Best Brush cutter – brush cutter reviews (#3 is Absolutely Stunning)

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best brush cutter among more than 35 devices available at the moment. Also, we do brush cutter reviews which will help you make a better decision to purchase best brush cutter.

My favorite is clearly the Black and decker lst136 model, a mid-range model that is ultra-versatile, powerful and offers great cutting width.

You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to take stock of the basic criteria and allow you to choose the best brush cutter perfectly suited to your needs.

Best CheapBest Mid-RangeBest Upscale
Worx grass trimmer Black and decker lst136 Black and decker
 cordless trimmer

Why Trust Our Selection?

The editors of EXCEL SHOPPING spend hundreds of hours researching, analyzing and comparing products to recommend the best value for money. 
Our choices are unbiased, and we never accept to put one brand over another.

Best Brush cutter: In the Low budget

The low-cost brush  cutters already offer excellent performance, provided to look for specialists such as Worx or Black & Decker, who produced the models that I selected.

These devices, quite powerful and ergonomic, are also designed in quality materials, which allows them to enjoy excellent durability. If they offer a very good value for money, they sometimes fish with a small lack of comfort in use.

Worx grass trimmer reviews

Best Brush cutter
worx grass trimmer reviews

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • Generous line (35 cm)
  • Very robust
  • Versatile (wasteland and garden)

What We Don’t Like:

  • Average quality of the supplied wire

Professional Recommendation:

With the ART range, Worx offers lightweight, robust and high-performance devices. With its 600 W and cutting width of 35 cm, the Worx grass trimmer is the most powerful device in the series. And for its category, it ensures!

The Worx grass trimmer weighs 4.6 kg: without being a featherweight, it remains very easy to handle. Especially since the handle of this trimmer is very ergonomic. Neither too heavy nor too light, it offers a pleasant stability to use.

We particularly appreciate the quality of materials, coupled with well thought protections. This device resists shock (and probably falls). You can store and transport it safely.

Its engine is powerful enough to ensure over large areas, and run several hours without problems. If you have large spaces to maintain, no doubt: it ensures.

Although honestly, prolonged use is quite uncomfortable. Admittedly, it is equipped with a shoulder strap that distributes the weight well. But it is a fairly basic strap, without any padded reinforcement.

In terms of performance, nothing to say: the Worx grass trimmer performs well in the face of tall, dense grass, and the thorniest bushes do not scare it. Very versatile, it is perfect to maintain a garden of beautiful dimensions.

But with its ultra-manageable size and 35 mm cutting line, it is on the vast wastelands that he really shows what he is capable of.

One downside: the wire is not of exceptional quality. If you have vast land to clear, you will quickly come to the end of the reel.

It is therefore preferable to plan immediately the purchase of another cutting wire. 
Stable, easy to maneuver and highly versatile, the Worx grass trimmer is unquestionably the best in its category. It’s a safe investment if you’re looking for efficiency without a big budget.

Black decker lste523 review

black decker string trimmer
black decker string trimmer

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Poly valent

What We Don’t Like:

  • No harness

Professional Recommendation:

Black & Decker seldom misses. With this cutter, the American giant of tools still performs well. If the black decker string trimmer is not flawless, it’s a great choice for smaller gardens.

First advantage of the Black & Decker string trimmer: its featherweight, despite the very good quality of the materials used. With its 3.20 kg, it is easy to handle whatever the configuration of your garden.

Flat terrain, hilly or downhill: this cutter knows how to do everything!

We are also on a fairly versatile model. The Black & Decker string trimmer is equipped with an automatic reel system, a swivel head and an integrated guide wheel. 
It also has a thicker wire to adapt to a medium to dense grass. It also offers a nice width of cut (33 cm).

In other words, it allows you not only to brush, but also to work easily along the edges!

In practice, we appreciate its lightweight and ergonomic template, its adjustable handle (5 positions) and telescopic handle … at the beginning! In terms of performance, nothing to say: with a wire of 2.4 mm and the two-stage E-Drive transmission, the Black & Decker string trimmer ensures, even in the face of tall grass, dense or undergrowth.

The engine is located high enough to be protected from flying grass.

On the other hand, comfort side of use, it is not that at all. With 94 dB, it is already noisy: it is better to provide a headset to work.

But that’s not the biggest problem. Betting on its featherweight, Black & Decker has indeed forgotten a capital accessory: the harness.

And even if you are on a very small size, it becomes more or less quickly impossible to work at ease. This goes without problem for small gardens (50/60 m²).

But with its excellent performance, the Black & Decker string trimmer could provide on much larger surfaces (150 m²).

Even if the Black & Decker string trimmer does not offer a working comfort to the height of its performances, it offers a remarkable quality/price ratio. If you have to maintain a small outdoor area, you can go without a mower: this trimmer will be largely self-sufficient.

