Best Bikini Trimmer- #3 is Absolutely Stunning

After hours of research and comparison, I found the Best Bikini Trimmer which, in my opinion, is the best: it is the Philips BRT382,  which will also delight you with its good value for money.

Best Cheap Best Mid-Range Best Upscale
Braun Silk-Epilate FG1100 Philips BRT382 Remington BKT4000

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Best Bikini Trimmer: Low Budget

In this section, you will find my selection of the best bikini trimmer less than 15 USD. Well, they are small models very pleasant to use and surprising and the quality is rather present in all, even if they will have to be replaced more quickly than the more expensive models.

Braun Bikini Trimmer Review: The Best Cheap Step

Best Bikini Trimmer
Braun Bikini Trimmer Review

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • “Pen” design
  • Eyebrow and jersey
  • Very easy cleaning

What We Don’t Like:

  • Low autonomy

Professional Recommendation:

Best Bikini Trimmer

The Braun bikini clipper is a device that gives a very accurate rendering, both for the eyebrows that the shirt, and that’s why I selected it.

This device is intended for an audience certainly feminine, because its very fine head makes it possible to have a good quality of shaving, while reaching the most difficult zones of access to offer you a very close shave.

Designed to be in the shape of a pen, the Braun Silk Epil FG1100 is endowed with a very ergonomic design, which allows to have an easy grip, a real advantage therefore when it comes to shaving areas difficult to access. It is not annoying to use, it can hold well enough with the object in hand.

The head of the device is very well thought out because it is designed to draw lines, shapes and precise contours. In short, all that is asked for a razor who deals with eyebrows and jersey!

The rounded razor head was designed this way to achieve a clean and precise shave. The device also comes with two shoes, respectively 5 and 8 mm.

However, it is not waterproof and is used with batteries, which could have been a real asset if it had not had only 2 hours of autonomy … A small defect of course nevertheless which will be quickly compensated by its light weight!

And what’s really nice is that you have a small pouch included in the box, so you can take it in your suitcases.

The cleaning is rather fast, because the head is very small. It only takes a few seconds to clean it, but usually the hairs fall to the side because they are not kept in the head of the device.

Philips Body Groomer Review: A Mower Honorable for its Price

Philips Body Groomer Review

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • Nice design
  • Bi-directional blades
  • Easy cleaning

What We Don’t Like:

  • Several passages needed when there is a lot of hair

Professional Recommendation:

The device at Phillips is the cheapest of this selection, but it is a model that caught my attention because it is quite impressive in terms of ergonomics.

The quality of the shave is very good. You can shave dry as well as in the shower, without any problem, because the device is completely waterproof and its blades too. A real plus for those who want to save time and preserve their skin!

The blades provide a very close and precise shave (3mm with the bidirectional shoe), but in areas where you have a lot of hair, you may need to iron several times. At least you do not take the risk of cutting yourself because it has effective protection, so you do not put the blades directly in contact with your skin.

This device will take care of your skin: it does not irritate it and that, it is not only pleasant but also a real plus for the young ladies concerned with the health of their skin. In short, you will not suffer any more from burning sensation caused by a shave a little too aggressive!

The head of the mower is, as a bonus, rather well done, even if it is not exclusive to this model and this brand. But it is bidirectional, so designed to work back and forth (and vice versa), which is handy to overcome recalcitrant hair!

What I also appreciate, with a lawnmower (or razor), is not to have to change blades, as for disposable or cheap utensils. This is perfectly the case with this mower, whose blades are specially designed to last, goodbye to the budget dedicated to replacement blades.

Question design, this model is interesting because it is very ergonomic and lightweight, which ensures you an optimal grip when shaving. Note that you can use it for several minutes without feeling discomfort in the hand, and it is a (very) good point.

In short, the Philips BG105 mower is a lawn mower that you can easily take with you everywhere, including your little travel kit, this summer! Keep some AA batteries on hand, just to power your wireless bikini clipper, it would be silly otherwise …

And one of the other most important aspects for this kind of small device: cleaning. Here, nothing simpler, pass under the water (it is waterproof, so no need to dry all day on the side of the shower) and easy to clean, especially thanks to the small brush provided with and the shower cord, which will allow you to hang it as needed.

Looking for an ergonomic product, easy to use and respectful of your (small) finances? So the Philips BG105 is perhaps for you, who knows!

Best Bikini Trimmer: Mid Range

The difference with those presented previously is that they are a little more accurate and their heads are much better suited.

Philips Bikini Trimmer Review: The Best Mid-Range

Philips Bikini Trimmer Review

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • Very girly design
  • 3 removable heads
  • Very easy cleaning

What We Don’t Like:

  • Low autonomy

Professional Recommendation:

Best Bikini Trimmer

The Philipps BRT382 bikini trimmer is for a female audience because it is better suited to shaving feminine and delicate parts. Yes, the best bikini trimmer is well equipped to satisfy you with its mini mowing head, clipper and mini shaving head!

The design of the best bikini trimmer is interesting, curvaceous, very feminine, and everything is designed to make it even easier to use. With its colors (white and pink fuchsia), it is a little “girly”, it’s true, but at least it will have the merit of effectively repel your companions!

You want a mowing adapted to your morphology or to your tastes? No worries, opt for the 3mm shearing shoe or the mini mowing head, before finishing your work with the mini shaving head, intended to refine the little details.

All tips are rounded, which allows for a smooth shave, fast and ruthless with the hair, even on a first pass. Of course, in some areas you will have to go back several times, but it must be said that one person is not the other …

In short, you will understand, the Philipps BRT382 seems more than complete, especially for perfectionists of shaving!

