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Best Beach Stroller – Best Baby Strollers 2019 (#6 is Absolutely Stunning)

After a few hours of research on Best Beach Stroller and Best Baby Strollers 2019, I came to the conclusion that the Recaro Easylife is the model I recommend the most.

I’ve selected 9 of the Best Beach Stroller and Best Baby Strollers 2019 on the market, including the Recaro Easylife, to review. Keep reading this article if you want to know why these Best Beach Strollers are the most advantageous of all.

And to be sure to find the Best Beach Stroller for your baby, read the shopping guide I prepared at the end of the article.

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Quinny Zapp Xtra Recaro Easylife Baby Jogger City

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Best Beach Stroller Low Budget

In addition to being the cheapest on the market, the strollers that I selected in this category are the most compact of all. Their reduced size when folded make them the strollers canes most popular with travelers.

Quinny Zapp Xtra Review: Best Lightweight Stroller for Travel

Best Beach Stroller
Quinny Zapp Xtra

What We Like:

  • Affordable price
  • More than 10 colors
  • Very simple to fold/unfold

What We Don’t Like:

  • Unusable on rough terrain

Professional Recommendation:

Ultra-light stroller with bright colors and original design, the Quinny
Zapp Xtra is for parents who are often on the move, but not only.

The appearance of the Quinny Zapp Xtra is one of his best assets. It does not look like anything that is currently on the market with its frame that looks like a skeleton.

Composed of two parts to be assembled, the seat must be attached to the frame with plastic clips and a rope in three different places. Not only does this colorful rope add style to the set, but it is also capable of supporting a weight of 200 kg!

The Quinny Zapp Xtra is available with more than a dozen color choices with original names, just like the look of the stroller.

The Quinny Zapp Xtra is equipped with a canopy to protect your child from the sun, a color matching that of the stroller. It is a good aesthetic touch because the awning fits perfectly with the material of the seat, which has the advantage of being easy to wipe.

Aimed at babies 6 months and older, the stroller seat is designed to swing in exactly the same way as a hammock. It makes it really comfortable and perfect for a nap! The material itself is water and dirt resistant, so any splash or spill of liquid or food can be cleaned very easily.

The seat is certainly the most colorful part of this stroller and it is simply attachable and detachable from the structure if you want to clean it or change color. It attaches securely around the clips so keeps you know right away whether it is properly installed or not.

Behind the seat is a pouch with a capacity of 2 kg, perfect for parents always on the move who need to take some essential business with them. The steering bar is comfortable and gives you the impression that you can push the Quinny Zapp Xtra with just one finger!

I particularly appreciate the space provided for the feet on this stroller. Not only is it great but your child’s legs are well supported. It’s less tiring for him if he does not have enough legs to reach the bottom.

One thing I find really important when choosing a Best Beach Stroller its ease to fold and unfold. And that’s one of the best features I find in Quinny
Zapp Xtra.

Very simple, just press a button for folding and a foot to deploy the stroller for unfolding. And given the number of times you have to repeat these gestures – in an airport for example – speed is a must not to wait for the people lining up behind you!

Once folded in half, the stroller is incredibly compact. And with built-in locking, you’re sure to keep it in place while you carry the stroller on your shoulder with the included strap. Better, once bent, the Quinny Zapp Xtra stands alone, which greatly facilitates its storage.

A quality stroller is comfortable for both the parent who pushes it and the child sitting in it. The lightweight material of the seat makes it really comfortable to maneuver, especially as the whole weighs only 5.5 kg, it will slide effortlessly even with a larger child.

The design of the wheels of the Quinny Zapp Xtra makes it easy to maneuver on the hard and smooth ground of an airport, a shopping center, … The front wheels are swivel 360 ° but I do not advise you to as much to use the stroller on a bumpy terrain.

The brakes of the stroller cane are also easy to operate with a simple activation / deactivation system. Thus the stopping pedal is on one wheel and the pedal to unlock the brakes is on the other wheel. Better, both have a specific color code, so there is no risk that you confuse the two.

In short, this is the recommended stroller for parents who travel abroad, to other cities or who regularly use public transport. The price of Quinny Zapp Xtra depends on the color you choose. For some, it is as expensive as a high-end, but it’s a stroller that will last for years and you can always switch between the different colors of the seat to customize it!