Best Brush Cutter: In Mid-Range

Recognized manufacturers (including Black & Decker) offer a wide selection of mid-range best brush cutter. For the most part, they are more powerful than cheap models.

Although they are often better equipped, there are few best brush cutter able to stand out. That’s why I only selected one model, which stands out for performance comparable to that of high-end brush cutters.

Black and decker lst136 review

black decker string trimmer
black decker string trimmer

What We Like:

  • Versatile and powerful
  • Highly resistant blade and wire
  • Wire storage compartment

What We Don’t Like:

  • Medium ergonomics

Professional Recommendation:

Not surprisingly, we find again a device designed by Black & Decker. It is true that the manufacturer offers a rather impressive choice of model, which fits all needs and budgets.

With the black decker string trimmer best brush cutter, serious things can begin: fairly ergonomic, powerful and powerful, it offers performance worthy of high-end models.

The black decker string trimmer best brush cutter has a power of 950 W and a cutting width of 37 cm. With its 5.3 kg, it is stable and very manageable, especially since it is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap that allows to distribute the weight while you work.

Its main asset is to be equipped with a highly resistant wire or a cutting blade. And good idea: the transition from one to another is easy and fast.

Side wire, it should be noted that we are not on a reel but on an individual wire of 37 cm wide and 3.5 mm in diameter. A storage is also arranged in the security bar. The 3-tooth blade offers a cutting width of 23 cm.

With such accessories, the black decker string trimmer is able to mow a large area in the garden like overcoming a wasteland. It offers a good comfort. 
It is equipped with an anti-rebound handle that absorbs shocks and the shoulder strap, quite wide, has a padded reinforcement. We particularly appreciate the quality of the thread, which allows to work cleanly and without interrupting too often to change it.

Note that its engine is equipped with a safety in case of overheating.

Versatile, powerful enough and extremely powerful, the black decker string trimmer best brush cutter is largely able to stand up to the thermal models. If its ergonomics are not perfect, it offers a fairly good comfort of use once taken in hand.

This is without question one of the best quality / price ratio of the market.

Best Brush Cutter: In High End

Among the high-end best brush cutter, there are many professional or semi-professional models. If they are powerful and extremely powerful, they are also often heavier, and they require a fairly sophisticated protective equipment.

We also find powerful tools, more suited to the maintenance of the garden of individuals, including thermal models that save you trouble at startup.

Black and decker cordless trimmer reviews

black decker cordless trimmer
black decker cordless trimmer

What We Like:

  • Powerful model
  • Quick Start function
  • Wire and blade 3 teeth
  • Removable shaft for easy transport and storage
  • Well-positioned tank
  • Comfortable harness

What We Don’t Like:

  • Head inconvenient

Professional Recommendation:

The black decker cordless trimmer brand offers an interesting choice of best brush cutter. The quality can vary radically from one model to another.

With the black decker cordless trimmer, the brand offers a reliable and efficient thermal model, which is good value for money.

The black decker cordless trimmer is quite well designed. So we are on a thermal model and the first “check point” is the tank.

Too many models have a poorly located tank, whose filling is tedious. Here, the tank of a capacity of 1L is rather well disposed and accessible: a very good point.

The best brush cutter is equipped with two adjustable handles and the controls are grouped on those on the right.

As with all thermal devices, it is essential to provide the fuel. The recommended blend consists of unleaded gasoline and 2-stroke engine oil (100: 1 ratio).

Be careful not to miss the preparation or the quantity! It is better to make the mix on a case-by-case basis, as the best brush cutter apparently does not like mixtures that are only a few weeks old.

The black decker cordless trimmer is a bit heavy (8.79 kg) despite an aluminum handle. Fortunately, it is equipped with a particularly comfortable harness, which distributes the load well.

The best brush cutter starts easily (thank you quick start function!). It also has Auto Choke (the automatic return of the choke).

If it remains necessary to equip a helmet, it should be noted that this brush cutter is relatively quiet, compared to other models of equivalent power.

The black decker cordless trimmer can be equipped with a wire with a very generous cutting width (41 cm) or a blade 3 teeth 23 cm in diameter. The double-wire with automatic advance is not of exceptional quality and the head is very impractical when it needs to be changed.

On the other hand, the blade ensures perfectly.

This best brush cutter is as comfortable in a garden as to maintain a fallow land. But beware of prolonged use, especially in summer: the engine can heat up and refuse to restart.

Fairly light for a thermal model of this power, the black decker cordless trimmer AS does the job very well. It can be capricious – when it’s too hot or the mix is ​​not good – but overall, it performs well at startup.

This brush cutter even ensures even in the face of dense brush. It is a very good investment if you have to maintain a large area.

Makita cordless string trimmer review

makita cordless string trimmer
makita cordless string trimmer

What We Like:

  • Powerful
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • Quick charge

What We Don’t Like:

  • Poor quality wire

Professional Recommendation:

The Japanese giant Makita designs powerful engines, which allows them to design powerful tools with good autonomy. With this 36V Makita cordless trimmer, the brand offers a perfect model for a small area or in addition to a mower.