In addition, the product is entirely designed to preserve the feminine hygiene, with a very particular attention brought to the protection of the skin, and one feels it during the use!

The device is waterproof, which allows you to use it both under and after the shower, or dry for those who are in a hurry to get to an appointment or a girls’ outing. You will be ready to face all situations!

Cleaning is also very easy thanks to the heads, which are removable. You just have to gently remove the head and pass under the water, then if necessary, to use the brush provided for this purpose.

Note that this best bikini trimmer, cordless, runs on batteries (AA) for a duration of nearly 2 hours, so be sure to always have on hand, especially if you want to ship with you in his small travel pouch.

Philips Norelco Oneblade Review: A Multi-Function Device

Philips Norelco Oneblade Review
Philips Norelco Oneblade

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • 3 clogs
  • Non-slip coating
  • Lawn mower and waterproof clogs

What We Don’t Like:

  • No carrying pouch

Professional Recommendation:

The Phillips best bikini trimmer is a normal facial device, but it also proves to be a good product for shaving the bikini, so I think it can be multifunctional.

This best bikini trimmer is primarily intended for a male audience, but nothing prevents you ladies to use it too. After all, it allows a close shave and very precise, thanks to its 3 shoes (1.3 and 5mm), which allows it to reach all the small recesses of the face … or intimate parts.

We worry then if the risk of cutting is present, especially with blades that are very sharp and shave the hair in just one pass … Well no worries, because the razor is equipped with a 21mm precision grid that respects the skin.

After all, you deserve a little sweetness for your skin, whether you are a man or a woman!

The design is very well thought out. He does not tire the hand either, which is very pleasant. Indeed, everything is designed to make your life easier: the shape of the device and its rubber coating, non-slip, allow you to hold it in your hand, even when the razor is wet!

Both the mower and the hooves are waterproof, which greatly facilitates cleaning. And for small recesses, do not hesitate to use the small brush provided with the razor!

The mower works with AA batteries (two are also provided with, so you do not delay in using it) and therefore has a very good autonomy of 2 hours. Plan lots of spare batteries at your fingertips, so you do not have to run a Sunday at the Nightshop in the area to get an emergency …

However, it does not come with a carrying pouch and it’s a shame. Models of other brands, cheaper, offer it, so why not this Philips shaver?

Best Bikini Trimmer: High-End

The prices of our everyday small appliances can easily go up, but they are usually the guarantee of a certain quality.

Remington bkt4000 Reviews: The Best High-End

Remington bkt4000 Reviews
Remington bkt4000 Reviews

What We Like:

  • Operates on battery
  • Adjustable head
  • Very easy cleaning

What We Don’t Like:

  • Non removable head

Professional Recommendation:

The Remington model is clearly intended for a female audience, both from the point of view of its design and its use. We notice right away, as with the Philips BRT382, that the colors were chosen to please the ladies: white and purple.

Unlike the other clippers featured in this selection, the Remington BKT4000 is more “square”, but its effectiveness does not suffer anyway! It has a non removable head, but totally adjustable, to adapt to the morphology of its user.

This is a rather interesting detail, because it brings a new ergonomic dimension to the product as well as a personalized shave, to reach every nook and have a very good shave with a very accurate rendering up to 0.2mm .

The shave is also smooth and soft, with an incredible feeling at the end: your skin is soft, without traces of the passage of your clipper! Your skin is thus preserved from the aggressions and irritations that a razor or a mower is likely to do to him.

The head is not removable, but it can nevertheless be equipped with one of the two combs (2 and 4mm), to perfect your shave and evenly.

Unlike most of its competitors, the Remington mower works on battery! If you prefer to handle it at your ease, wireless, however, know that its autonomy is lower than those running on batteries, with 1 hour of autonomy only.

It will be enough for you then, if the shaving proves longer than envisaged, to connect it on sector, which will make you benefit from a autonomy … of 4h! A significant asset this battery therefore, which will allow you to take it with you in the small travel bag provided for this purpose.

The Products of My Selection on Offer at This Moment

Hatteker Bikini TrimmerVeet Electric Hair Trimmer
Hatteker  Bikini Trimmer Veet Electric Hair Trimmer

How to choose your best bikini trimmer?

We often think that it is quite simple to choose a device to get rid of hair, but this is not always the case. Indeed, many criteria must be taken into account to obtain the result you want.

In addition, there are a number of major brands offering bikini clippers, yet they are not all up to the expectations of their future customers.

The market in France is, however, a little limited, especially at the level of products a little more upscale or professional. Knowing that generally, people looking for a perfect result prefer to turn to pulsed light epilators. Here are the criteria to consider.

The quality of the shave

Depending on the bikini trimmer you choose, the quality of the shave and especially the blades will be different. The higher the quality of the blades, the more you will have a clean and clean shaven result.

It is also important to pay special attention to the shaving head, which is different depending on the device. Indeed, it is possible that the head has a different design, which will prevent you from shaving certain areas properly.


Whether you are a seasoned user or not, the design is very important, because it brings a certain ergonomics to the product, which allows you to take it in hand and on the other hand the guarantee of use optimal. So, prefer the rather ergonomic bikini trimmers design with non-slip plastics on the sides for a better comfort.

In addition, the design can help you shave better, thanks to the head of the product that changes depending on the device. Indeed, the more the head is worked and the more you will have a precise shave and that even in the most difficult areas of access.


We must also take into account the criterion of portability, because if you want to go on vacation or traveling with your bikini mower, make sure it is lightweight and transportable in a small pouch or other, so that it just get into your toiletry bag.


The last criterion to take into account is that of cleaning, because it is important to clean its blades and its device so as not to have bacteria that seep into your product and therefore into your skin. So prefer a bikini mower that cleans easily.

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