Maclaren Mark ii Review: Best Lightweight Stroller

Maclaren Mark II Stroller
Maclaren Mark II Stroller

What We Like:

  • Very light
  • Affordable price
  • Folding a hand

What We Don’t Like:

  • Non-reclining seat
  • Basket not spacious enough

Professional Recommendation:

The Maclaren Mark II is one of the lightest and most solid cane strollers on the market. It is designed to withstand shock treatment.

With a weight of just 3.3 kg, the Mark II is 3 kg lighter than competing products. Even the old Maclaren strollers did not do better. It is equipped with an aeronautical grade aluminum frame, and it is this material that makes the stroller cane is both very light and strong.

The Maclaren Mark II is the modern version of the original Maclaren stroller. It is suitable for children from 6 months and supports a maximum weight of 15 kg. The stroller is also available in several pretty colors.

The detachable canopy of the Mark II is wide with a silver sun visor. It offers UPF50 + sun protection, is waterproof and has a small mesh window to keep an eye on your child inside the stroller.

The seat cover of the stroller cane is also waterproof, resistant and washable. Crumbs, splashes, or food / juice spills on the surface of the stroller will land on a thin, light surface that will dry quickly.

The 5-point harness keeps baby safe and the straps are height adjustable depending on the size of your child. The handlebars for maneuvering the stroller are rather big. They are bent inward for comfort. They are also covered with a soft plastic foam that is both durable and with antimicrobial properties.

The Maclaren Mark II also has a rain cover perfectly adapted to the front part of the stroller. The upper part of it is transparent and the lower part consists of a white waterproof fabric.

The storage basket of the Mark II is in black, which is perfect during a dry day but in rainy weather, I advise you to store nothing there. Moreover, the size of this basket is a bit limited because the part directly under the seat is virtually unusable.

The two-step folding mechanism of the cane stroller allows you to fold it with one hand while holding your child in the other hand. Once the stroller is folded, a carrying strap makes it easier to carry and an automatic locking clip keeps it securely attached.

The Mark II is a Best Beach Stroller. And with dimensions as small as 45.25 x 7.88 x 8.63 when folded, this stroller will fit without difficulty in the luggage compartment of a train, for example.

As I mentioned, the Maclaren Mark II is for children aged 6 months and up. However, this one does not have a reclining seat so I highly recommend taking this into consideration for cases where your baby sleeps during the walk.

The Maclaren Mark II has 4 double wheels that look like rubber wheels. With an onboard suspension system, the stroller is pleasant to maneuver. The front wheels are swivel and lockable. You switch between these functions by dragging a slider up or down.

The Mark II brakes are located at the rear with a visible red mark next to the right rear wheels. You press it to stop and turn it off to drive again.

You are forgiven if you fear that the small size of this stroller will affect its maneuverability. But good news, the suspension system ensures stability, regardless of the type of terrain on which you ride the stroller.

Apart from the concern for the limited inclination and the worry of the basket not spacious enough, the Maclaren Mark II is still a very good choice of stroller cane for Best Beach Stroller. You will have trouble finding lighter than this one!

gb Pockit Stroller Review: The most Compact

gb Pockit Stroller
gb Pockit Stroller

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Very compact
  • Simple and fast folding

What We Don’t Like:

  • Canopy too small

Professional Recommendation:

The GoodBaby Pockit cane stroller made a lot of noise when it came out. It is also included in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most compact strollers ever on the market.

So, does GB Pockit deserve all this enthusiasm? Yes, there is no denying, this cane stroller is ultra compact and it’s really impressive!

Weighing just 5 kg, this stroller model is perfect for traveling and for public transport. It can fit under the seat of an airplane or in the luggage compartment of an airplane or train because its size when folded is much smaller than the maximum size of a hand luggage.

It is equipped with a 5-point harness with central buckle and padding for baby’s crotch. The fabric part of the GB Pockit is neoprene, easy to clean and the stroller is available in several color choices. The brakes, the folding knob and the front wheel locking system are white, making them easy to distinguish from the entire structure.

To maneuver, the Pockit cane stroller is equipped with two handlebars facing forward. These are covered with foam and as you can imagine, they are not adjustable. On the other hand, they are about 1 meter above the ground, which is the average height of the non-adjustable steering cuffs.

