Best Cat Carrier for Long Distance Travel

Are you looking for best cat carrier for long distance travel?

The cat is certainly a domestic animal, but it will not spend all its life between the walls of your apartment or your home. It may become necessary to move with him as part of your daily routine (visiting the veterinarian) or traveling long distances. A cat travel carrier is therefore essential to allow you to transport your pet with maximum security. The models of cat carrying bag can vary considerably so the choice is wide and depends on your preferences and the specificities of your cat.

We spent more than 27 hours comparing about 31 models of transport bags, and analyzed the opinions of 648 consumers. If you wish to opt for the best model of our selection, we recommend the Fypo bag.

Our Opinion for best cat carrier for long distance travel

Our opinion on the Fypo cat travel carrier

best cat carrier for long distance travel

An expandable and comfortable model for the happiness of your cat

The Fypo Cat Carry Bag is an ingenious and practical mix of interesting features to give you and your cat unparalleled comfort. It is designed to make it easier for your pet to travel even by plane or train. Its robustness makes it possible to guarantee an excellent resistance to shocks and pressures. Zoom on the various features embedded on this device with attractive and pleasant design.

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What we think of Fypo

The Fypo Cat Carry Bag is an ingenious device that will allow you to move easily with your cat whatever model of locomotion you use.

It will be as useful for you by bike, motorcycle, car, train or even plane.

Its flexible structure greatly simplifies the handling of this bag without compromising its resistance or even the safety it offers your cat during his trip.

In fact this bag folds easily to store once you no longer need it.

Expandable, the size of your cat carrying bag is adjustable to suit your preferences or your cat’s needs.

A simple zipper makes it easy to enlarge or shrink the bag.

To ensure the safety of your pet, this bag is equipped with two steel frames that properly support the cage and prevent any deformations if inadvertently other luggage exerted some pressure on the cage.

A leash with metal clip helps to secure your animal even better during transport.

The possibility of being able to extend the bag makes it possible to optimize the comfort of your cat because it can then move or lengthen even more easily.

The bag is capable of accommodating animals weighing up to 6 kg and is suitable not only for cats, but also for rabbits or other small animals of the genus.

This large cat carrying bag is made with mesh that allows the cat to be properly ventilated all the way.

This provides excellent visibility for both the cat and the owner.

In addition, removable cushions are provided so that your cat is completely comfortable during the journey.

To maintain their hygiene they are easily washable and dry very well.

A pocket for easy storage of your cat’s food, toys or even leash has been ingeniously integrated.

Easily portable thanks to long and solid straps, this cat carrying bag is remarkably practical.

So it is a practical article, safe and cheap, because the proposed price is more than affordable, given its versatility.

We could even say that it is the best playground for children of the moment!

Fypo Sac-Chat
Fypo Sac-Chat

Summary of the characteristics of Fypo

  • Suitable for animals up to 6 kg
  • Two removable and washable cushions
  • Constitution in very breathable canvas
  • Expandable carrying bag
  • Storage pocket
  • Flexible constitution
  • Steel bar
  • Portable bag
  • Leash with metal clip

Advantages and disadvantages of Fypo


Very easy handling

Excellent ventilation and good visibility

Large capacity for the comfort of the animal

Robustness and good stability

The lessers

Not suitable for large animals

Our verdict on the Fypo

This cat carrying bag is a bag that will allow you to easily take your cat with you wherever you go. It is easily portable and offers maximum comfort to your pet while ensuring excellent safety. Easy to maintain, stretchy and very airy, you can be sure that your cat will feel perfectly safe. We recommend it!

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Our opinion on the PETYELLA transport bag


A spacious and comfortable bag even for the biggest! 

The PETYELLA Cat Carry Bag is a truly spacious model that will make your pet happy because, in addition to keeping it well protected during your travels, it will allow it to move easily and feel very comfortable. comfortable. As easy to maintain as it is to carry, this big cat carrying bag will impress you with its practicality and the quality of the materials used in its manufacture.

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What we think of PETYELLA

The biggest advantage of the PETYELLA cat transport bag is its large size.

Size XXL, this bag with its 88 x 59 x 65 cm can easily accommodate pets by offering them all the necessary comfort during a trip to the veterinarian for example or during a trip.

Its rounded corners ensure that the animal moves without injury.

Air circulation is assured from the 4 sides of the bag thanks to its wide mesh.

Moreover, we appreciate its versatility by offering the opportunity to remove for example the nets of this cat carrying bag.