This trimmer comes with a charger and 2 batteries, equipped with a safety against overheating, overload and deep discharge. Warning: the feed is still a little thin and it is likely that it will be necessary to change it in the medium term.

The 36V Makita trimmer is equipped with a coal-free motor, which consumes little energy. The autonomy of this model will depend on the speed of use chosen. You have 3 positions: V1 (3500 rpm), V2 (5300 rpm) and V3 (6500 rpm).

Makita announces an autonomy of 145 to 290 minutes. On this point, the manufacturer sees a bit too wide. At full speed, count 1 hour max …

The 36V Makita weighs just over 5 kg. With its U handlebars, it is quite handy.

It is equipped with an inverter of direction of rotation, supposed to eliminate the weeds stuck in the tool by avoiding you to stop to do it. A good idea in theory. In practice, the function is not fully developed and it is common to have to do it manually.

If this tool suffers from some small defects, it remains nonetheless effective. We appreciate its very low sound level.

The 36V Makita behaves very well for a classic mowing. It allows a precise work on the edge.

It comes with its Tap & Go head and a fairly poor quality thread.

Equipped with a quality wire or its blade, this model shows very effective against brush. Attention: the tightening nut is not included, and you will have to get it independently!

With these pre-set speeds and its rather light and ergonomic size, the 36V Makita is very effective despite its small defects. In the end, it is therefore rather a good investment.

The Products of My Selection on Offer at This Moment

Greenworks Corded String Trimmer
Greenworks Corded String Trimmer Black & Decker GH900 Gh900 String Trimmer

How to choose your brush cutter?

A brush cutter can be used in different ways. It can be a complement to the mower, mainly intended to work along the edges or under the trees, to refine the cleaning of the garden.

Before you discover the many models available on the market, it is therefore essential to precisely define what are your needs. In all cases, focus on the quality of the materials: it is preferable that your brush cutter is shock resistant and easy to store and clean.

Electric or thermal brush cutter?


Electric models have long been reserved exclusively for work along curbs. Now, there are brush cutters equipped with batteries that offer an interesting autonomy.

This option will still be reserved for small to medium areas.


There are brush cutters equipped with a 4-stroke engine. Quite heavy, they are usually reserved for professionals because they require careful maintenance.

2-stroke models are efficient enough to allow you to clear very large areas. Although they remain a little heavy, they are also perfectly autonomous since it is enough to embark fuel to be able to work several hours in all serenity.

The peculiarities of the thermal brush cutter

A thermal brush cutter running on fuel makes it important to look into the tank issue. It must be big enough to offer you a considerable autonomy, but not too generous, otherwise it will weigh considerably.

It is also important that you can fill it easily. To avoid wasting time at startup, opt for a model equipped with the Quick Start function.

Strictly observe the manual, which tells you the type of fuel to use and the fuel/oil ratio. Finally, consider basic maintenance: cleaning the air filter and draining, not to mention changing the candle.


If you want to work comfortably, it is essential to opt for an ergonomic brush cutter. The harness is a must to spread the weight and protect your back.

It is also important that the handles are adjustable. Finally, do not neglect the options allowing you to work without additional efforts: inversion of rotation, Tap & Go system, anti-vibration etc.

The power

For a small area, an electric model of 600 to 1000 W is sufficient. For a large area (1000 to 2000 m²), it will be necessary to rely on a more powerful model: 1000 to 2000 W (30/40 cm3 for a thermal).

Be aware that power is not the only criterion to take into account: it is important to check also the cutting width. Bet on a 35-40 cm cut line if the area to be worked is extended.

The cutting head

There are different cutting heads. The choice depends on the type of vegetation to work.

The wired head

The nylon thread comes in different sizes and its resistance varies from one brand to another. It is mainly used for mowing the grass. There are heads with 2 to 4 wires.

The knife head

The grass cutter can have 2, 4 or 8 teeth. It is intended for mowing high and very dense grass. It is ideal for maintaining ditches.

The blade head

The blade can have from 3 to 80 teeth. It is essential to overcome brambles.

The circular saw

Many models make it possible to go from head to wire to head to blade. Some are more practical than others: before you buy a brush cutter, make sure the handling is done simply and quickly.

Additional purchases to be planned

A brush cutter is delivered at least with its wire. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for it to be of average quality.

Also, it is better to plan from the outset to buy one of better quality. Some brush cutters come with basic safety accessories.

If this is not the case, get eye protection, a visor and a helmet. It is common that these accessories are offered in kit. Gloves and protective shoes are also essential.

We hope that our selected 5 best brush cutter will help you to make a better purchase decision. Please comment in the section below if you like or dislike or any suggestion about out brush cutter reviews.

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