The seat of the GB Pockit is very wide and as the canopy of the stroller is tiny, you can install without worry a child from 6 months to a few years. The maximum weight allowed on the stroller is 25 kg.

For a compact stroller, the Pockit has a really large basket. Located in the back, you can access it very easily and its large capacity of 5 kg makes it easy to slip a medium-sized diaper bag.

The GB Pockit stroller is the most compact stroller on the market when folded. This is very good news for parents who travel a lot because it will be possible to board it on any flight whatever the airline!

As I said, it can be folded to a size as small as hand luggage. It is also possible to fold the stroller in two ways: compact and ultra-compact.

The first is the fastest to run and the one I recommend if you are in a hurry for example if you have to hurry to catch a bus. With this mode of folding, the wheels of the stroller are left outside the structure once folded.

The second mode of folding meanwhile can store up to the wheels of the stroller to have something so compact that it fits in a luggage compartment. This second option requires a little practice.

The folded Pockit stroller can be worn on the shoulder like a bag. It does not have an automatic lock but rather a manual system.

This stroller is not reclining but has a very large weight limit for a compact model. As I said, the awning is so small and not unfoldable. The brand could have done better on this point, in my opinion.

Surprisingly, the basket has a good size and is easy to access. Which makes up for the lack of canopy.

Another feature that I really liked with the GB Pockit: the wheels. Even with a diameter of only 11.45 cm, they allow to easily drive the stroller, which in addition seems stable and robust.

A single braking system on the right rear wheel makes it easy and safe to stop the stroller. In short, I was really impressed by the performance of this little stroller.

And if you want a cane stroller that is really compact because you travel a lot with your little one or you often take public transport or go to the beach with your little one this is Best Beach Stroller, you will not find better than the GoodBaby Pockit

Best Beach Stroller Mid-Range

In rising range, we find ourselves with strollers that certainly cost a little more expensive but offer features a little more interesting. The models I selected here each have their own particularity. I invite you to discover them!

Recaro Easylife Stroller Review: The Best Mid-Range

RECARO Easylife Ultra-lightweight Stroller
RECARO Easylife Ultra-lightweight Stroller

What We Like:

  • Quality of design
  • Large canopy
  • Large storage basket

What We Don’t Like:

  • For beach / urban area only

Professional Recommendation:

After some 15 years designing some of the most popular and beautiful car seats on the market, Recaro introduced its first stroller, the Recaro Easylife.

True to the Recaro standards, the Easylife cane stroller is available in 6 different original colors. When I took the stroller out of its box, I was surprised to see how light it was: 5.9 kg is a featherweight for a stroller.

Equipped with a matte black frame, black plastic bindings and a bright-colored solid fabric part, the Recaro Easylife stroller is a great success story. It reminded me once again of the sports look of the car seats of the brand, it exudes strength and safety in the harness, wheels and frame.

The harness of the stroller is also well designed and easy to set up. The straps and the straps meet at a small loop that opens with a single central button.

The Easylife stroller is recommended for children 6 months and older even if it is marked on the package that you can install a baby 2.25 kg (a newborn). What I do not recommend. Moreover, as the harness system is not 5-point style, the Easylife is not recommended as the first stroller, in any case, not until your baby is still holding his head alone.

As stated in its name, this Best Beach Stroller really makes your life easier. In the package, it is almost completely assembled, just clip the front wheels, install the cup holder and that’s it. Good news for those who like me does not like complicated installation manuals to decipher!

Equipped with a very large airy mesh canopy that shelters all the stroller seat from the sun, your baby will stay in the shade at all times. The protection index announced by the manufacturer is also 50 SPF, which is really not bad.  

The seat of the stroller is narrow enough to hold your child well. You can also tilt it to an “almost elongated” position or raise it to put your child in a sitting position.

Adjusting the harness is essential before installing your child. At the end of the box, it is set to the smallest size so you must readjust it. The maneuver is very similar to what you do when you adjust the straps of a car seat.

The storage basket of the Recaro Easylife is large enough to store a diaper bag. By cons, this basket is inclined and you must be very careful about objects that you put it otherwise it slips in the back and falls on your feet.

The folding mechanism of the Easylife stroller depends on a swivel button at the top of the steering bar. This is a system that you will find on several popular stroller models.