You just have to use velcro closures.

Zippers located at the front, side and top of the bag can open it as you want to easily install his pet.

The bag can then serve as a niche for your pet who will feel very comfortable.

For comfort, a soft and waterproof cover is provided.

It will also be practical if your pet is suffering from incontinence.

It is also washable to have a permanently dry and clean place.

For convenience, this large cat travel carrier has a pocket that will allow you to store your food, medicine, toys or other small essentials.

It also has practical and sturdy braces to easily move your pet.

Easily foldable, its spaciousness is not at all a disadvantage.

It remains easy to move thanks to its comfortable and practical handle.


Summary of PETYELLA Features

  • Large dimensions
  • Storage pocket
  • Zippers on the side, the top and the front
  • Netting with velcro closure
  • Waterproof and washable artificial cashmere blanket
  • Transport straps
  • Foldable bag

Advantages and disadvantages of PETYELLA


Functional and practical


Easy assembly and disassembly

Very spacious and comfortable

The lessers

Nothing to report

Our verdict on the PETYELLA

This large cat travel carrier is practical for large cats and will also fit some dogs and rabbits because it is very spacious. Cats feel comfortable and safe because of the built-in features specifically designed for your pet’s happiness when on the spot, but most importantly when traveling. It is robust and offers a high level of hygiene. We especially recommend that the price-quality ratio is quite correct.

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Our choice for the best cat travel carrier with wheels

Our opinion on the Pettom


A real trolley for your cat! 

The Pettom cat carrier with wheels is a model with a very elegant design that seduces especially with its very functional and practical side. It allows you to transport your cat with maximum ease thanks to its ingenious traction system on wheels which allows you to provide a minimum of effort. It has several other features quite interesting that will only make your life easier on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also the most important detail, to offer maximum comfort to your pet. Let’s discover in more detail his beautiful performances.

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What we think of Pettom

This cat travel carrier has a relatively spacious interior to allow your pet to feel truly comfortable throughout the ride.

Inside the fasteners have been placed to keep your cat in place and prevent possible accidents.

Waterproof, it is practical to protect your pet if you are surprised by the rain.

At the same time, it is a properly ventilated bag to prevent perspiration from your pet.

It has for this purpose black mesh fabric on 3 sides to allow excellent ventilation especially during travel.

This can also serve as a window for your cat who can appreciate having good visibility.

The unique zippered opening on the front is perfect for easy placement.

To store small things that can be useful for your pet, storage pockets have been provided and will allow you to store some treats, drugs, leash for cat or even toys.

You will have the choice to drag it on the floor thanks to its 4 integrated solid castors and an adjustable telescopic handle that is completely ergonomic and comfortable; or to wear it on the back thanks to adjustable straps properly padded.

When it is necessary to transform it into a backpack, a removable plastic support is provided and is placed in the bottom of the bag whereas when it is the wheels which are used, feet are placed to keep your backpack of transport for cat in a standing position while offering maximum stability.

In any case, the approach is far from exhausting for your pet or for you the owner.

Able to support animals weighing up to 9 kg, this cat transport backpack is truly functional and practical and easy to maintain.

That said, if it is absolutely comfortable for small animals, it can be a bit crampier when your pet is bigger.

Its classic colors, red and black, are visually pleasing and are suitable for all circumstances in which your little cat can accompany you.


Summary of Pettom Features

  • Suitable for a maximum weight of 9 kg
  • 4 wheels
  • 1 telescopic handle
  • Two feet for standing
  • Adjustable straps for carrying on the back
  • Removable plastic support
  • Ventilation on 3 sides
  • Opening at the front

Advantages and disadvantages of Pettom


Great ease of use

Good ventilation

Good visibility

Strength and robustness

The lessers

Can be cramped for big cats

Our verdict on the Pettom

The Pettom Cat travel carrier is a handy tool for easy transportation of your pet for short and long distance trips. It offers excellent comfort to the animal through good ventilation and excellent visibility. It is also designed for your comfort because the displacement is done without difficulties and without special efforts, whether in trolley mode or backpack.

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Our choice for the most economical cat travel bag

Our opinion on Pettom

Pettom Sac de Transport-and-animals

A real cheap
Pettom transport bag

This cat travel bag is a functional and very useful model especially thought to offer your cat a pleasant and comfortable while you move with him. But its main advantage is indisputably its very affordable price. This cheap cat transport bag however has some interesting features that make your life easier and ensure good comfort for your pet. Zoom on its qualities and its possible defects.

