Baseball Bat Buying Guide – Top Tips How to Purchase Bats Online

Baseball bats, just like many sporting gears in the market today, are numerous in variety and picking out the right one for you may be tasking especially if you are new to the sport. In as much as a bat may look like just an ordinary “playing stick,” a lot of things have to be factored in to ensure that you get the bat that is suitable and just right for you. This should be a lot of work for a first-time baseball player but worry not because this article is here for you! Below are some of the things to check out when you are buying your baseball bat from this official site.

Baseball Bat

The length and drop of the bat

Your height and weight determine to a large extent what the length of your baseball bat will be. Therefore, when picking a bat for yourself go for the one that is suitable for your weight and height. This has been made easy especially if you are making your purchase online as most sites have charts that will tell you the suitable length of the bat you should use according to your height and weight. The drop of your bat is also important. The drop is simply the length of the bat minus weight. A bat with a higher drop will, therefore, be light while that with a lower drop will be heavier. In the case of children and especially beginners, a higher drop is the most appropriate. A gradual decrease in the drop should be made as they advance both in the sport and in age.

The material of the bat

You are more often than not required to choose from either composite bats or alloy ones though there are hybrids in the market as well. Alloy bats come in affordable price ranges and are durable as well. They, however, have smaller sweet spots and less pop, unlike their composite counterparts which have a large sweet spot area in their barrel and more pop as well. The material of your bat will, therefore, be influenced by the size of sweet spot you desire not forgetting the amount of money you have.

Balanced vs. end-loaded bats

Do you wish to make faster swings or would you prefer longer hits instead? If quicker swings are your thing, then a balanced bat is what you should be looking for. Balanced bats are the most popular in the market, and the name is as a result of the even distribution of weight throughout the lengths of these bats. End-loaded bats, on the other hand, have most weight concentrated on the end of the barrel and are suitable for people who desire long distance hits.

Construction of the bat

In this category, one-piece and two-piece bats are what you have to choose from most of the time. When taking a swing, the one-piece bats offer less flex, more feedback and furthermore, they are stiffer. Two-piece bats, on the other hand, offer less feedback and vibration upon contact with the baseball and this is due to the fact that the handle is separate from the barrel. They, however, offer more flex during swings.

League requirements

Even as you seek after a bat that will best suit your needs, it is important to remember that most leagues have their requirements and restrictions when it comes to baseball equipment. It is therefore highly advisable to check with your particular league and ensure that the bat you buy meets all their requirements and specifications.


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