This intuitive system allows you to fold the cane stroller easily in seconds and with one hand. To unfold, the swivel button unlocks the stroller and you just need to help your foot to extend it until it stands up.

Thanks to its size, its maneuverability and the size of its storage basket, the Easylife is a good shopping companion! Maneuvering the stroller is also very easy.

Its 3 double wheels and its suspension system ensure you an incomparable glide and good cushioning even on the most rugged terrain, including on snow. The European model of the Recaro Easylife has two wheels on the front while the American model has only one, which is a little easier to navigate.

The rear wheels each have a braking system to operate with your feet. The front wheels have a system that locks or unblocks the swing mechanism for when you want to push the Recaro Easylife straight or to turn it left or right.

Despite the suspension system, this stroller is designed to travel to beach urban areas only: roads, sidewalks or shopping centers. Otherwise, I do not advise you to make a gym stroller because it is not heavy enough to serve as a counterweight on rocky trails for example.

For the rest, it’s one of the Best Beach Stroller in its class. It is easy to drive, affordable and above all very stylish!

Summer Infant 3Dflip Review: The Reversible Model

Summer Infant 3Dflip
Summer Infant 3Dflip

What We Like:

  • Reversible stroller
  • Good sunscreen
  • Metallic structure

What We Don’t Like:

  • Heavy

Professional Recommendation:

The Summer Infant Flip 3D is a stroller cane with a reversible seat, the only model of its kind in this selection.

This unique looking stroller allows you to have your baby face you when he is still small and facing the world when will be bigger and curious. With a lightweight aluminum frame, it is very easy to push and carry.

With a weight of only 6.35 kg, it is perfect for traveling and shopping. I find the combination of black and gray of the set very elegant and modern with the dark gray logo on the fabric part.

The metal structure of the stroller not only gives it its lightness but it is also the guarantee that it will last in time and will not bend or break easily. A carrying strap allows the folded stroller to be removed from the trunk of the car and worn on one shoulder.

The fabric of the stroller cane seemed thick and therefore solid. In all, this stroller gave me an impression of strength, which is comforting given the price at which it is offered.

The Summer Infant Flip 3D also features an adjustable 5-point padded harness with a central opening buckle. This is hidden by a kind of padded cushion to deter curious toddlers to open it and also to avoid contact that could scratch the baby’s skin.

Its large reversible canopy will offer optimal protection against the sun to your child whether facing you or facing the world. According to the manufacturer, the fabric of the canopy blocks 99.9% of the UVA and UVB rays, so you will know that baby is safe and in the shade. It also has a large window with velcro closure.

The seat of the stroller is also spacious and fits even if your child is taller. It is tiltable in 3 positions in both directions (baby facing the world or facing you).

The angle of inclination is quite large but does not provide a completely extended position. The Summer Infant 3D Flip is not suitable for newborns but more when baby gets to hold his head (around 3 to 4 months but still in front of you, I do not recommend the position in front of the world before 6 months!)

The stroller is equipped with large handlebars placed at a height of 1m06 from the ground. I liked the heat-resistant foam that covers the handles of the handlebars. These are very pleasant to take in hand.

The storage basket under the stroller is not very big but the 3D Flip is equipped with two storage pockets on each side of the canopy and a cup holder. I regret just the lack of ergonomics because you have to lift the seat a little to reach it, not practical when baby is sitting in it.

Folding the stroller is easy in theory but requires two hands in practice. You have to force a bit to fold and unfold the set, but the good news is that the stroller has an automatic locking system to keep it in place when folded.

The 3D Flip weighs 14kg so not really practical to wear on the shoulders but you can still use the shoulder strap for a short distance. The folded dimensions of the stroller are 102 cm long, 30 cm deep and 33 cm high (not really compact therefore).

The Summer Infant 3D Flip rolls on 4 double rubber wheels 15 cm in diameter. This is the average size of the wheels of a cane stroller. The front wheels are pivoting but lockable when you push the 3D Flip on a difficult terrain.

The front wheels are also equipped with suspension system to prevent the stroller from jumping when there are bumps on the road. The brakes are located on the rear wheels.

A small inconvenience aside from the worry of the basket, the canopy makes noise when you deploy it or adjust it. For the rest, the Summer Infant 3D Flip is very effective, especially when switching between the two modes, very easy as on wheels!