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What we think of Pettom

The Pettom Cat Carry Bag is an excellent choice for those who want a practical and convenient cat carrying bag without investing a fortune.

It is made of high quality Oxford fabric.

It is waterproof to allow you to carry your cat even when the weather is bad.

It is also designed with windows allowing optimal ventilation of the inside of the bag.

The design of the mesh has been carefully studied.

The Pettom cat carry bag has two openings to choose to gently penetrate your cat in his shelter.

One is placed on the side and the other in the front.

Inside the bag, the comfort of your pet is perfectly assured.

Indeed, a padded mattress fleece is built into the bag and a clip to protect the animal from possible shocks or even prevent it from going out quietly.

All these provisions are therefore practical as well during small trips as during your trips by plane, car or train.

It is also appreciated by airlines for its compact size.

This cheap cat carrying bag is easy to maintain because the mattress is removable and can be easily washed.

The hygiene of your bag is preserved and your pet is very comfortable.

You will also be comfortable using this bag because it has two solid straps with a very nice protection to carry it at arm’s length easily.

But you can also use the shoulder strap to carry your bag over the shoulder.

It is thick which ensures a more pleasant carry and without significant pressure on the shoulders.

The Pettom Cheap Cat Carry Bag is a model specifically designed for small pets.

It is not suitable for more than 3,5 kg.

The dimensions are compact making it a compact bag.

It is also foldable which improves compactness when not in use and simplifies storage.

Its value is really attractive.

Pettom Sac de Transport-and-animals
Pettom Sac de Transport-and-animals
Pettom Sac de Transport-and-animals
Pettom Sac de Transport-and-animals

Summary of the characteristics of the Pettom cat carrying bag

  • Suitable for a maximum weight of 3.5 kg
  • Portable and foldable bag
  • Oxford quality fabric
  • Solid braces and shoulder strap
  • Padded fleece mattress
  • Lateral and frontal opening
  • Breathable mesh

Advantages and disadvantages of Pettom


Great comfort of use

Excellent aeration

Not bulky at all

The lessers

Limited capacity

For light animals

Our verdict

The Pettom cat carrying bag is a very popular model because not only is it very practical for your small animals but it is also remarkably comfortable. Easy to use and also clean, this cat carrying bag has an ingenious feature: good ventilation, easy opening, soft cushion and washable when needed. It is very accessible because its price is affordable and is suitable even for the tightest budgets.

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The other products of our comparative

Our opinion on the Jet Sitter cat transport bag


Extensible and solid
Jet Sitter

This three-color model is a handy cat travel bag that allows you to easily travel around the city with your cat or even travel with him. It has a number of ingenious features that ensure the comfort of the animal and prevent him from feeling cramped while ensuring his safety. Easy to use and maintain, this cat carrying bag will definitely please you. Let’s take the time to see his abilities in detail.

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What we think of Jet Sitter

The Jet Sitter is a cat carrying bag with a beautiful ergonomic design for the happiness of your pet.

With its expandable cage, this bag designed for animals with a maximum weight of 5 kg offers a good mobility to your animal so that it is not cramped whether it is during your trips in town or during travel.

The advantage with this extension system is that the bag folds and unfolds easily according to your needs.

However this bag is solid because it has super resistant frames that do not deform and that ensure a good hold of the bag.

In addition, the Oxford 600 fabric used for its manufacture is of excellent quality and resists both the wear and scratches of your pet.

The Louvra cat carrying bag is equipped with wide mesh net to allow good ventilation inside the bag and ensure maximum comfort for your pet.

It also gives him good visibility to save him trouble especially when the journey is particularly long.

In addition, a soft cushion is provided in the bag for the animal to feel comfortable.

The padding of the bag also allows the wearer not to feel too much load when it is he must carry his cat at arm’s length.

To ensure the safety of your cat in addition to all its precautions, an inner tie prevents it from escaping when you open the bag to give him a little hug.

The opening at the top of the bag makes it easy to introduce your animal without any major effort.

For convenience, a pouch on one side of the bag is easily accessible and suitable for storing small treats, medications or other useful items for your pet.

To maintain the internal hygiene of the bag, its internal mounting plate is removable and is easily washed with water.

Known for the quality of its performance and its resistance to use, this cat carrying bag is one of the most popular brands of airlines.

We will not forget to mention that it remains compact because it folds and becomes very compact.


