took 20 minutes more. The next mower on my comparison is my favorite but I still had trouble deciding between them. The Honda self-propelled lawn mower I’m talking about is a great deal, but its price is much higher than the Greenworks 40v mower, the latter is the worth the price/quality ratio.

The Products of My Selection on Offer at This Moment

EGO Power  Cordless Lawn MowerHusqvarna Hi-Wheel Mower
EGO Power  Cordless Lawn Mower Husqvarna Hi-Wheel Mower

How to choose your lawn mower? Purchase guide.

In the preamble, you have to talk a bit about the categories of models. There are four major families of lawn mowers, manual lawn mowers, electric mowers, thermals, riding lawn mowers or tractor mowers and the latest born robot mowers.

You must first sit down, relax and answer the following questions. What is the size of my land, is it sloping? Is the soil regular or stony, full of brambles? Is it dotted with trees and bushes or decorative objects making the task a little more delicate? Does my health allow me to mow such a surface or do I have to opt for a riding mower? Finally, if my means allow me and I want to “pay me a robot”, is my land sufficiently delimited?

Come on, follow me, we will find together the mower that your loved ones will love, the one that will relax you and make you more bearable, if, yes, I assure you, and in addition, we will try not to stress the cords of your purse.

You will have to make your choice between small lawn mowers, manual or electric, which are suitable for small areas of flat ground, with a lawn already very docile and electrical or thermal machines much more resistant and covering much larger surfaces. The trend is for best zero turn mower for hills in medium or high price ranges.

How to choose your lawn mower according to the size of the ground?

For this kind of items, I made the selection taking much more into account the type of mower than their cost. The cheapest are anyway those that are generally suitable for smaller and more expensive land areas. The mechanics of the machines being all the more solicited as the grounds are large, even immense, the greater the ground, the more the mowers thermal or freestanding are required anyway.

  • up to 200 m², you can choose a hand mower if you mow regularly
  • between 200 and 800 m², we get equipped with an electric lawn mower, rather wireless.
  • beyond 800 m², we move towards a thermal lawn mower that can be pushed, self-propelled or freestanding.

The cutting height depends on the lawn style you are looking for and the frequency with which you want to mow. The cutting height is adjusted using a lever located at the housing.

The cutting width is proportional to the surface of your land.

  • up to 500m², choose a blade of 30 to 40 cm;
  • up to 1000m², prefer a blade of 41 to 46 cm;
  • up to 2500m² you will need a blade of 48 to 55 cm;
  • beyond 2500m², it is imperative to take a minimum of 66 cm.

What are the advantages of different types of lawn mowers?

Firstmanual mowers very inexpensive but effective on a beautiful lawn with a surface not exceeding 150m2. English lawn guaranteed, not a hair that exceeds. But you have to cut often, very often, too often …

Electric mowers are described in this comparison. They are wired or battery and their maximum power are around 1600 Watts. Wireless lawn mowers are becoming more popular. It must be said that they are more and more innovative and less and less expensive. Electric lawn mowers require little maintenance because they are very compact. They give today excellent results on grounds of 50 to 800m2. They excel in the urban or suburban environment because they are non-polluting and not very noisy. Ladies appreciate them particularly. No need to shoot a launcher for several minutes, a switch on / off and off you go. Light and very manageable, they are handled very easily. Today, cordless electric lawn mowers are starting to be very affordable and for 400 € you can have an excellent machine. The terrain must not be too steep.

Thermal motor mowers are more expensive and more resistant. They are suitable for all types of lawns, clear or wild, all types of terrain, flat or sloping and all budgets since it takes between $250 and $1000 to have a good machine. They are much heavier but often self-propelled, reducing effort.

Finally, if you have the budget you can buy a best riding lawn mower for hills that will make you see the country, hair in the wind in your orchard, such Lucky Luke riding Joly Jumper, you can mow your lawn effortlessly. Here too it is a treat but that is not given to all, alas, the first appearing at the entry level to 800 €.

Best of all, best zero turn mower for hills. We must think carefully. They are expensive and meet very specific criteria. They can do tremendous service but just as easily break everyone’s ears if they keep going around in circles in front of your patio. An article will be made especially for robot mowers.

Anyway, mowing your lawn yourself can be seen as a chore or as a delight. If you have the health to mow your lawn yourself, it will do you the greatest good (and your loved ones …) Nothing is more de-stressing indeed than to mow his lawn. It’s a real art of living. To see the grass become shaved, clean, well ordered, to arrange under your eyes and under your feet. And that smell of freshly cut grass … Too good, you’re not of my opinion? It is that you have not tried yet. I hear someone whispering in my ear “Me, it really relaxes me, it’s a robot mower that does it”. Little clever, go … 

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