Inglesina Stroller Review: The Most Functional

Inglesina USA Trip Stroller
Inglesina USA Trip Stroller

What We Like:

  • Quality of design
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like:

  • Incomplete seat tilt
  • High price

Professional Recommendation:

This stroller from the Italian manufacturer Inglesina is designed to provide a little coolness for your child on hot summer days.

The Net is the lightest stroller Inglesina and it weighs just 5 kg. This featherweight is due to the mixture of the aluminum structure and the openwork mesh that makes up the base of the seat. It provides enough ventilation for the baby during hot weather.

The Inglesina Net is surprisingly solid for its weight – a good point compared to other models where lightness rhymes with fragility it seems that the stroller will break in two if you do not pay attention.

The stroller meets safety standards with its adjustable 5-point harness system. It is equipped with two large handlebars to maneuver located 1m10 from the ground, perfect when it’s dad who takes the baby on a walk!

The Net has a maximum capacity of 25 kg, which is still a good thing considering its weight. This figure is also the guarantee that this stroller cane will last you several years.

The wide awning of the Inglesina Net is matched with a protection index of UPF of 50+ which guarantees the optimal protection of baby against sunburn. This canopy is removable and washable.

Same thing for padding the seat that is made of easy-to-wash material and easy-to-remove stains. And we all know how important this parameter is when it comes to babies and toddlers. The perforated mesh cover of the seat facilitates air circulation, leaving the baby dry even in very hot weather.

The storage basket of the Inglesina Net is rather wide. It extends over the entire back of the seat and is easily accessible. To tell you how big it is: you can place an entire pack of diaper when the baby is not sitting in it and the device does not even pull down.

A removable cup holder is also included and it’s not even an accessory that you have to buy separately!

One of the most favorite features of this Best Beach Stroller is that it is very easy to fold and unfold. And because this one is very light, you can just fold it, put it over your shoulder and you’re ready to go. And all this in no time!

Similarly, once folded, she can stand alone, slip under the back seat of your car or stand in a corner of your closet. And the Inglesina Net also has very practical straps to carry the folded stroller.

So many small ergonomic details that make this Best Beach Stroller so special!

The Inglesina Net stroller can be tilted in 2 positions. This is not a complete inclination but by experience, I know this feature is the to allow baby to nap in the stroller.

The stroller cane is equipped with wheels 14 cm in diameter, which makes it very easy to maneuver. The front wheels are swivel but they can be locked in case you go through difficult terrain. The rear wheels as for them are each accompanied by individual brake to immobilize the stroller.

Not only is it the, but it is also very easy to handle. And even if the Net is not the best all-terrain stroller, it will withstand the daily wear and tear to which you expose it.

Its high price compared to a Best Beach Stroller, Inglesina Net is a worthwhile investment. And since it’s lightweight and compact when folded, you can use it without a problem as a travel stroller. Better, with 5 choices of fun colors, there is something for everyone!

Best Beach Stroller High-End

Deluxe Best Beach Stroller combines style, build quality and functionality. The models I selected here are some of the Best Beach Stroller models of each brand.

Baby Gogger City Mini Reviews: The Best Upscale

Baby Jogger Anniversary City Mini 3 Wheel Single Stroller
Baby Jogger Anniversary City Mini 3 Wheel Single Stroller

What We Like:

  • 9 colors to choose
  • Large awning
  • Very compact when folded

What We Don’t Like:

  • Heavy

Professional Recommendation:

The City Mini is the essence of urban mobility: lightweight, compact and flexible. Its elegant and practical design makes it the perfect choice to cross the urban jungle.

Holder of several prizes, the Baby Jogger City Mini has as aesthetic peculiarity the glossy of its part in the fabric. We like or do not like, but this kind of material has the advantage of being easy to clean and you even have the choice between 9 colors!

The seat of the City Mini is large, a big advantage for the comfort of the baby. The seat back is 53 cm high and the seat has a depth of 24 cm and extends 30 cm. The footrest of the stroller measures 25 cm long, and the set measures 106 cm.

The City Mini is as lightweight as other models of buggy strollers while embodying the same features as a regular stroller. It weighs only 9.6 kg and is perfect for moms with back problems who can not lift something heavy.

It is not against a gym pushchair despite its three wheels. It’s more the stroller that you will take when you go to the supermarket, in the shops, for walks in the park …

The main advantage of the Baby Jogger City Mini is its wide awning, one of the best I’ve seen so far! I explain to you: when it is opened, only half, it covers as much as a normal fully open awning.