Summary of characteristics of  Jet Sitter

  • Suitable for a maximum weight of 5 kg
  • Expandable cage
  • Oxford fabric
  • Ventilation windows on several sides
  • Opening from above
  • Comfortable and comfortable padding
  • Storage pocket

Advantages and disadvantages of Jet Sitter


Ease of use

Maximum comfort for the cat

Proven robustness

The lessers

Nothing to report

Our verdict on the Jet Sitter

The Jet Sitter cat transport bag is a very attractive design bag with beautiful features. It is very comfortable for your pet while ensuring a good safety during your travels. Designed for small animals, it’s easy to clean, carry, and store after use. You will undoubtedly appreciate the proud services it will give you especially if you move regularly with your cat.

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Our opinion on the Pawfect Pets cat transport bag


Characteristics studied for your pet
Pawfect Pets

This cat carrying bag has built-in features that allow you to move around without worrying with your cat in any circumstance. It is resistant to use and is one of the most popular models of airlines because of their intrinsic qualities. It is even designed so that carrying the bag is not painful for you. You will discover in detail the possibilities available to you with this model.

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What we think of Pawfect Pets

The Pawfect Pets Cat Carry Bag is available in size S for small animals weighing up to 3.5 kg, or for slightly larger ones weighing up to 6.5 kg with size M.

By choosing the right bag size for your pet, you make sure that it can move easily inside the bag without feeling cramped.

In addition, since the bag has functional ventilation windows, the inside of the bag is properly ventilated to prevent perspiration and the harm of your pet especially when it comes to a trip.

The animal is introduced into this cat carrying bag with two openings to choose from.

One is frontal and the other side.

The opening is very easy thanks to the zipper.

As for the inside of the bag, it is padded and therefore very comfortable for your little cat.

That said, his safety is also taken into account because a hook is provided to hold the animal by his collar and prevent him jumping out of the bag at the wrong time.

Even during travels so your cat will be safe.

It is right that this cat transport bag is appreciated by users and airlines.

It is made of quality materials.

The high quality Oxford type fabric is waterproof so as to protect your pet even if the rain surprises you on the way.

It also resists wear and tear from everyday use and will not tear apart despite scratches from your pet.

It is also easily washable to keep the hygiene of your bag and maximize the comfort of your pet.

After washing, it is obviously necessary to let it dry properly to avoid odors.

Another advantage of this cat carrying bag is undoubtedly the ease with which it is worn.

Its two carrying straps allow to carry it at arm’s length without effort.

If you prefer the shoulder strap, it is also convenient to free your hands while preserving your shoulders.

And to carry the bag with all the necessary pleasure, you can choose at the time of the purchase one of the 4 available colors.

This cat transport bag is also available at a rather affordable price and is far from cumbersome.

It folds easily after use for easier storage.


Summary of Pawfect Pets Features

  • Sizes L and S available
  • Shoulder straps and shoulder strap
  • Made of waterproof Oxford fabric
  • Easily washable
  • Two openings to choose
  • Good ventilation
  • Comfort padding
  • More colors available

Advantages and disadvantages of Pawfect Pets


Good ventilation

Easy maintenance

Simple but pleasant design

Practical features

The lessers

Storage pocket a bit small

Our verdict on Pawfect Pets

The Pawfect Pets cat carrying bag is a model that offers functional and practical features in everyday life while offering the best value for money. It is intended for small to medium sized animals. It all depends on the bag size you choose. Whatever the chosen one, the bag’s functions remain the same: to facilitate your movements with your pet while allowing him to enjoy the ride in the best possible conditions.

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Why trust us ?

All the recommendations that we make on are the result of several weeks or months of research, tests, comparisons, analysis of consumer opinions and if need of interviews with experts and scientists. You will quickly realize that the products we recommend here are not the most expensive or the most trendy: they are the ones who will do their best every day, passing all the tests of safety, reliability and efficiency. with an interesting price/quality ratio for you.

In the end, the products we recommend are the ones we would like to buy, and the ones we choose for our friends and family.

What is a cat carrier?

As its name implies, it is equipment used to transport a cat from one place to another. It can also carry other small animals such as small dogs, guinea pigs, ferrets, piglets and many others

Shopping bag for cat

Buying a cat carrying bag is far from a luxury if you want to be able to move with it easily and safely.

Whether in the context of urban travel to go to the veterinarian for example, or in more punctual frames such as travel by train or plane, choosing a cat carrying bag is a must.

This reassures you and makes traveling easier while offering comfortable and often ideal travel conditions for your favorite small animal. Today, bag models are legion.

So, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Obviously, there is no question for you to choose one at random. The needs of your pet and your preferences certainly come into play.

How to choose the Best Cat Carrier for Long Distance Travel?

Together we will look at relevant criteria that will certainly simplify the process. But before, let’s take the time to really understand what the benefits of this transport device are.

It’s a strong motivation to take the time to make a wise and successful choice in the end.

Comparative Best Cat Carry Bag

What are the benefits of using a cat carrier?

This equipment is essential to allow you and your four-legged companion to travel stress-free. There are also other advantages to using this kind of material.

It can relieve stress during the car ride

The car rides can be very stressful for your cat. With a good basket, however, it can be contained in a familiar space. It is true that many cats hate their crates, but they are more comfortable in than above or below your car chair.

You make it easier for veterinary staff

Your cat can be stressed by car rides when he has to go to the vet.

The staff will have to manage the panic of the animal once arrived at destination. In addition, it will be difficult to transport your stressed pet out of the car to enter the clinic.

Putting the animal directly to the staff can be dangerous as it may injure someone. Using a transport basket is the most effective way to avoid these inconveniences.

The carrier can be a familiar space for the little cat

Although your furry companion may disdain his wearer, he may still be the most familiar space for him during a trip or a move. The inside of the bag represents a controlled and recognizable environment for the animal.

It can keep the animal safe

The bag somehow creates a controlled and safe environment for the cat out of the house. Be in the basket to avoid potential hazards on the road. This is the case, for example, dogs excited or angry.

You can also make sure your cat will not go to places where he can get hurt. A container will also help prevent them from running away.

What are the different types of bags to carry a cat?

On the market, you will have the opportunity to find different models of cat carrier nervous cat .

The backpacking bag

As the name suggests, this model is designed to be worn on the back. It is perfect for trips where you do not plan to leave the animal unattended

The backpack model is often thinner than other types of carriers, but is known to be very large. This product is not really recommended for long trips, but can be convenient and comfortable for short trips.

The model approved by the airline

It is designed to carry the little cat in the cabin with you. You can place the bag under the seat in front of you when boarding a plane.

Generally, this type of carrier with harness is very flexible. It is specifically designed to meet the strict size restrictions and safety standards required by all major airlines. You can also opt for a cat carrying bag with porthole.

In addition, the article has expandable sections for additional space in the departure lounge.

The soft model

It is the ideal material for people who are afraid that the animal will hit a wall that is too hard. This bag model is known to be lightweight and comfortable, but it offers less protection.

Some soft substrates of inferior quality may in fact be opened by the cat from the inside if the zippers are not of an adequate level.

Top loading

Top-loading trucks can be soft or hard-shell products. As their name suggests, they allow you to load your little cat from the top of the carrier rather than the sides.

Many cat owners love this system because it allows the animal to enter and exit easily and quickly.

The folding model

Foldable cat baskets are usually soft products, but there are some hard foldable supports. As the name suggests, they are designed to fold easily.

The sling

This model does not offer enough options to ensure the comfort of your cat. The animal is not very comfortable inside and its safety is not well assured.

The rolling model

This product is among the most popular. It provides a convenient way for owners to move their cats with the least amount of effort. Like baby carriers, they have a soft structure and can also have wheels.

Although the wheel is an interesting feature, riding on a pavement or other type of uneven road can be painful and annoy your cat.

The double quarry

This model is ideal if you have two cats who get on well and like to travel together. For the cat, traveling would be less stressful with a good fellow traveler. The two accomplices will reassure each other without even realizing it.

Size rules apply to dual cat owners and it is important to respect them.

How to choose the right model?

As mentioned above, there are different types of transport cart for cats. To find the best product, it is important to consider some factors.


This is one of the most important points to consider, as this is what will guarantee the comfort and safety of the animal.

It is important to choose an item at the right size by performing a small balancing exercise. You must not opt ​​for a product that is too big or too small for your cat.

In addition, the bag must be large enough for its occupant to move and move a little inside. He can also stretch and be comfortable during the trip.


Ask yourself the right questions about why you buy a transport basket:

  • Will you carry the little feline to the vets?
  • Do you want to take him for a car ride?
  • Is it for a long trip?

If you want to save money, it is better to consider a rigid version for more security.

Food and water

If you take the little feline for a 10-minute ride, then you probably do not need to worry about the food and water inside the carrier.

However, for long journeys, it is essential to think about it. Traveling is a stressful experience for a cat, they will have to stay hydrated and fed if they are locked up for a long time.