Result: baby has more than effective protection against light and heat from the sun and if you open the awning completely, it is protected from everywhere (practice on rainy days!). Better, it embeds 2 holes well placed to keep an eye on your child: one for when the awning is half open and another for when it is deployed in its entirety.

The other good point of the City Mini: its spacious seat, sufficiently spacious since it is planned for a maximum weight of 22.7 kg. A 3 year old can fit in without any problem.

He embarks a large mesh storage basket located under the stroller. You can easily store your keys or your phone. By cons, the City Mini does not have a cup holder.

Fold the Baby Jogger City Mini is easy: you open the loop straps on both sides and you make sure that the handle of the stroller is in the same direction as the chassis. Then pull where “Pull to Fold” is written and that’s it, gravity takes care of the rest!

Once folded, the City Mini closes automatically, but the stroller basket must be emptied beforehand. Folded, the Baby Jogger City Mini is almost half of its original size.

The stroller cane has a reclining seat almost 100%. You can use it with a basket to buy separately. I do not recommend it for babies under 6 months because the seat faces forward.

With these 3 wheels, it is easy to push even on rough terrain. The pivoting front wheel in this case must be locked to facilitate the “sliding” of the stroller on a more difficult ground.

To do this, simply press a gray integrated button and the wheel is locked. In addition, to prevent the bumps on the road to capsize the stroller, the Baby Jogger City Mini has a shock-absorbing suspension system and a brake pedal to operate with the foot.

The City Mini is one of my favorite Best Beach Stroller and also one of the easiest to handle of all. This is the stroller I recommend for parents living in the city.

And I know how difficult it is to ride a stroller when you live in a building of a few floors without elevator. As the City Mini is compact and lightweight, you’ll have no trouble carrying your baby on one side and the pushchair stroller on the other to climb the stairs!

Britax B Agile Stroller Reviews: The Easiest to Maneuver

Britax 2017 B-Agile Lightweight Stroller
Britax 2017 B-Agile Lightweight Stroller

What We Like:

  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Pretty design

What We Don’t Like:

  • Non-adjustable steering bar
  • High price

Professional Recommendation:

Version 2017 of Britax’s flagship stroller, the B-Agile 3 is an all-terrain buggy stroller whose main advantage is its great maneuverability.


The ultimate buggy for modern life, the B-Agile 3 is a 3-wheel stroller with swiveling front wheels to tackle difficult terrain. With its lightweight aluminum frame, the Britax B-Agile 3 is available in 3 very sober colors: black, sky blue and gray.  

Its 5-point harness is padded with adjustable shoulder straps. The loop to close the straps requires a lot of pressure, your child will not be able to unlock it. Finally, the small pad that separates the buckle from the baby’s belly is directly sewn to the seat.


One of the first things I look at in a stroller is its awning and that of the B-Agile 3 is well designed with a wide opening to keep an eye on baby. This small openwork black mesh window makes shade while letting the air circulate inside the stroller. The little problem is the velcro closure, a little noisy when you open it which may at times wake up baby.

The B-Agile 3 is equipped with a steering bar, really handy for maneuvering the stroller with one hand while you phone for example. Although it is not adjustable, it is placed 1 meter above the ground to suit the average adult.

The seat of the stroller cane is as wide: 34.3 cm deep and 63.5 cm long from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy. To give you an idea: the B-Agile 3 is designed for children up to 15 kg so a child of 4 years can fit in without problem.

Can also be used for newborns, the stroller cane is equipped with a headrest. But I advise you to wait until baby is at least 3 months before installing it in, when he learns to sit. He will appreciate all the more the walks in this position!

If you tilt the seat, you will have access to a small zipped pocket on the back of the hood to store small items such as a phone, keys, sunglasses. The stroller is equipped with a sufficiently large and comfortable leg rest of 25 cm long, perfect even for older children.

To fold it, the Britax B-Agile 3 has an easy system via a button located on the side of the stroller to unlock the folding mechanism. Then pull on the strap in the center of the seat and the stroller will bend.

An automatic locking system ensures that the stroller remains folded. Weighing just 8 kg, the B-Agile 3 is easy to carry with one hand while holding your baby in the other arm.

The infinite tilt of the strap offers many possible positions. The stroller tilts with one hand but to put the seat back in place, you will need both hands. The Britax B-Agile 3 can be placed in a fully extended position, which is why the manufacturer recommends it for newborns.

The 3 wheels of the stroller cane are rubber with 24 cm in diameter for the rear wheels and 14 cm in diameter around for the double swivel wheel at the front. These tires will have no problem rolling on the grass or even gravel.

I like when the strollers are equipped with wheels with suspension system. This makes the rides a lot more enjoyable for baby as the stroller stays steady even when there are bumps on the way. This is the case of the B-Agile 3 which in addition is very easy to drive on flat surfaces.

The stroller cane has a single brake pedal located on the right rear wheel. You can lock both rear wheels at the same time by stepping on them.

The negatives of the Britax B-Agile 3 is certainly its non-adjustable steering bar. Before buying it, test if the height of this bar is right for you.

The B-Agile 3 is also very easy to fold, even if it can not stand alone when folded. It’s really handy, and does not wobble even when you drive the stroller with one hand. In short, parents who enjoy shopping with their kids will love the ease with which this stroller is maneuverable.

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller Review: The Strongest

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller
UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller

What We Like:

  • Neat design
  • Robust
  • 3 tilt modes

What We Don’t Like:

  • High price

Professional Recommendation:

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe is a high-end stroller that combines the comfort you need with the style and features you’re looking for: wide awning, 4-wheel suspension, ease of use and maneuverability.

UPPAbaby has always worked well on the design of its products and the G-Luxe is no exception. It is a solid and neat stroller in its finishes.

In a very sober black color, the G-Luxe is also very light with its aluminum frame. It weighs only 5 kilos and is totally foldable. When you’re on the move, you just hang it on your shoulder with the sling.

The buckle connects the straps to the center of the stroller and the stroller is easy to open with one hand, but hard enough to open by a baby’s fingers.

This stroller is intended for babies from 3 months until they weigh more than 20 kg. Many moms who used this stroller liked the fact that even growing up their kids were still getting into the stroller. The G-Luxe is so robust that moms can count on it for years without showing signs of wear.

The stroller is very quick to assemble, you install the front wheels, put the canopy in place and it’s ready. The instructions are clear and short, which I particularly appreciate, because nothing is more frightening than opening a box to find a record as thick as an encyclopedia!

On rainy or very sunny days, there is nothing better than a folding canopy to protect your child. That of the G-Luxe comes with a UPF protection rating of 50+. By cons, the canopy has no cut to see the baby, it will unfold and fold each time. Fortunately, this operation is not noisy so no risk of waking your little one if he sleeps!

The seat of the UPPAbaby G-Luxe is suitable for babies from 3 months. It is reclining in 3 positions: the most inclined does not offer a fully extended position but still allows baby to nap comfortably. Similarly, the most elevated position does not allow him to sit properly because the seat is still a little inclined.

The cushion of the seat and the backrest is pleasant and soft. However, keep in mind that this stroller is not suitable for newborns because it does not provide the support needed to keep their back and head still fragile.

Another big advantage of the G-Luxe: all the fabric parts and the seat cushion are removable and machine washable. This is a very good thing because there will always be splashes and crumbs of food that will land on the inside of the stroller. This cushion attaches to the structure with velcro so it’s easy to remove and put back in place.

Another great feature of the UPPAbaby G-Luxe: once folded, it stands up alone. To fold it, just pull on a small trigger, and the maneuver is done with one hand.

The compact size thus obtained facilitates the storage of the stroller, especially if you live in a small house. To unfold it, just press a lever with the foot, it requires a little strength but nothing complicated.

As I already mentioned, the UPPAbaby G-Luxe embeds 3 tilt modes as well as an adjustable footrest. If you intend to use it with a child of 3 months, I recommend the maximum inclination (even if it is not totally horizontal).

The G-Luxe allows you to install and get out baby quickly and easily. Most features of this stroller are intuitive: the footrest is easily adjustable as is the seat tilt. Same thing for the harness and the folding canopy.

The stroller is easy to maneuver even in the crowded streets of cities. One complaint though: folding requires both hands: you have to press the lock button on the right side of the handlebar while pulling on two rings of the handlebars to force the structure to bend. And it takes practice to master this maneuver.