If you are going on a long trip, you need to find a product compatible with special containers for food and water.


Opt for a product with a sturdy, ergonomic handle or strap. Once the animal is inside the carrier, it can become reasonably heavy.

Dropping the wearer with your kitten inside will be a traumatic experience for you and the cat. It’s a common cause of injury, but it’s often avoidable if you choose a product that has a decent handle.


All models on the market are sufficiently ventilated to allow cats to breathe sufficiently. However, some models are not efficient enough to keep the bag occupant cool during transport.

Your little teddy will potentially be inside their wearer for a while during their trip, and inevitably the temperature will begin to rise.

With good ventilation, the air will naturally be able to flow through the conveyor and reduce some of the heat.

Access points

Bringing the little cat out of the bag could be painful for you. The claws of the animal may come out and a powerful fight with whistling may ensue if you try to get it into the basket.

The best carriers on the market have multiple access points that offer you different options to get the cat in and out of the carrier. This can make it easier for you if you have a cat who hates traveling.

The ease of cleaning

During their stay in the carrier, the pet may need to go to the restroom due to stress or the duration of the trip.

Make sure the model you choose is easy to maintain. Some softer models are machine washable, while others have a removable base.

How to use a cat carrier?

Every cat owner knows how much these little animals have their own temperament and that they will not always be cooperative. While many of these little cats like to be in closed places, others hate sequestration.

It is essential to accustom your little companion to the carrier to avoid inconvenience. In the following lines, you will discover the best techniques to learn the matou to adapt well to the basket.

Leave the material open and accessible

Cats are suspicious and when the crate comes out of nowhere, they feel that something fishy is going to happen, like a visit to the vet. Leaving the bag and opening it, it will have more chances to enter, to explore and not to be so afraid.

Leave the carrier in his favorite place with the door open

If you place the bag just anywhere, the chances of the cat coming in are minimal. However, when the material is left in his favorite place, probably a place that receives a lot of sun, it will arouse his curiosity.

Put a favorite blanket and toy on the material

The blanket will help the little cat feel at ease, not just because of the softness of the blanket itself, but familiar scents help them feel safe.

When the animal is relaxed inside the bag, practice closing the door. With the door closed, give the cat a treat, then open the door and let it out.

Tips to keep in mind when traveling with your cat

If you have never traveled with this kind of animal before, it could be a new experience for both of you. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your trip:

Have the cat examined before leaving

Before going on a trip, make sure your furry friend has been examined by the veterinarian to make sure he is in good health. You should also make sure that his vaccines are up-to-date and that he has a microchip that guarantees his safety in case he moves away from you.

A car in good condition

If you are traveling, you must make sure your car is in good working order.

You may not realize it, but a preventive control will save you and your furry friend a lot of headaches, as you are less likely to break down.

All equipment at your fingertips

Make sure you have the best bag for your cat. You need to make sure that your cat, its blanket, water and food dishes will comfortably fit inside the carrier. It is also important to make sure the bag is well ventilated.

Calm and serenity

As you drive, try to be as calm as possible. If you are too excited, one way or another, your little companion will become aware of this and they will also be excited or agitated.

More space

If you have multiple cats, avoid trying to put them all in one box. Not only will it be heavier for you to wear it once you arrive at your destination, but cats need their own space.

The only acceptable time to put several cats in a carrier is to know if they are small kittens.

A good temperature

Always make sure your car is at a good temperature. If it is cold outside, increase the heat so that the cats can feel it in the back. If it is hot, put a light colored sheet on a part of the box and turn on the air conditioning.

In addition, you should never leave your pets alone in a car in the sweltering heat.

How to clean and maintain your basket?

Most cats like cleanliness and respect for hygiene. So, it would make sense that a dirty cat basket is not the best situation to transport the animal. The transporter equipment will have to put the cat at ease, but also prevent the car from feeling bad.

Remove the cover

If you have rigid support, you will need to remove the blanket and put it in the laundry to be washed. When the cover is dry, put it back in the animal’s bed so that it can smell.

Hot soapy water

To have a clean, odor-free bag, it should be cleaned with warm, soapy water, preferably a mild soap. You should get rid of food crumbs and other things in the basket.

Then simply rinse the material and let it air dry, or wipe with a towel, before storing.

We do our best to offer you a comparison allowing you to choose the Best Cat Carrier for Long Distance Travel. If we missed information or new models, please leave a comment below or send us a message.

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