I am also less excited about the price. But if you consider how many years this stroller will serve your child and after that, it will certainly remain in very good condition and usable with another child, it is certainly a very good investment.

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How to Choose you Best Beach Stroller?

Once baby begins to crawl and then walk, it’s time to put away the stroller you used to take to swap it with a slightly lighter and more practical model: Best Beach Stroller.

I had to fight to find a Best Beach Stroller and the number of factors to consider did not facilitate the task: strength, inclinations, storage, folding, … You can quite have a stroller cane with 20 euros but if looking for a model with better features, check out this guide.

Stroller cane or classic stroller?

This type of stroller is usually a secondary model to add to a regular stroller and a gym stroller. Most parents are looking for a cane stroller when they need something simpler, more compact and usable on a trip.

Best Beach Stroller have the merit of being smaller, easier to carry and relatively lighter than others. They are also foldable to half or third to be stored easily in a small space.

Similarly, this type of Best Beach Stroller does not have the same features as a regular stroller, which is why it’s lighter and more compact. But some latest-generation models offer enough features to be used as a primary stroller. This is the case of Best Beach Stroller with storage bin, reclining seats, sun visor, rain cover or footrest.

As the strollers are foldable, some models can be worn on the shoulder to be easily transportable. You can take a Best Beach Stroller with you when you go shopping, for a small excursion, if you have to fly or public transport, you will understand, it is very versatile.

Last but not least, a Best Beach Stroller is cheaper than a regular stroller. This is the case when some pushchairs offer almost the same features as a classic stroller: cup holder, spacious footrest, all-terrain wheels, etc.

What are the features to look at?

To be sure to find the right Best Beach Stroller, there are some things to keep in mind. Here are the main factors to consider, these are features that I myself considered when I reviewed the products of the comparison.

Handles on handlebars or steering bar

Preferably, these must be adjustable to allow several people of different sizes to use it with the same level of comfort. It is not logical to choose a stroller with a non-adjustable handle in a couple with a big difference in size.

Utilization Facility

This is one of the main reasons to choose this type of stroller: it is easy to use. So make sure that the stroller you are going to buy is easy to maneuver and preferably, turn to strollers that can be driven with one hand.

Sun protection offered

As you walk your baby inside, choose a stroller that offers enough protection against the sun’s rays (and if possible against the rain). For this, opt for a Best Beach Stroller with a wide awning (canopy).

The size of the Best Beach Stroller

This is an essential performance factor in a Best Beach Stroller. This is even the reason why cane strollers have been invented: for parents looking for a stroller that is smaller, light, foldable, easy to store and carry!

The ease of folding

A Best Beach Stroller must be easily foldable and foldable, convertible into a unit that can be worn easily and “without pain”. The folding mechanism is practically the same in all cane strollers. The difference between a good model and a less interesting is the simplicity of implementation of this folding / unfolding mechanism.

Frequency of use Best Beach Stroller

Different reasons may justify the purchase of a Best Beach Stroller. So choose one that is suitable for your intended use. For example, if you are looking for a stroller to take your baby shopping, opt for a model with a large basket. If you want a stroller that you will use very often, opt for a stronger model, etc.

Accessories included Best Beach Stroller

Additional features increase the comfort of use of the Best Beach Stroller. Thus, a storage basket relieves you of the diaper bag and other essentials that you want to take with you. Other things that could be handy: the cup holder, a rain cover, a zippered storage pocket on the back of the seat.

The general appearance of the Best Beach Stroller

A stroller is chosen according to the taste of everyone but I still recommend a product easy to clean. It is safe and certain, there will be food or liquid that will pour on the stroller. This is why it is more interesting to opt for a model with a cushion or removable fabric parts that can be washed by the machine.

The wheels

One thing that most strollers have in common is their double front wheels. The worry with these wheels is that they are more difficult to maneuver on difficult terrain, especially if they are pivoting. But if you have to opt for a stroller with this type of wheels, choose one with a mechanism that prevents the front wheels from rotating when the terrain where the stroller rolls is rough.


Each Best Beach Stroller and Best Baby Strollers 2019 has a braking system and generally, it is simple to operate. The best models are those equipped with a pedal to brake and another to release the brakes. Better, some strollers have a color code or a small illustration to differentiate the role of these two pedals.

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